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August 29, 2015

Coldwater Creek: Just the Facts Revisited

Facts Green/blue are active flight paths Values are EIRP watts of pulsed electromagnetic radiation from radars Disease appears to be more clustered around water Disease appears more clustered inside flight path around airport Theory Disease is due to increased reflected/refracted EM radiation from radars (off airplanes/clouds) around airport and inside/below low flight paths Disease increased […]

November 2, 2014

Up $h!t’s Creek?

Coldwater Creek Facts An informal survey of 3,300 current and former residents of north St. Louis County shows that more than one-third have developed cancers, a rate the residents blame on radioactive contamination of Coldwater Creek, which runs from St. Ann to the Missouri River. The findings contradict a state health department report, but a […]

June 24, 2015

St. Louis: Just the Facts (and some theory)

Coldwater Creek Facts My observations: Another cancer disease cluster near an airport & within active flight path Electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog) in the area reaching ground should be highest due to 3 high power, high gain pulsed radars in addition to overhead aircraft and jet pollution to reflect/scatter radiation back to ground. They also had radiation canisters dumped […]

November 3, 2014

It’s Just a Trigonometry Thing?

Read more about the disease cluster here