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“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” - Richard P Feynman

Salt Lake City Autism Clusters and Locations of High Gain GHz Microwave Antennas


Autism Cluster Map Source:


Exploded all antennas in vicinity of autism clusters


My autism research paper (links at the end to antenna data sources): 

Until proven wrong, which I welcome, I think we are microwaving our children.


There’s No Seduction, Only Destruction

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead


Davis County, Utah Autism Cluster.  Matches well the pulsed microwave radiation profile around the TDWR radar installed in mid 1999.  With a low beam angle (0.2 degrees) the microwave beam will be striking houses/buildings/structures approx. 5-6 miles away from the antenna and scattering back.  The beam will also get scattered by snow and rain.  The government authorities and MIT grads average in the time the radar is turned off between pulses to make you think the radar is low power, when it is not.  They also don’t take into account reflection off aircraft or other radars in the area (2). Each 1.1 microsecond pulse is approx. 1000 feet long with high energy photons that can trigger electrical currents in any minerals/metals (including you) in their scattered path, creating oxidative stress.  This is separate from heating effects, the only guidelines the dumbass electrical engineers have come up with so they can continue their ruse on the public.


“The convergence–shear boundary can be seen in the 0.3 deg. tilt (Fig. 12a), but there was
considerable ground clutter causing blank data areas.”


Ground clutter contamination on the 0.38 tilt prevented the inbound velocity data from being seen (Fig. 15a), so it is not clear if the vortex existed near the ground.”

“Thus, the combination of a low tilt angle and an inversion at and near the earth’s surface promotes an abundance of ground clutter.


The area around the Salt Lake City TDWR in Davis County will also see additional scattered EM radiation reflecting off the side of the mountains being struck by the 1000′ long radar pulses @ 1000 times per second, increasing power density in the area.

Would somebody please tell the dumbass electrical engineers and physicists those are electrons flying on/off that fork in that microwave EM field, not just heating effects

A well grounded kid or mother, damp, walking on wet ground or on conductive minerals in the earth will provide the best receiving antenna for the pulsed radiation, electrical discharge and oxidative stress.

OK, she’s not dead, but she is realing

Davis County, Utah Autism Cluster


High Power, High Gain pulsed microwave weather radar was installed in mid-1999. Autism cluster showed up in a 2002 cohort and did not show up prior to 1999.





What prevents that low beam angle from striking the mountain and reflecting back?  What about reflecting off rain and snow? Does that strong electric field accelerate oxidative stress in the surroundings? How about radiation reflecting off airplane’s metal fuselages and back to ground since there are 2 airports in the area? What about the overlapping radiation from 2 other high power, pulsed microwave radars? Who said all of this high gain pulsed radiation is safe?  EIRP is 25,000,000,000 watts from that radar.  (That’s right 25 billion watts of equivalent isotropic radiation in that beam that reflects and scatters into the surroundings.)

So never mind the Darkness. We still can find a way

Wormholes in the Bulk of the Brane Bring Rain?(Say 5 Times Fast)


Hurricane Mathew is a “Dark Matter Particle” releasing pure Gravitational Energy into the Bulk(Our Atmosphere). Happy Halloween

Persistence of Induced Wormholes in Brane Worlds



Hurricane Mathew is a Dark Matter “Particle” with energy of up to 9.7 x 10e30 GeV.  It is quantumly entagled with our Earth Brane and “orbiting” the Earth in the bulk as it decays, creating our “weather”.  It is releasing gravitational energy through quantum fluctuations along domain/boundary walls as it decays and condenses water vapor in our atmosphere.


Run, seek spacetime with less vacuum fluctuations…

Everyone Keeps a Darker Place

Let’s Have Another Look at That Autism Cluster


Grey areas are a persistent autism cluster in Northern Los Angeles.  Antennas are high gain microwave earthstations, microwave relay towers and pulsed microwave radars.  The microwave radiation in the beam transmitted from the dishes scatters into the surroundings (see “anaprop”), more so during weather events and heavy precipitation.  Authorities cannot tell you where all of the radiation is going.  Cell tower radiation and radio/HDTV towers are not included in this analysis.

Autism Cluster Map Source

My Independent Autism Research Paper






Also hundreds of overlapping GHz pulsed microwave marine radars on the boats at the Santa Monica Marina and Long Beach Marinas









Northern Los Angeles is getting hosed by microwave radiation


Tell her there’s a Darkness on the Edge of Town



GHz microwave transmitters clustered in the area of the autism cluster in Northern Los Angelas, CA.  Microwave broadcast capital of the world equals the autism capital.


Exploded view.  >400% more microwave GHz transmitters in an area of >400% higher autism rate.




ghz6Click here for references for my autism mapping/research



Black Water Lilies

Dead Whales




Probably shocked the whale first with ICCP and then ran over his ass.

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