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Why Noah Made the Ark and We Missed the Boat

August 25, 2013

waterspout lightningYou know, I am really not making this stuff up.  I have adjusted my thinking a little along the way, for example much of the energetic dark energy that you can actually see around us appears to be forming energetic strings based upon string theory.  Immerse these strings in some air and you basically get all kinds of phenomena we humans call the “weather”, which appears to have really confused everyone since the cavemen days.

The guys at “Thunderbolts” have done a good job researching the electric nature of the universe, including comets.  What I am trying to do is explain to you why everything is “plasma” and electromagnetic in the first place, which is due to the stringing and decay of this 95% dark/vacuum energy curled up and stringing around this universe, our solar system, through our atmosphere and right to the entropic dark matter core at the center of the Earth, which is basically a large battery and node on this matrix.  Dark Energy leaking into our space creates the gravitational glue and we humans appear to be caught in the quantum crossfire on the baryonic crust surrounding one of these nodes (branes) we call the Earth.

“Waterspouts occur in oceans or large lakes. They are common in the Great Lakes in months when the water is warmest–August, September, and October. They are most likely to occur when the water is warm, the air is cold and moist, and the winds are light. (They are predictable enough that the weather service issues waterspout warnings when conditions are right for their formation.) [Cold air cannot hold as much water vapor, so when these energetic particle strings start ionizing oxygen and combining it with the protons from decay, it immediately begins forming water vapor and immediately condensing, pulling a vacuum and forming the spout]

First a circular white spot surrounded by an irregular dark area forms on the water’s surface. Next a pattern of light and dark bands spiral outwards. Then a dense, swirling ring of spray, called a cascade, appears around the dark spot and rises toward the clouds. When it connects to the clouds, the waterspout begins to move with the clouds. When the waterspout is mature, it can be several hundred feet high. It often creates a visible wake and a wave train as it moves (see photo above).

Russian plasma physicist V. A. Rantsev-Kartinov studied waterspouts from a plasma point of view. He came to understand the waterspout as a long-lasting discharge current between the plasma networks of the ocean surface (or lake surface) and the electrical charge of the clouds above. [I believe he is correct, it is a current. His paper is here]

Every world in the solar system is a charged body orbiting in a plasma. On Earth, there are many ways that the plasma interactions between Earth and space show up — auroras, lightning, sprites and elves, tornados, hurricanes, waterspouts and dust devils, geomagnetic storms[decaying, ionizing dark/vacuum energy]. On other worlds, different modes of electrical interaction are seen — giant dust devils on Mars, ion “rains” on Europa, the plasma discharges of Io, the coma and tails of comets, the spokes of Saturn’s rings, the complex magnetospheres of Earth and the giant planets. The solar system we see today is much more electrically active than what we imagined it would be 50 years ago, before the first satellite was launched. It would be easier to understand if we paid closer attention to what we’ve learned of plasma behavior in the lab, and to the interactions of electricity between Earth and space.”

lightning-louisianaThe decaying energetic dark/vacuum energy is creating the plasma fields and gradually ionizing the surroundings.  In our atmosphere it is creating water vapor along with all the electromagnetic discharge we see. Within the Earth it is gradually transmuting matter through low energy nuclear reactions. Within the ocean it is ionizing the oxygen from the water, creating hypoxic conditions and conducting electromagnetic charge.  It all starts with the decay to a proton of monatomic hydrogen and creates our world from there, one atom at a time.  Earth did not start off as a rock in space with water delivered from comets.  It is a live entropic battery wired to the rest of the universe through these energetic filaments of dark/vacuum energy.

This is our world, how it was created and how our lives unfold with it each day.  A massive influx of vacuum energy could indeed flood us and lower oxygen levels within the atmosphere


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