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Are you smarter than a 5th grader who is smarter than Einstein?

November 21, 2013


 Please review the video below and take the quiz – Your results will be read worldwide

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  1. 🙂
    Hi Stewart… I just wanted to say thanks for the work that you post. I opened this blog partly because you work so hard and what little I understand led me here.
    ~ Eric

  2. Eric,

    Thanks. I am trying my best not to make up “New Science”, but just apply the leading “Theory of Everything” from physics (M Theory), which nobody seems to know what it means (including physicists) to our Earth and Sun. To me, it clarifies a lot of misunderstanding. The vacuum decaying in our atmosphere(weather) is gravitationaly lensing light the same way it is lensing microwave radiation, which I think is then gradually damaging and destroying us. I think we truly are quantum beings in a quantum world. If we choose to ignore it, the Gods will stay mad at us and take our children (autism) and grandparents (Alzheimers)



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