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I Pray

November 8, 2013


11-8-13 Phillipines3I pray for those people in the Philippines. The typhoon eye has passed approx 75 miles North of the site of those hundreds of sinkholes and multiple earthquakes from October.  The last tropical depression passed directly over.  With that many sinkholes and multiple seismic events there has to be multiple strings of vacuum energy causing the disturbance.  In my model, the eye of the hurricane and the Earthquake area are connected by strings of vacuum energy that are decaying and ionizing the atmosphere overhead.  I am looking to see if the Typhoon loses strength and symmetry now that those strings may have broken up and/or gone beneath the Earth’s surface.  Otherwise it might slow down and/or change direction if still connected. 11-8-13 Phillipines3 11-8-13 Phillipines2 11-8-13 Phillipines 11-8-13 Phillipines2 11-8-13 Phillipines 11-7-13 Phillipines2 11-7-13 USa

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