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America’s Blue and White Collar Hunt for Dark Energy

August 29, 2013

The physicists and astronomers can keep their ice halos, dirty snow balls and fairy dust for themselves. Just so you guys know, those are big ass black hole branes and black hole strings ionizing the air, creating lightning, decaying to protons(h+), combining with the ionized oxygen to form water vapor (H2O), which, if conditions are right immediately condenses to form rain, pulling a vacuum, lowering the pressure, which creates the wind, which kills us all eventually.  This is caused by an upset in our decaying quantum gravity field with the Sun. That is the gun barrel of Hurricane Sandy orbiting and oscillating over their heads as nature attempts to quantumly decohere her energy and return it to entropy in our environment, like the picture below.


Air and water vapor, by itself, cannot do that. Those that believe it can, should take some basic engineering thermodynamics courses, work in industry and try to design something that can do that. Wake Up.

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