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Now This Is Shocking News…

August 20, 2015
huntersville TDWR

Above, the CLT TDWR radar towers above a nearby neighborhood off Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road just west of Beatties Ford Road – Andrew Warfield

Two shocking theories for ocular melanoma cluster

Written by  Lee Sullivan

Doctor, engineer point to ‘dirty electricity’ or high-frequency radar pulses as possibilites.

Third in a series.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — In addition to being categorized as extremely rare, ocular melanoma (OM) — a cancer that despite its rarity has been diagnosed in a dozen individuals with links to southwest Huntersville in the last five years — can also be difficult to detect.

Initial clues may be just a spot, or freckle, on the eye, or a tiny blemish noticed during an exam. In most cases, these are not immediate reasons for concern, but changes or growth in the freckles can be an indication that closer analysis is required. That is among the reasons members of the Huntersville OM Group encourage others to get dilated eye exams on a regular basis.


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