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diamonhead (1)Before I bla bla bla about who I am, I will let you guys know I was asked to provide my pulsed microwave radar database to some professional researchers earlier in the year(2014) and a human health study around pulsed microwave radar stations is underway and results will be published at some point.  I am not involved in the analysis, which is probably best. I provided the radar database and information on radiation modelling. The results of that study should prove whether I am just having a mid life crisis or not. Until then I am doing my thing, researching dead fish and wildlife around microwave radar stations and some human disease clusters I can find. I have 28 years of practical engineering experience, including environmental. You are just going to have to put up with my taste in music, bad jokes and lousy artwork for now until something professional is published.

If you go back and read I started the blog in 2012 trying to fit a quantum physics model (Using M Theory & String Theory) to our “weather” phenomena, which I thought was pretty creative even if nobody else did.  Then, after I noticed what appeared to be lots of fish dying near pulsed microwave radar stations I began focusing on wildlife and human diseases related to electromagnetic radiation.  I am putting all of my research on a blog because it is less expensive, I can post lots of graphics, maps, thoughts, music and bad jokes. Now for the bla bla bla.

I am married to a wonderful wife and the father of two young boys and reside in Atlanta, GA.  I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1986 from the University of Maine at Orono with High Distinction and High Honors and was Valedictorian of my high school class in Maine, none of which necessarily means anything. Anyway, while I go through the daily world experience as we all do, my mind is many times off visualizing and working problems of a different sort. Many times my mind is so engaged in working a problem that I put the jar of peanut butter in the freezer. Call it my human condition.

I have always had a love of physics and the universe. I met Carl Sagan at Georgia Tech in Atlanta 25 years ago and I thought that his ability to express the beauty of science was amazing.  As a kid I built model rockets and crashed many of them.  On one rocket launch, it was so windy outside my brother and I decided to launch from inside our barn with a projected launch window out through a sliding barn door.  Bad mistake. Before launch a gust of wind blew through the door and knocked the rocket over seconds before launch.  It then immediately ignited and flew across the barn floor, out the door and buried itself into a large pile of cow manure, splintering into many pieces.  My brand new 3-foot tall Saturn Five rocket I spent two months building was claimed by uncertainty.  As a teenager I also tried to build my own fireworks based on a wonderful old book my mother gave me. Luckily I managed not to blow myself up.

I think we as humans do our best to understand and persevere under the human condition. Although I believe in abundance in nature, it also appears to come pre-packaged with a large degree of uncertainty. Why can’t things be more certain?  Why do things break after we just fixed them?  What is limiting the length of our lives?  Why is only 4-5% of the universe filled with matter as we know it? Where is all of this dark matter and dark energy stuff everyone keeps talking about.  Why do bad things happen to all people?  Is uncertainty programmed into our lives?

I believe we need a new source of clean energy to help preserve our planet. I began researching collapsed states of matter in 2012 while studying the anomalous heat effects seen in “Cold Fusion” or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).  Many scientists have referred to these states as deep Dirac levels, vacuum energy, zero point energy, additional dimensions of space, etc.  I have studied hundreds of research papers, Nature & Science articles, patents and other publishings, mostly on my IPAD at night and in my spare time at work during the day. Google is an amazing tool for finding and assimilating information.  While I was always good at math, my mind seems to work best as a visual tool, if I can create the “scene” in my minds eye based upon sound science, the math is just a followup supporting activity.

In my mind I built this image of an ultra dense, collapsed particle of matter (typically from collapsed atomic Hydrogen in LENR) which I called a “gremlin”  because of its fleeting nature.  I published my first paper in August attempting to explain the effect seen in cold fusion as coming from a collapsed state of matter. I believe this is what physicists believe to be Dark matter. Dark matter can generate beta decays and includes possibly what are considered neutrinos.  Beta decay has certainly been seen in the anomalous heat effect. I dubbed it “The Grand Unification Theory of Cold Fusion” to help consolidate thinking on the hundred or so different theories surrounding the effect.  I am not sure it did that but I learned much while researching it and I developed a sense for the behavior of this collapsed, quantum particle. I call it a sixth sense, or putting on a pair of dark glasses.

