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There Will Come a Time

April 2, 2013

There will come a time when mankind realizes that many of these glowing and orbiting orbs are actually quantum micro black holes entering into Earth’s orbit.  They accelerate matter around their surface and actually create additional black holes, many times forming strings or filaments. You might hear the hissing tens of miles away as they actually expell this dark matter at relativistic speeds towards you. The hissing is their sucking entropy from their surroundings as their surface pulls a vacuum in the atmospheric gasses and can actually cool their surroundings. Some may have developed a baryonic crust around them in the cold of space and that burns off many times in the upper atmosphere.  They come in at all different momentums and trajectories.  They can accelerate and change direction as they are weakly interacting within the atmosphere but collapsing and expelling additional mass from their surface at relativistic speeds.  Many are aligned with the Earth’s magnetic fields, as they are extremely magnetic at their surface as they shred, condense and collapse atoms.

If you run your own math on the calculator on my menu, you will realize that a black hole of mass 1e+12 kg will have a temperature of 1.3e+13 K and be only 1.5e-17 meters in radius.  Many will pass right through the Earth and back out into space, many will coalesce over time with the Earth’s dark matter core.  Others will orbit for awhile, having accelerated to such high speeds that your senses will no longer detected them as they will have created a closed string or filament behind them and now be recognized by humans as just severe weather.  They are just part of the quantum vacuum field that creates, sustains and ultimately takes away life. We all get wrapped back up in that ball of vacuum sooner or later.


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