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Is it our Brane that’s Foggy?

April 15, 2013

From String Theory for Dummies.  Diagram edited by a Dummy.


Trying to fit a multidimensional String/M Theory Model to the Sun, Earth and what goes on in our atmosphere (because I was bored). To me it appears vacuum inflation may be occurring in OUR ATMOSPHERE. Black Holes and High energy strings of dark matter are quantumly entangled in our jetstreams and as they inflate and decay they trigger thermodynamic and electromagnetic upsets. They warp spacetime as they decay and create gravitational “attraction”

NASA handout image of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy may have been made of D5 vacuum branes decaying and orbiting in our atmosphere, pulling a vacuum and triggering electromagnetic upsets and condensing the atmospheric gasses triggering lots of precipitation. The decaying d5 branes create D4 manifolds known as tornadoes and waterspouts


The high energy vacuum manifolds from Hurricane Sandy lensed and bent the light from the Sun around them

through gravitational effects.

Sky over Huntsville, AL when Sandy was off Florida Coast. Cosmic strings are fundamental strings that have been blown up to cosmic scales during inflation. Being very massive, they would reveal their presence via gravitational lensing and leave a spectacular signature“D-strings joining with fundamental strings at junctions could lead to a network of strings in the sky, which would be incontrovertible evidence for string theory”, says Green. Such massive strings would also be a source of gravitational waves, so it is possible that gravitational- wave detectors such as LIGO in the US could pick them up. “It’s a long shot, but we should know the answer within 5–10 years,” says Polchinski.

12/5/13 Photograph from Alaska of gravitational lensing and lensing pairs of the Sun.


Our jet Streams are made up of quantum dark vacuum strings (from our quantum vacuum gravity field). They inflate and decay/evaporate and kink and break off, forming supercells and  ionize and condense, “pulling a vacuum” triggering tornadoes and our “weather” as they decay.


Our Primary Weather Patterns are created by strings of vacuum energy decaying in our atmosphere and jet streams. They ionize and decay the atmosphere and baryonic Earth gradually as they decohere.  There are the Suns gravity field inflating and decaying in our gaseous atmosphere.

Waterspout sunset key (1)

What humans know as a waterspout (and tornadoes and hurricanes) are actually local vacuum increases known as Einstein-Rosen Bridges formed when the local increase in black hole branes (d5) warp local spacetime(our 4 dimensions of 3+1 spacetime) into possibly D4 manifolds(wormholes) and trigger a temporary large thermodynamic and electromagnetic upset as the vacuum inflates and decays, releasing charged particles and entropy to our surroundings and increasing local entropy (randomness, ie. your house falls over…). This is quantum entanglement on a planetary scale

Double Vacuum Entanglement

Double Wormhole in “Spacetime”


doublev (1)

11/28/13. Increased Vacuum Energy in Earth’s Atmosphere after Comet ISON broke up around the Sun.  I think that is a big ass cusp of vacuum energy letting us know we are in for a long winter due to extra vacuum condensing and cooling of the Earth and Atmosphere.

Melbourne Radar Power & Marine Life Disease

Diseased Marine Life in the Indian River Lagoon area matches well with the pulsed microwave power profile from 17 high power, high gain radar stations in the area. I think we are gradually shocking fish one pulse at a time! 2012-2014 Diseased (F)ish, Dolphins, Manatee and Pelicans.


Doppler Reflectivity over areas of (F)ish Kills, chronic algae blooms, diseased dolphins, pelicans and manatees in Florida


Indian River Lagoon, Fl dying and diseased biology around 17 pulsed  microwave radars

fish-kills statistics

These Statistics show there is a high correlation between locations of pulsed doppler microwave radar towers in Florida and locations of dead fish due to hypoxia, algae blooms and red tide. I think the radars are triggering ionization in the waterways and oxidative stress as the high power pulsed electromagnetic energy scatters off the overhead atmosphere and discharges through the saltwater, which is a good conductor and waves make good antennas

New Mexico Radars

Chronic Wasting Disease cluster in Animals Around >30 megawatts of pulsed microwave radars near White Sands Missile Range, NM


Florida Citrus Greening (and canker) locations correlate highly with locations of microwave, RF, TV and cellular towers. They also correlate well with fish dying due to disease and dissolved limestone (sinkholes). Electromagnetic radiation may “grounding out” into the Earth and trees and collected by the low pH citrus trees(they act like an antenna) and conducting through the roots into the ground. Low pH is a good conductor and leaves give a lot of surface area for centimeter wavelength radiation.