I believed a gremlin could grow or shrink in mass depending upon the entropy/matter it was collapsing or “feeding” on. I believe the energetic stuff is also inflating or decaying. Dark matter may include what NASA calls “WIMPS” , which might just be one subset.  I however do not believe their long-term effects are WIMPY. What they lack in muscle and might they make up for in what I consider energetic dark vacuum energy (dark energy).  I have always had a wonder for the Earth and its power.  As I began thinking about it and doing some basic calculations around the power released from some earthquakes and expelled daily from a hurricane, it made me wonder if all of that energy was truly coming from the Earth, or at least if Earth was triggering or organizing the high energy releases.  Is the Earth really that unstable? Why all of the atmospheric effects before, during and after earthquakes?  Why the extreme low pressure weather events following many of these high energy events?

on-the-beachMy mind built this video of my “gremlin” passing through the earth in a 2-body decaying Kepler orbit with earth’s center of mass (ignoring the effects of the moon) and causing mayhem as it was going in and coming out.  It slices through earth like a knife through butter, micro-fracturing and collapsing bits of matter through ionization and decay with each high velocity orbit due to its intense, localized gravitational pull. They create strings and telluric currents within and around the Earth and where they pop out can create extreme low pressure systems and troughs in the atmosphere through ionization and condensing, depending upon ambient conditions. Gremlins come in all sizes (mass), some spin (angular momentum) and some have sparks flying out their ears (charge). They appear to string together as they coalesce and decay. They are also extremely temperamental (hot dark matter or cold dark matter-it might just depend on their mass). Although I was not even aware of it, my mind was working to connect the dots. The seismic signals in Louisiana and the formation of the massive sinkhole, followed by the direct hit of Hurricane Isaac this year reinforced the image.  I have passed the phase of heavy research and observation and now I am attempting to apply my theory to real-world events. So far, the puzzle pieces appear to fit, with a certain level of uncertainty… I do not have to force any of them to fit, which never works out very well in nature. I believe humans are very intelligent. There are many sightings on YouTube of strange atmospheric and earthly happenings before, during and after earthquakes and my theory seems to fit them all. I have dubbed this my “Grand Unification Theory of Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Sinkholes, Tornadoes, Waterspouts, Volcanoes and Uncertainty” as well as probably explaining the Bermuda Triangle Mystery…

There are some very profound implications if my vision is correct. I will let your mind come up with some of them for yourselves.

As I said on my last posting, I believe this is either a great piece of scientific study, interpretation and discovery or just an average science fiction story.  I can only hope that through darkness will come light.


  1. Gerry permalink

    Have you ever written a poem about dark matter?

  2. Not yet, if you have one I will post. I believe we have built sciences around explaining the effects of dark matter and its impact on life but have just realized our world revolves around it. (from my viewpoint/theory).

    • yeti permalink

      I would like to discuss your thoughts on dark matter, energy, ect.. My perspective may be of some use to you. I’m a bit difficult to get a hold of but I believe it would be worth your time?

  3. Jeff permalink

    Very interesting!

  4. Jace Stocker permalink

    I read your comment concerning the “pond failure” outside of Dover, OH. I worked for a Sand & Gravel operation 20 miles away and have seat time in a similar dredge. I have experienced what ODOT called a “Drawdown.” We call it a “cave-in” and usually the biggest risk is stalling out the dredging operation. The affected area is only around 25 feet, not over 150 feet away. What I am getting to is something just dosen’t add up about the situation. Thanks for an “outside the box” explanation as to what happened.

    • These particles can enter the Earth in “clumps” or grouped together. They are attracted to each other by gravity. They will take up orbit above and below the Earth in an elliptical orbit pattern. The area of beta decay (collapse) should be giving off ionizing radiation (protons, electrons, neutrinos, etc.) which is bad for health. Somebody needs to test for that in the Area. The orbiting particle will also create a low pressure system in the atmosphere where it pops out. Expect a blizzard in the area around February time frame. I am not joking.

