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Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

November 15, 2012

Other than the fact they may solve our global warming problem and deliver the sun our millennial supply of weather pills, comets are a big bummer in my book.  They are the stealthy carpet bombing deliverers of uncertainty to our solar system. Let’s talk about something fun.  A good theory should take you places, like maybe swirling through the contrail vortex of a weakly interacting energetic massive dark matter particle string (quantum micro black holes) orbiting say 250 miles/second between the Bahamas and Miami, Florida, passing over Bimini. The particle string was spit out from the sun during a recent coronal mass ejection (CME). The particles are orbiting in a 2-body Kepler orbit with either the Earth’s center of gravity or other particle strings orbiting below the Earth’s surface. The particles are creating that massive cloud contrail through vacuum condensing up ahead in the atmosphere as they exit the ocean . Let’s say you just took off in your small plane from Andros Island in the Bahamas and up ahead you noticed this elliptical shaped cloud the scientists sometimes call lenticular clouds, that typically form over mountaintops in front of you.  I actually refer to them as a contrails, as I do many clouds these days, which has really “stranged” my world.  Let’s say you flew your small engine airplane into one of these lenticular clouds and you noticed that the vacuum induced updraft lifted your airplane quickly to 11,000 feet, kinda cool. Lets say you thought that was so cool that when you saw another similar cloud building from the ocean up to 60,000 feet you decided to fly into that one.  Only this time you were pulled into a swirling vortex, the eye of the contrail.  It seemed very strange inside, with flashes of light, probably electromagnetic discharge from from the speeding charged particles and swirling clouds. You then noticed that as you were being pulled along towards Bimini that the cloud actually formed a doughnut or elliptical arc and that it was connected to another lenticular cloud you saw.

Very strange.  So you are tooling along inside this cloud, in that “slow river of time” I talked about in a previous post and you realize that maybe it is time to get off.  You look up ahead and their seems to be a U-shaped opening in the tunnel ahead and so you pointed your aircraft in that direction. What you did not expect was that you had just entered the direct path of the particle, which was bending time and light near it.  What previously had looked like 10 miles of tunnel immediately looked like less than a mile.  Your instruments were going haywire due to the electrical and magnetic disturbance around you.  In what seemed like 20 to 30 seconds you were pulled through that vortex with an immediate feeling of weightlessness. Luckily, lady luck was on your side that day and you were ejected into the atmosphere without having your wings ripped off or suffering a face-plant into the ocean.  You immediately radioed the tower to let them know you were still near Bimini, but they told you they could not see you on radar.  Strangely an unidentified craft was detected on radar near Miami and after you looked out your window you realized IT WAS YOU.  Read the account HERE.  Total overall trip average speed – 320 MPH, not bad for a small engine craft.  What is more impressive is the trip from ten miles Southeast of Bimini to Miami, a distance of approx 80 miles, took ONLY 20 SECONDS.  THIS IS A SPEED OF 14,000 MILES/HR or 4 MILES/SECOND.  This is NO problem for a weakly interacting massive particle orbiting at HUNDREDS OF MILES PER SECOND with the Earth’s center of gravity, fits my model perfectly. This is our quantum field.

The Bermuda triangle has all the right ingredients, lots of moisture over the water to quickly vacuum condense and create a huge contrail vortex around the path of the particles to pull an aircraft in.  I would expect the particles could also create a vortex in the ocean as they exited, which could spoil your day if you sailed into it.  They might first rip your sail off from the waterspout action and then pull you into the whirpool it might form from the vacuum.  Not a good combination, but a very impressive final experience.

Now wasn’t that more fun than comets? I put the video below for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Interesting theory. It certainly makes sense!

  2. Thanks for reading!

  3. hi – tried the video but it no longer exists.. This happens to mine too.. eve

    • Thanks! I posted that a couple of years ago and had not checked. I could not find the exact video but I found another one about the same event.
      Thanks for following.

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