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Sleepless in Seattle

December 1, 2013

12-1-13 SeattleYou know that atmosphere overhead has energetic vacuum in it, right guys? You see air and water cannot do that. Think “weakly ionized plasma” that you have just pumped up in volume with your Dopplers. It has to discharge that energy back to the Earth. The plasma is really just the ionization of air from the decaying quantum vacuum from the Sun’s quantum gravity field.  It is going to be very painful for everyone, but the sooner we come to the realization the better because that is a lot of weakly ionizing radiation pulsing through all biology 24/7 induced by the Doppler towers. Lots of things are dissolving and dying everywhere at an accelerated pace. Bats, bees, frogs, star fish, deer, moose, butterflies, dolphin, fish, etc…

That chronic wasting disease, well these are the symptoms: The deer’s “brain tissue was shot through with microscopic holes, a tiny version of a kitchen sponge Williams recognized the pattern. This was one of a group of diseases called “transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.” Transmissible” because they spread from one victim to another. “Spongiform” because they leave brain tissue looking like sponge.” I wonder if it just seems transmissible because those deer are in the same place when the atmosphere discharges that extra energy through them from Dopplers and during storms?

Sure, the Earth has warmed a little, but let’s be honest, not that much yet and well, you know Dinosaurs loved it hot. I understand how this mistake could have happened, but there will be no excuses the longer it continues. I am crunching my data and running statistics and that will take a few weeks in December, but, like I said, my junior high school teacher complemented me on the fact that I had “an acute awareness of the obvious”.  This is our quantum vacuum field guys and we have to play by its rules. Once we get through the pain of knowing, we will be able to harness this energy source and also protect our families.


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  1. Mad Cow is another disease caused by mis-folded proteins and is transmissible. TSE could be similar.

    Cause of protein misfolding is largely unknown.
    Your hypotheses states EMF causes protein misfolding. Alzheimer is another disease caused by protein misfolding (but is not transmissible). A lot of data may be available for Alzheimer to test your hypothesis.

    Protein misfolding is also thought to be associated with Autism.

    • darshan permalink
      Protein folding and bee colony death

      Protein misfolding association with EMF is not a long shot (As your dark matter stuff 🙂 ). Proteins try to find lowest energy state by folding. EMF could possibly change energies, causing it to misfold.

      • Yes, I think it is all related. I think these are signs of penetrating, ionizing radiation. Whether the Doppler Radar EMF is inducing directly or it is energizing the atmosphere which in turn is inducing an increase I can only theorize. I notice that what I am seeing around Doppler towers also occurs during storms (increase in algae blooms, fish kills, waterspouts) which is why I think it may be a 2 step process. In the end it does not really matter, what matters is that biology from the entire animal kingdom appears to be suffering a similar fate. Thanks for following and your help with the data.

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