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Life can be shocking...

Tell her there’s a Darkness on the Edge of Town



GHz microwave transmitters clustered in the area of the autism cluster in Northern Los Angelas, CA.  Microwave broadcast capital of the world equals the autism capital.


Exploded view.  >400% more microwave GHz transmitters in an area of >400% higher autism rate.




ghz6Click here for references for my autism mapping/research



Black Water Lilies

Dead Whales




Probably shocked the whale first with ICCP and then ran over his ass.

Beyond the Brink

Beyond the Brink

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Just a Visual

dp-pictures-dead-dolphin-found-floating-in-ham-w ICCP

Dead dolphin found floating in water along Chesapeake Avenue

Up to 1800 amps per vessel into the seawater by the military industrial complex.!! OMG

Does not include port and marine structure ICCP to shock your fish (thousands of more amps!!! OMG

“Ship impressed-current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems must be secured,tagged out, and confirmed secured before divers may work on an ICCP device such as an anode, dielectric shield, or reference cell.”
” For higher gradients associated with high voltage / output or remote anodes associated with the Jetty or Pontoon with brackish water, there is a proportionally greater hazard and greater difficulty in protecting the Diver. “
“A recent ICCP Conference in the United States was presented with the challenge of reducing the amount of the time naval vessels were left without any cathodic protection, primarily as a result of the ICCP system being ‘tagged out’ because divers were working around the vessel. Some divers have experienced tingling and effects on tooth fillings while working close to an operating ICCP anode.”
NOAA: National Oceanic Annihilation Administration

ICCP: Impressed Cetacean Cathodic Persecution

There’s a window And it’s dark inside, but the light was in it

Beluga whale population in St. Lawrence on ‘catastrophic’ path


Cancer in wildlife, a case study: beluga from the St. Lawrence estuary, Québec, Canada.

St Lawrence Shipping Lane

St. Lawrence Maritime Shipping Traffic & Beluga Deaths

ICCP Calcs


shock levels


iccp 1800



Under The Water

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ChemE Stewart <>
Date: Friday, July 29, 2016
Subject: Dead Manatees, dolphins, Pelicans
To: An environmental Reporter, Scientist

I have attached an updated Google Earth file which shows that the IRL unusual mortality event in Manatees, Dolphins & Pelicans is highly correlated with the following items:
1)  Port Canaveral & the Barge Canal East/West
2)  Barge routes to the South and North
3)  Barge Ports and Marinas
4)  Areas of Radars/Antennas
The most common form of death in humans around marinas is Electric Shock Drowning
These match the symptoms that the scientist is reporting, ie. “Shock, sudden drowning” – I know, you think eating grass can drown you…
The ICCP corrosion protection on many cargo barges, cruise & warships puts up to 500-1500 amps of 50-100V DC current into the surrounding water.
AC is worse than DC but those large vessels are putting LOTS of DC current into the water.  AC current can leak from regular marinas/boats plugged into 110V AC power

“Why fresh water and not salt? Salt-water is anywhere from 50 to 1,000 times more conductive than fresh water. The conductivity of the human body when wet lies between the two, but is much closer to saltwater than fresh. In saltwater, the human body only slows electricity down, so most of it will go around a swimmer on its way back to ground unless the swimmer grabs hold of something — like a propeller or a swim ladder — that’s electrified. In fresh water, the current gets “stuck” trying to return to its source and generates voltage gradients that will take a shortcut through the human body. A voltage gradient of just 2 volts AC per foot in fresh water can deliver sufficient current to kill a swimmer who bridges it. Many areas on watersheds and rivers may be salty, brackish, or fresh depending upon rainfall or tidal movements. If you boat in these areas, treat the water as if it were fresh just to be on the safe side.

Why alternating current and not direct current (DC)? The cycling nature of alternating current disrupts the tiny electrical signals used by our nerves and muscles far more than the straight flow of electrons in direct current. “It would require about 6 to 8 volts DC per foot to be dangerous,” Rifkin said, or three to four times as much voltage gradient as with AC. “Regardless of the type of voltage, the larger the voltage, the larger the gradient over the same distance.” There have been no recorded ESD fatalities from 12-volt DC even in fresh water because there is less chance of the higher voltage gradient necessary developing with DC’s lower voltages.”

The fish are dying when the salinity drops during rain events over the lagoon.  Change of shock is highest when salinity drops.
7-29-16 IRL Unusual Mortality w Antennas

Unusual Mortality Event with maritime traffic lanes and high power, high gain antennas.

7-29-16 IRL Unusual Mortality7-29-16

fish kill

Fish Kill in Sykes Creek When Salinity Dropped and Chance of Electrical Shock Increases

On The Brink


Largest source of electrical pollution will be the 500-1500 amps @ 50V-110V DC electrical current flowing into the seawater around warships, cargo ships, barges and cruise ships to protect the metal hull from oxidation/corrosion.  Radars & antennas will also induct electrical current into the surface of the seawater.  Cetaceans are dying around the shipping lanes.

Whales are dying off the coast of Kerry, and no one seems to know why

AShockaPodAlypse Now!

Gulf Shipping Dolphins Whales

Unusual Mortality event of dolphins and whales in the Gulf (green circles and squares) and shipping lanes (blue, yellow red)

Gulf Cetacean Stranding

Ditto in Texas.  Unusual Mortality Event Matches highest shipping lane traffic.

Texas Gulf Dolphins Whales

Great correlation with Unusual Mortality in dolphins in Shipping lanes.  What’s unusual?  I think it is up to 1500 amps @ 50 VDC electrical current pumped into the seawater around the vessels for corrosion protection along with all of the other electronics.  Source Map for Dolphin Strandings in Texas

Many/Most large shipping vessels now employ “active” Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems (ICCP) that power up to 1500 amps of electrical current into the seawater around the vessels.



Electrical current does not just seek path of least resistance it seeks all paths and sets up an electric field which will vary depending upon distance, salinity, pH, temperature, etc. from anodes.

 Divers require lockout/tagout(shutoff) for this system before swimming in electrified zone.  Who notified the dolphins and whales?

Whales/dolphins are dying/stranding near shipping lanes, oil platforms and underground piping regions that all use high current density cathodic protection systems (up to 1500 amps flowing into the conductive seawater around each vessel/structure).

Whale Lichtenstein Fields

Whales are also stranding near the oil platforms and shipping in the North Sea.  Those look like Lichtenberg marks on the skin of the whale, which are signs of electrical shock.

Since the 1990s, a total of 82 sperm wales have been found stranded in the Wadden Sea in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.  The sperm whale is the largest of the toothed whales, and the largest toothed predator.It can measure up to 20 metres (67 feet) long and weigh over 50 tonnes.

ICCP 1990s

whales beached germany 1st feb

north sea fields
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And I was dancing in the rain I felt alive and I can’t complain

It Appears The Matrix Is Curved/Warped and Triggers Inflation…

Curved, Warped and Inflationary

Curved, Warped and Inflationary


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