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The Perfect Storm

November 12, 2012

Many Weakly Interacting Massive Particles that strike Earth will just be an “in and out” wound. Since they will be travelling at thousands of miles per second with massive momentum they will already have all the kinetic energy required for escape velocity and pass right back out into space. Where they enter Earth they are passing from a much less dense compressible gas (air) into a solid (Earth) and because they are weakly interacting (gravity only) the ground should feel an instantaneous downward force, possibly triggering a tremor in the area and a small atmospheric disturbance (since they only orbit once). Where the particle(s) exit the Earth at the antipode(opposite location on Earth) they can instantly gravitationally lift the Earth up behind them, especially if there are a string of multiple massive dark matter particles arranged like a serpents tail all in a trail. This will create an instantaneous release of energy into the less dense atmosphere and surroundings.

The particles themselves will not leave a trace other than devastation   Sure, gas and water lines will be broken and authorities will find something to attribute the explosions to, but left behind will be shattered matter, shattered lives and no trace of the murder weapon.  These first particles will be the ultra-dense harbingers of more to come.  Forthcoming less massive particles will take up decaying orbits with the Earth, triggering significant earthquakes, volcanism and extreme low pressure events, they do their damage over time through tens of thousands of orbits. Mix that in with the massive potential solar disruptions of two or three comets orbiting the sun, which are just larger, more massive particles spewing charged protons, electrons and neutrinos into space and you have all the ingredients for the perfect storm, similar to that which happened in 1859 followed by these events, or maybe worse. Enjoy your Ipads, internet, computers and electronic fuel injection while they still function and be ready.  I suggest a few good books to read and lots of candles.

Such is life on the frills of the Mandlebrot set.


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