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Atmospherics & Geographic Tellurics (Say 5 Times Fast)

September 4, 2013

Telluric Earth1What I have really tried to do on this blog is close the loop on those telluric currents that are known to accompany Earthquake events and show you that the currents are traveling along these strings of dark matter like wires which actually extend through the atmosphere and Earth and conduct charge as well as ionize their surroundings – think accelerated decay.  They are the missing “ionosphere coupling mechanism”, which I do not believe originates from the Earth. In the troposphere, these strings and particles ionize oxygen and create water vapor, which can immediately condense and pull a vacuum on the surroundings, thus the low pressure troughs and disturbances. Following is a link to a good paper on telluric currents that have accompanied seismic events” “Earthquake activity controlled by the regular induced telluric currents

Following also is a link to a video of some research showing increased telluric currents and seismic events linked to increased solar activity

We need to realize the Earth is a “cosmic” battery and we are connected to our solar brane through these strings which appear in space as magnetic field lines and solar winds (which are really a subset of branes from M Theory in my model).  These strings are the primary source of electromagnetic activity in our lower atmosphere and the source of the primary low pressure disturbances we call the “weather”.  They decay over time, but I think they can also get re-energized at times through coalescence with other dark matter.  Typically these strings are grounded but they interact and breakup up and give off energy through magnetic re-connection and as they ionize their surroundings, that which we call “thunder” and “lightning”

That’s my theory and it makes more sense to me every time I tell it to you. The missing 95% energy is streaming and decaying right around us and we just gave its effects all sorts of different names because we humans have our own special science and acts of God.  In my mind, if there is a God, he is quantum and attempting to help us along in our thinking in those fields but most of us are just not listening because we are too busy staring at our iPhones and doing a magnificent job trashing the only place we have.

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  1. scoobus permalink

    Cosmic transducers eh? Love it.

    • Yeah, we are just a wired node on a big cosmic battery

      Thanks for reading

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