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I think Uncle Sam DEFINITELY did it in the Lagoon with The Pulsed Microwave Radar

September 3, 2014

Evidence for Increase in Dolphin Standings Due to Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation from Radar Stations (FAA, Weather, Military & Private Doppler Radars) Grounding out into the Ocean Water

The areas along our coastlines with the highest amount of pulsed microwave power density appear to agree with the locations of these four unusual mortality/stranding events in dolphins.

US Radar Power

Areas of the country along coastlines with the highest atmospheric pulsed power density from radar stations have the highest incidence of dolphin strandings.

Melbourne Disease

Indian River Lagoon, FL ongoing unusual mortality event. with dolphins, manatees and pelicans as well as fish.

 Chesapeake Bay Unusual Mortality Event Dolphin Strandings

Texas Coast Unusual Mortality Event Dolphin Strandings

Scientists: Baby dolphin likely killed by virus in Indian River Lagoon

Deadly dolphin virus shows up in Indian River lagoon

He even left his microwave radiation fingerprint.  But will he admit to it?

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