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Can You Imagine a World…

December 28, 2014
Hot Cat Test

This device appears to produces over 2.5 times more heat energy out than the electrical energy put into it while consuming little/no fuel.  Gain is much higher than chemical and less than radioactive nuclear fission/fusion

Alexander Parkhomov Provides English Translation of his ‘Hot Cat’ Report, Comments

“I received the following from Professor Alexander G. Parkhomov in response to an email inquiry I made yesterday. Dear Frank Acland, Really, the transfer into English on the site E-CatWorld was got not quite good. I moderately the abilities tried to correct it. As I understood, you are the publisher of this site. It is good to place the text with drawings which I send, instead of the published. As my English isn’t ideal, you can correct the made mistakes. As for fuel, there are no secrets isn’t present. Simply powder mix from pure nickel and 10% of Li [AlH4]. The heater is made of a heat-resistant alloy “nichrom”. Below is a link to the PDF document that Dr. Parkhomov provided:”


With affordable power for everyone

With affordable clean water through cheap desalinization

No high voltage transmission systems required – distributed power

No coal or fossil fuels to pollute the environment

Cold Fusion and the Future

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