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Dark Matter/Energy: It's the "can't see the forest through the trees sort of thing"...

The radar beam appears to be striking at or near the grounds at the other high school

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The recent publicly released geospatial study of the ocular melanoma cancer cluster in North Carolina was overlayed in Google Earth.  The “hotspot” identified near North Mecklenberg High School is the highest elevation in the local area at 848 ft above sea level and there is a water tower located beside the school to take advantage of the elevation. My TDWR beamwidth calculations were updated using a USGS topographical map of the area to verify elevations and distance from the TDWR radar to the school. Because the school grounds are almost 100 ft above the base of the pulsed radar station, the Charlotte TDWR radar beam appears to be striking the North Mecklenberg High School grounds every low elevation scan.  A discrepancy was discovered on the terrain elevation of the Charlotte radar station reported on this website This should be verified as I believe the terrain elevation is 754′ max and the website says 807′.  Exposure to EMF should be higher at higher elevations from all sources due to less blockage and a direct path/fresnel zone.


Beware the Path Integral…

Beware the path integral


wall cloud

Hawking Bomb

‘Cause the truth you might be runnin’ from is so small

Theft of Life

ike3-2-18 Interview

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You don’t know what you got till you lose it all again

path integral


Light up the Darkness and Show us the way


red dirt shirts

The red in the shirt represents rusted volcano rock, turned into dirt over millions of years, [but corroded within days/months by the military industrial complex].
Photo: Kris Verhoeven

kauai power

The West Side of Kauai has lots of scattered military microwave radiation & atmospheric voltage(30,000,000+ pulsed watts) and fantastic red shirts due to all the accelerated corrosion in the area!

Source: Red Dirt Shirt

If you’ve traveled to Kauai’s West side[near the military microwave base pulsing 30 megawatts+/- into the atmosphere 24/7], you’ve likely noticed that the soil is a unique shade of rusted red[accelerated corrosion/oxidation from the voltage in the atmosphere grounding into the volcanic iron in the earth]. If you’ve gotten up close and personal with it, you may have learned the hard way that it can mar your clothing with a permanent, red stain. This dirt, a byproduct of the volcanic rock of which the island is made, is so color-rich that it is used as a dye[Q:why aren’t other volcanic islands bright red? A:NO VOLTAGE]. Dirt shirts, as they are called, are shirts that use Kauai’s red dirt as a clothing colorant, making it possible to wear home a little piece of the island. There are several shops on Kauai that sell dirt shirts, including Original Red Dirt Shirts Store and Factory located on Waialo Road in Eleele.

P.S. All of the chickens are also dying and nobody can figure it out…




Some New Artwork

overall kauai


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Does anyone know where the love of God goes?


Where the vacuum density of spacetime is the highest, the pressure and temperature will be the lowest and the storm will be worse along the vacuum gauge field near the center of the disturbance and along the path integral(s). We live in a metastable universe.

“However, according to the conjectured gauge-gravity duality (also known as the AdS/CFT correspondence), black holes in certain cases (and perhaps in general) are equivalent to solutions of quantum field theory at a non-zero temperature. This means that no information loss is expected in black holes (since the theory permits no such loss) and the radiation emitted by a black hole is probably the usual thermal radiation. If this is correct, then Hawking’s original calculation should be corrected, though it is not known how (see below).”


Just Remember that it’s a Grand Illusion

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