Orange tree

130425_dual_pol_illustration1 (1)

After collecting 11 months of data and running p-Value statistics, I believe our Doppler  Microwave Radars are reflecting/bending/ducting and attenuating off the overhead atmosphere, irradiating our children and all biology, as well as inducing decoherence in strings of vacuum overhead in jet streams, causing an increase in local ionization and decay triggering hypoxia and oxidative stress in waterways and chronic algae blooms and fish kills and possibly interfering with bees, bats, whales, dolphins (RNA Damage – Morbillivirus), increasing autism, some cancers in humans and other neurological disorders and an increase in sinkholes(ionizing/dissolving limestone) and waterspouts and other low pressure disturbances in the area around the Doppler towers

Electromagnetic Doppler Microwaves are “ducted”, attenuated and scattered into all biology below.  Radar operators CANNOT TELL YOU where all the microwave radiation is going. Only a small amount “bounces” back to the radar dish.



Statistics show a relationship between locations of pulsed microwave radars and an increase in local atmospheric “booming” and shallow, low level seismic activity (0-4.0) richter scale in/around Oklahoma. Could be a combination of pulsed microwave radars creating a strong electric field in the atmosphere and discharging into the Earth/Fracking waste water injection wells. The atmosphere and lithosphere are becoming coupled due to excessive electromagnetic radiation. The fracking wastewater and piping is full of dissolved ions making it very conductive.  The combination of fracking wastewater disposal sites sucking in air and lots of pulsed electromagnetic radiation may be the problem triggering coupling, and ignition of the natural gas pockets underground, triggering booming and shallow earthquakes.

    • Thanks,

      I think the high energy stuff is gravitationally is pulled towards magnetic poles, strong gravitational & magnetic fields such as jet streams, active sinkholes, eyes of low pressure disturbances, dark band of energetic double rainbows, there you will find the Lion…

  1. Your like Moulder for the next generation.

    • I am trying to quantumtatively explain the chaos that is part of our lives and your artistic view of the world

      Thanks for following


  2. An interesting read, might write a longer reply regarding this post : )

  3. Can you please explain what you mean by ‘high energy dark quantum vacuum strings’?
    And what vacuum energy is by itself.

    • Think of of quantum “vacuum energy” as “curled up energy in the extra dimensions of space around you built into the fabric of our 3 dimensions of space.. It is basically “entropy”, which I believe is made up of lots of subatomic particles. I believe the Earth is powered by this vacuum energy, it provides the condensing power for our weather and photons of light.
      Since you are a girl, here is an analogy: Your Purse has 3 dimensions of space for you to fill up the volume (v=length x width x height)with girl stuff (which is just e=mc2 energy). Now suppose you had a purse that had 9 dimensions you could fill up with stuff (3 dimensions plus 6 extra curled up). Think of how much stuff(energy) you could put in it! You can only fit small things in the extra dimensions though, not hairbrushes and lipstick. They are also hard to get back out once you put them in in there…Nature sort of spits the energy back out at us through quantum decoherence around us (the wind, the waves, etc.)
      Thanks for reading

  4. Devo permalink

    You spelled brain wrong in the title

    • I’m going multi-dimensional on this blog in order to solve problems, Sorta 5-D Engineering…

      “Although a complete formulation of M-theory is not known, the theory should describe two- and five-dimensional objects called branes and should be approximated by eleven-dimensional supergravity at low energies. Modern attempts to formulate M-theory are typically based on matrix theory or the AdS/CFT correspondence. According to Witten, M should stand for “magic”, “mystery”, or “membrane” according to taste, and the true meaning of the title should be decided when a more fundamental formulation of the theory is known.[1]”

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