    • Jace,

      I wanted to let you know I really appreciate the feedback. I grew up on a farm in Maine and my dad let me sit in his lap and steer his bulldozer when I was 4. I guess that was my seat time.


  5. jzues permalink

    Love this site.

  6. Bill Sasser permalink

    I am really enjoying your site. I haven’t looked at all of it and maybe you have covered this. What do you make of this?

    • Bill,

      Obviously that “bubble” absorbs light, is indifferent to extreme heat, is very dense and has to be MASSIVE if it is orbital dark matter. It might be of just the right momentum to be in a close orbit “floating” in plasma. Hope it stays there.

      Or maybe the sun is giving birth to another baby Jupiter nucleus and is just waiting to push it out into space. I am not sure if we should welcome him or not…

    • I can’t imagine the size or the permanence that would withstand a direct lash from the sun.
      This was not the only pic there were other NASA ones that showed a sphere attached unbilically to the surface of the sun, so I propose this is a magnetic shell birthed by the sun.

  7. Tweet LaVerdiere permalink

    My brother “IS” a Genius!

    • Fine line between genius and crazy, science revolution and science fiction.

      Uncertainty will prevail in the end.


  8. showmemike permalink


    COMET ISON may be the return of the STAR OF BETHLEHEM

    the orbit of COMET ISON brings it back every 333 years,
    so it can be established that the comet was here in 15 a.d.
    considering that an exact year has never been established
    for the birth of christ,
    is it more than coincidence that
    there was a census in 14 a.d. called by Caesar Augustus?

    you heard it here first !

  9. Works for me. I just pray that “Star” behaves itself

  10. Pems permalink

    This is a great site, glad I stumbled on it. I will share some ideas with you soon.

  11. Very interesting theory. It does have some plausibility. It would make sense that dark energy is not just having gravitational effects, but ionizing via magnetic fields. This would have a profound effect our planet when impacting the planets own magnetic fields.

  12. Nice and interesting blog! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. 🙂

  13. OK Beauty, but whatabout ‘all the other subatomic particle types You have not-mentioned? You have only really mentioned neutrino/s, but not very-definitely!!(You wrote “Dark matter can generate beta decays and includes POSSIBLY (my capitals) what are considered neutrinos”; well, I got Distinctions in Physics at Univ. too, and neutrinos were being ‘measured’/recorded back in 1971 when I graduated(Sydney); so, why not mention all the known and measurable subatomic particles?, including the ‘godspeed’ ones??? Summary: Your Site could be re-written to ‘read more logical’!
    Happy New year! joe A friend @ Wollongong,Australia

    • Joe,

      Thanks for reading. As an engineer, I think it is better served for me to talk about what/where I perceive “dark/vacuum” energy in our atmosphere. I consider these “branes” or “strings” of entropy to be decaying in our jet streams off the equator and during our low pressure weather disturbances. I believe they are decaying as well as ionizing, decaying and collapsing space around them in the atmosphere, albeit a very little bit at a time. There should be a whole host of subatomic particles created within those low pressure fronts if I am correct.

      I did a thesis in college on “Process Simulation” and I have modeled and designed thermodynamic systems for 28 years and I am just trying to use that knowledge along with a basic knowledge of string theory and black holes when looking at our atmosphere.

      I have supplied quite a few testable theories, I will leave it up to others if they are interested to pursue. I would start with that ionized plasma “channel” within a waterspout to understand what is occurring.

      In the end, this is a blog, not a peer reviewed research paper, it is free and I am sharing my thoughts. I now have statistical data around Doppler towers and quite honestly it scares me so I am focusing on that until somebody proves me wrong. Feel free to criticize.

      My wife and I spent our honeymoon in Sydney and Hayman Island on the Barrier Reef, you live in a beautiful country.


