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Sweater Weather

January 6, 2014
photo 14

When Quantum Doth Flow Between the Black Holes (Jupiter & the Sun) IT WILL GET COLD – Lono hath spoken


Somehow the colors of all these microwave radars blanketing the country filled me with that holiday cheer and I wanted to share it

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  1. Darth Plastic permalink

    first timer here,just wanted to say I believe your on to something…..I’ve been ranting about weather and natural disasters for a few years now and have always pinpointed the cause (as usual) to be none other than man himself. We are destroying ourselves by our own mindless ignorance and greed. “For those who believe,no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, none will suffice.”
    Joseph Dunninger
    The Revolution starts… the mind.

    • Thanks. What I have really tried to do is take the leading “Theory of Everything” from physics, M-Theory, and use it to look for the missing energy in the universe, which happens to be right here at home if I am correct. I am an engineer, so I am trying to use practical logic and my understanding of a vacuum (from 28 years of practical design) to solve the mystery. It appears to fit and answers a lot of questions if I am correct. I am VERY WORRIED about those microwave radar towers. They have overlapped them all across the country and turned up the power levels with a blatent disregard for biology. I have sent emails to every authority I know. This blog is a result of two years of very focused research, thought and observance. What I am seeing occurring across the country and around those Doppler radar towers is making my skin crawl.
      Thanks for following

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