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“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” ― Albert Einstein

On The Brink


Largest source of electrical pollution will be the 500-1500 amps @ 50V-110V DC electrical current flowing into the seawater around warships, cargo ships, barges and cruise ships to protect the metal hull from oxidation/corrosion.  Radars & antennas will also induct electrical current into the surface of the seawater.  Cetaceans are dying around the shipping lanes.

Whales are dying off the coast of Kerry, and no one seems to know why

AShockaPodAlypse Now!

Gulf Shipping Dolphins Whales

Unusual Mortality event of dolphins and whales in the Gulf (green circles and squares) and shipping lanes (blue, yellow red)

Gulf Cetacean Stranding

Ditto in Texas.  Unusual Mortality Event Matches highest shipping lane traffic.

Texas Gulf Dolphins Whales

Great correlation with Unusual Mortality in dolphins in Shipping lanes.  What’s unusual?  I think it is up to 1500 amps @ 50 VDC electrical current pumped into the seawater around the vessels for corrosion protection along with all of the other electronics.  Source Map for Dolphin Strandings in Texas

Many/Most large shipping vessels now employ “active” Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems (ICCP) that power up to 1500 amps of electrical current into the seawater around the vessels.



Electrical current does not just seek path of least resistance it seeks all paths and sets up an electric field which will vary depending upon distance, salinity, pH, temperature, etc. from anodes.

 Divers require lockout/tagout(shutoff) for this system before swimming in electrified zone.  Who notified the dolphins and whales?

Whales/dolphins are dying/stranding near shipping lanes, oil platforms and underground piping regions that all use high current density cathodic protection systems (up to 1500 amps flowing into the conductive seawater around each vessel/structure).

Whale Lichtenstein Fields

Whales are also stranding near the oil platforms and shipping in the North Sea.  Those look like Lichtenberg marks on the skin of the whale, which are signs of electrical shock.

Since the 1990s, a total of 82 sperm wales have been found stranded in the Wadden Sea in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.  The sperm whale is the largest of the toothed whales, and the largest toothed predator.It can measure up to 20 metres (67 feet) long and weigh over 50 tonnes.

ICCP 1990s

whales beached germany 1st feb

north sea fields
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And I was dancing in the rain I felt alive and I can’t complain

It Appears The Matrix Is Curved/Warped and Triggers Inflation…

Curved, Warped and Inflationary

Curved, Warped and Inflationary


Celebrating 45 Years of RIMPAC!

rimpac 2016 cetaceans

rimpac 2016 cancer

rimpac 2016 corrosion


It’s Even Made a Home in the Darkest Parts of Us

Up Sykes Creek

fish kill

Massive Fish Kill near Sykes Creek in Cocoa Beach, FL on/around March 19th, 2016 [1] Coincides with increase in voltage in atmosphere and polarity reversal in lagoon shown below

KMLB Melbourne NEXRAD Radar Avg Reflectivity

KMLB NEXRAD Radar Station in Melbourne, FL located 12 miles from massive fish kill.  Each data point is the average (mean) of one complete volume scan of the atmosphere over 24 days (5088 volume scans – ~ 4 Gigs of data [2][3]

Sykes Creek DO and ORP Final

ORP reversed polarity, indicating a large increase in free electrons at the same time the dissolved oxygen plummeted [4].  Good temporal correlation between change in atmospheric voltage, drop in oxygen levels and dead fish.

Melbourne Radar Power & Marine Life Disease

That area of Florida has the highest power density of high power, high gain pulsed microwave radars and broadcast antennas (1-10 GHz) ~ 25 Million Watts of peak power, give or take.  During storms, much of that power (Watts/sq meter) will reflect & concentrate in the area.  Above is a non-isotropic peak pulsed power density profile from the radars/antennas, which spatially lines up well with the highest density of fish, dolphin, manatee and pelican deaths over the past 4 years.

Cocoa Beach Weather

It only rained on March 19th & 20th but the oxygen levels began dropping 3 days earlier with increased voltage in the atmosphere (radar reflectivity) [5]

3-16-16 Indian River Lagoon

3-19-16 weather over area of fish kill. Fish are dying when the overhead voltage potential is the greatest (P.S, that is voltage potential from 2.8 GHz radars, not the actual weather you see) [5]


Python-ARM radar display from KMLB Radar 20160319_183128_V06 Volume Scan at time of fish kill [6]


Multiple ORP sensors in the area recorded the same reverse in polarity. [4]


Dead Fish Equation


  3. RadarScanVolumeScanAvgReflectivity
  4.  Please donate to ORCA
  5. Weather Underground

Game Changer

This is your brain on microwaves. Only 2% of this egg is fully oxidized. The rest may still function. Don’t worry, be happy.

Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals;
$25 Million NTP Study Finds Brain Tumors

U.S. Government Expected To Advise Public of Health Risk (…waiting…zzz…)

The cell phone cancer controversy will never be the same again.

The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) is expected to issue a public announcement that cell phone radiation presents a cancer risk for humans. The move comes soon after its recently completed study showed statistically significant increases in cancer among rats that had been exposed to GSM or CDMA signals for two-years.

Discussions are currently underway among federal agencies on how to inform the public about the new findings. NTP senior managers believe that these results should be released as soon as possible because just about everyone is exposed to wireless radiation all the time and therefore everyone is potentially at risk.

The new results contradict the conventional wisdom, advanced by doctors, biologists, physicists, epidemiologists, engineers, journalists and government officials, among other pundits, that such effects are impossible. This view is based, in part, on the lack of an established mechanism for RF radiation from cell phones to induce cancer.”

Wait, I’m an engineer and I think we are hosing the place and our children with microwave radiation. Let’s wait to hear from the FCC (Federal Cancer Commission) while we continue to all get cancer as we use cell phones and live near 3G and 4G cell towers as they continue to strip electrons from our bodies.

US Wireless Cancer Coverage Map

US Wireless Cancer Coverage Map

It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all

Oxxed By Inc. Ya Think?


Electromagnetic radiation causes oxidative stress in mammals

Santa Monica 0

Autism Cluster in Santa Monica, California Area matches area of highest gain & power density of microwave radiation (1-14 GHz)

Santa Monica 1

Exploded side view. Values are EIRP watts of microwave radiation from high gain antennas (blue)

Santa Monica 4

Exploded top view of high power, high gain microwave antennas in the area.

EMF Oxidative Stress


Oxidative stress and autism. Lots of multi-syllable words I have a hard time understanding

Military Media Microwave Industrial Complex Antennas Below:

LA County Antennas

LA County High Gain Microwave Antennas


Power levels refracted to ground will vary with weather conditions and distance from antenna, please see government for details


It will be alright, keep fighting


They know that I know that they know that I know? Now you know.

Autism Equation:

Autism Equation


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