  14. Please read: “The Way home or face The Fire”.

    Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

    • Sounds about right…I am trying to figure out if we are going to burn or freeze, although I am not sure in the end it really matters…

      Thanks for commenting

      • Joe Friend permalink

        On TV last evening David Attenborough show n told us that the most prominent archipelago of Antarctica, which extends in-islands to South Georgia has been measured as being the One Place on Earth that has already heated-up the most: Three full Degrees, Celsius/ Fahrenheit it doesn’t really matter that much now; twice the Temp.rise of ‘anywhere else’! Australia is approx. 1 deg.C. averaged all-over! Greater variability with-it IS also a ‘proven fact’. So, I am stop-driving petrochem.’ Cars from now on, recycle all their parts and Save for a new Hydrogen Car, due-out later this year.! ( Bible Quotes like ” Go ye forth and dominate the Earth …whatever ARE ,in my opinion merely-words, but could, historically be construed as being a significant-part of human kinds’ current ‘dithering dilemma’! JAF @ Brisbane

      • I tend to agree with you. Humans appear to be a very destructive lot…

  15. I am an avid listener to RedIce Radio. They have built a great platform for people just like you who would like to get their information out to intelligent, questioning people. You should look them up and request an interveiw. I would enjoy listening to your thoughts and ideas.

  16. I’m really enjoying exploring your site – you are so ingenious in your thinking. Looking forward to discovering more of your theories of this dark matter stuff!

    • Laura,

      Thanks for visiting and your kind words. My research is definitely a different way of looking at things. Sort of an inside out approach. I will check out your site. I have always loved science fiction and fantasy. Especially the part that become real!


  17. Well I am a very spiritual person but I am also very interested in science, although I am not intelligent enough to understand how it works at the mathematical level, the ideas and concepts about how the universe really works and the interaction at the quantum level with our consciousness and spirituality is what fascinates me. 🙂

  18. teena permalink

    I read your blog, it is quite fascinating, it is all new to me and very interesting with all these radars interfering with Mother Earth. I have a question for you, Don’t you think the release of all the isotopes, and radiation due to the Fukushima explosion meltdown that is pouring daily into our Beautiful Pacific Oceans has a effect on the Sea Life, as in the sea stars melting, and all the whales and many other sea life washing ashore ? And also won’t all the radiation releases into our atmosphere cause major disturbances in all the matter above Earth?

    • Teena,

      Thanks for commenting. I do not think Fukushima is good for anybody’s health and the longer it continues to leak radioactive water into the oceans the worse it gets. There has been sea star wasting along the East coast also, even before Fukushima. Reefs have died all along our coastlines over the past 40 years. 70% of our citrus trees are now dying in Florida. I believe we have a fundamental flaw in our thinking. I have been studying “chronic wasting” disease clusters around all of our microwave radar bases and possibly now an impact from large concentrations of cellular/microwave/radio towers and citrus trees. Humans and all wildlife are bioelectrochemical beings of frequency and we have totally ignored that fact and I think it is destroying our health and our surroundings.

      Thanks for following


  19. RangiMarie permalink

    Tena koe, Greetings, from New Zealand. It is very interesting to be reading comments and information on dark matters, thank you for this opportunity to share thoughts. I am definitely waiting for a MAJOR CHANGE of things that must come to pass to save our unique precious MOTHER EARTH (PAPATUANUKU). I am waiting for the collapse of empires to address evil men & women. I am also waiting for a BIRTHING giving birth to a NEW WORLD via a woman chosen. TIMING IS EVER THING! When I talk about birthing, I mean travailing, I mean the same as a natural birth, but this is a Spiritual birthing with natural signs. This is not science, this is a patterned plan from ancient history hidden in the dark to be brought out in the millennium age of UNDERSTANDING. These are the hidden teachings of the ancient ancestors passed on, only revealed to a chosen few vessels.

    • Thanks. Yes,I sense a new awareness or change. Humans can remain in denial or accept it. Guys have pretty much hosed down the Earth so maybe it is time for a woman to help correct things!
      Thanks for reading

  20. I’m not sure if you have been contacted or not, but I suggested to RedIce Radio that they should interview you. Henrik is a great host. I love listening to information while I’m painting, and I enjoy RedIce the most. I think you have much to say. It would be a great opportunity.

    • Hey!

