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Coldwater Creek: Just the Facts Revisited

August 29, 2015

2015 CWK All Illnesses Radar Flight Paths


Green/blue are active flight paths

Values are EIRP watts of pulsed electromagnetic radiation from radars

Disease appears to be more clustered around water

Disease appears more clustered inside flight path around airport


Disease is due to increased reflected/refracted EM radiation from radars (off airplanes/clouds) around airport and inside/below low flight paths

Disease increased near water due to reflection and increased voltage potential near surface of the water trigggering low level electrical currents in the water

EM radiation is damaging ALL biology due to long term “electromagnetic insult”

2015 CWK Thyroid Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK Autoimmune Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK Brain Cancer Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK MS Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK Lupus Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK All Cancers Radar Flight Paths

radiation scattering DC10Combined

Scattered Radiation off metal fuselage of airplanes

Disease Data:

2015 Health Maps

Goodle Earth Radar Database:

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