      No they did not contact me, which is OK. I was contacted by some professional researchers (I am an industrial chemical engineer) earlier in the year and a large human health study is underway around radar stations to look for correlations. I am not involved in the analysis, a peer review paper should be published sometime next year. I am not really looking for publicity for myself, but I have been interviewed by two newspaper reporters/editors, a TV/movie producer and I have been on the Hawaii radio four times discussing the possible cause of the problem in Kauai. Honestly I just like the challenge of solving problems and this blog is sort of my therapy for an idea I got stuck in my head a couple of years ago and can’t quite shake. To me, something is very wrong in a country where childhood chronic diseases are INCREASING. That is cause for failure on an EPIC SCALE if you ask me.
      Thanks for following,

      • I would love to be able to listen to you thoughts, ideas, and theories about this. I have contemplated much of the information you have posted over the last few years. There are people who read and people who listen, so getting your information out to the masses in many forms would help to bring about greater awareness on these subjects. I am glad you are sharing your thoughts.

  21. Lee Sullivan permalink

    Help Please. I’m trying to compile information about links between cancer and radar microwaves. Saw your post on Huntersville Ocular Melanoma Cancer Cluster and would like some more details or a contact email address for correspondence. email

  22. Hello,
    I notice there is no contact info on your site if someone wanted to get in touch with you, even for an interview. I am in post prod. on a film on this issue and am adding a section about the subject matter you are onto in your blog. I’d love to speak or email with you if possible about a possible interview for my documentary on this subject. Please email me at or give me a call 310-281-9639. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you.
    Liz Barris

  23. Richard Brooks permalink

    There was one part in that that caught my attention. When you were talking about how the Earth may have electric current. I hope I’m understanding you correctly and was meant to help people understand what you were talking about. But stay with me here, was this the idea Tesla was on or the phenomenon that the Earth has Ley lines? Would your theory suggest that a natural form of energy is produced through the Earth via the tiny bits of collapsing matter through ionization and decay of each High Velocity orbit due to its intense localized gravitational pull?

    • Richard,

      I think what I am trying to say (after 3 years of study/thought) is that our electrical field originates from electrons (fermions), which can originate from our decaying quantum gravitational field (branes of vacuum energy) and it is these fields which slowly decay all of us and continuously increase entropy around us. Basically our decaying quantum gravity field creates our weather and decays into particles and we are immersed in them, in fact we are made of these same particles. It is the motion of the electrons which creates our magnetic fields or “Ley Lines”. Best I can figure.

      • We have to know already that this happens and being held from us. Or, we really close. Thanks for the reply.

  24. Jim Quillin permalink

    Hey ChemE
    Deep and very interesting. Not smart enough to comment intelligently but would like to catch up, old friend.

  25. I want to thank you for taking the time to view my blog, I really appreciate that. I watched your video where you discussed Autism in California with EM Radiation, it was a very interesting. However even though LA has a high rate of Autism, currently NJ has been ranked the Capital of Autism so to speak. Your video made me think could our high diagnosis of autism be coming from EM Radiation. How would one go about to find that information? I also noticed that you have put quite a few articles about Autism on your blog. As a mother of an autistic child, I appreciate when people bring Autism into the light, but I am curious what sparked your interest with Autism?

    • You are welcome, I enjoyed your blog. I plotted some maps of the NJ area a couple of years ago on my blog. You can Google “Peter Sullivan Autism EMF” – he has links to previous published papers on the subjects. My oldest Son was tested for autism when he was young – he was determined not to be on the spectrum. Engineers like to attack/solve problems so that is how I became interested. Autism appears to have strong environmental link and I deal with lots of industrial environmental impacts with my day job so I figured why not investigate. I have expanded my research to all sources of EMF (electromotive force): electromagnetic, electrostatic, triboelectric and cathodic as potential stressors. I also like physics, art and music so I try to combine all those things together on my blog! Thanks for visiting – Stewart

      • Well I hope you received the results you wanted for your son and I am glad that you enjoyed my blog. I will check out your previous study. I really enjoyed your blog, some of it was a little above my head but I enjoy learning new things.

  26. Hi Dark Matters! I have nominated you for both the Mystery and Versatile Blogger Awards. Thank you for sharing with us your exciting journey of science, research, and energy! We look forward to more of your beautiful posts. Nominated you here:

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