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Where There’s a New Hole, The Wind Will Blow

March 3, 2013

Hurricane_Irene_Aug_24_2011_1810Z (1)Below is a list I have started of notable sinkholes/seismic areas and low pressure systems that approached them.  I will continue adding to this list as I research and put a link on the menu. If you have others and want to send to me, I will post. I believe it depends upon the location and time of year as to whether you will get a large low pressure disturbance or not, as you need water vapor in the atmosphere to condense to create that.  The structure of the Earth below will also determine whether you get seismic and/or volcanic activity at the area that the particles weaken the Earth. As I showed with Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene, many additional sinkholes typically appear as the disturbance reaches the original sinkhole/disturbance as I believe there are many times many entropic particles orbiting in the area.


Date Sinkhole Size (Dia x Depth) Disturbance Date Size
May-81 Winter Park, FL 335′ x 110′ Dennis Aug-81 Cat 1
Jun-92 Cornwall, UK 75′ x 50′ Charlie Sep-92 Cat 2
May-92 Weeks Island, LA Strategic Petro Reserve 36′ x 30′ Andrew Aug-92 Cat 5
Jun-93 Atlanta, GA 200′ x 50′ Flood/Severe Lightning Jun-93 Flood
Feb-94 Allentown, PA Collapse, Sinkhole Beryl Aug-94 Tropical Storm
Jun-94 Mulberry, FL 110′ x 200′ Gordon Nov-94 Cat 1
Mar-95 Guernsey County, Ohio 12′ x ?’ Erin Aug-95 Cat 1
Jun-02 Orlando, FL 150′ x 60′ Edouard Sep-02 Tropical Storm
Apr-03 Dekalb, AL 30’x20′ Bill Tropical Storm
Jun-03 Frederick, MD 50′ x ?’ Isabel Sep-03 Hurricane
Mar-04 Gainsville, FL 50′ x ?’ Jeanne Sep-04 Hurricane
Aug-04 Richmond, VA 200′ x ? Gaston Aug-04 Hurricane
Dec-04 Deltona, FL 300′ x 50′ Charlie Aug-04 Cat 4
Feb-07 Guatemala 150′ x 330′ Tabasco Oct-07 Massive Flood
May-08 Owings Mils, Md & Prince William Cty & Frederick, MD Sinkholes/Washout Hanna Sep-08 Hurricane
May-08 Daisetta, TX 600′ x 150′ Ike Sep-08 Cat 4
May-08 Daisetta, TX 600′ x 150′ Eduardo Aug-08 Tropical Storm
Jan-10 San Antonio, TX 100′ x ? Hermine Sep-10 Tropical Storm
May-10 Shelby County, Tenn 50′ x ?’ 1000 Year Storm May-10 Massive Flood
May-10 Saint-Jude, Quebec Sinkhole/Landslide Massive Flood Oct-13 Massive Flood
May-10 Guatemala 60’x100′ Agatha Jun-10 Tropical Storm
Jul-10 Milwaukee, WI 50′ x ?’ Flooding Jul-10 Flooding
Jul-10 Shelby County, AL 70’x100’x40′ Tropical Depression 5 Aug-10 Tropical Depression
Mar-11 Honshu, Japan Roke Typhoon
Apr-11 Strasburg, VA 50′ x 20′ Irene Aug-11 Cat 3
Jul-11 Guatemala 3′ x 330? Flooding Oct-11 Massive Flood
Mar-12 Houston, TX 20′ x 12′ Flooding Jul-12 100 Year Event
May-12 Jonesville, FL 100′ x 40′ Debby Jun-12 Tropical Storm
Jul-12 Bayou Corne, LA 500′ x ? Issac Sep-12 Cat 1
Jul-12 Albion, NY 60′ x ? Sandy Oct-12 Cat 3

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  1. Some critical assessment:
    1. There are a bunch of sinkholes and a bunch of storms. One can always put a table by picking a set of sinkholes and a set of storms to support any theory. You need to show a model which can predict intensity and time of storm on the basis of dimensions of the sinkhole.

    2. If dark matter causes storms, they should be uniform across the year. Why there are no winter storms in North America coming from Atlantic? (Nov – Apr).

    3. When you say “They follow and orbit around each other and the Earth in multi-body orbits” ? It needs to be clearer by some animation.

    Other Comments:
    B1. Another weird-but-believable theory by Neal Adams (who created batman, superman) is that earth has almost doubled in diameter in last 200 million years. He “proves” it by how how all continents got split from each other (as on the surface of expanding ball/earth)
    Can absorbtion of dark matter cause expansion of earth.
    Collaborate with Neal Adams 🙂

    • I don’t mind criticism. If my research was part of an institution or private concern, you would not be seeing any data for a year or two. I decided to put data out there, you are welcome to make of it what you would like. I know one of my readers said I have too much time on my hands, but I generally do my reading, research and writing between 9-12 pm after the kids are in bed and from 6-8 in the mornings. I have two small businesses and coach kids sports year round 4 nights a week.

      1. Right, that is what I am doing, research to support my theory. I am working on is a model. I believe sometimes the dimensions of the sinkhole depends upon the multi-body orbits of the particles (not just one down the center). A storm’s intensity will depend upon the thermodynamic condensing capacity of the particle(s), which is related to mass as well as orbital velocity. The sinkhole diameter will be based upon the orbital diameters and mass of the particles

      2. I am not sure how long you have been reading but since the end of November I have been tracking storms from Europe, across the North Atlantic and around the polar jet into North America. I have put screen shots under the Google Earth Uncertainty Radar, with a link on the menu. I believe the tilt, rotation and gravitational/magnetic fields of the Earth cause storms to track across the North Atlantic in the Winter and the South Atlantic during the summer.

      3. I am building an animation. I had to first learn the orbits paths of these particles I am theorizing. I really did not know going into this much about jet streams. I now believe these orbiting entropic particles are creating some of them, which explains why jet streams tend to get stuck in one place for a few months. I think the Earth gets struck in one area by multiple particles and they gravitationally pull the jet stream (other particles) along their path while these particle’s orbits decay towards the hole.

      4. I think the core of the Earth is a dark matter black hole. It is triggering beta decay and low energy nuclear reactions at its surface, creating magnetic fields and transmuting matter. It also appears to be coalescing with other dark matter particles orbiting into it. I have not worked out a mass balance, but my belief over time is that all of the dark matter particles orbiting through space, regardless of mass, tend to accrete a ball of baryonic matter around them. The larger they are and the longer they have been in space, the larger the mass.

      Beliefs are one thing proving it is another. In general, after watching jet streams over the past 3 months and tracking multiple sinkholes, I am gaining confidence in my theory, refining it a bit and learning something new every day. For me it is the thrill of the hunt. If I am correct, it will be all down hill for me from there…

      Thanks for following.

  2. flyingcuttlefish permalink

    added this to my LA sinkhole blog –
    the sinkhole is a lot bigger now and seems to be caving in on itself. They are still storing butane nearby….

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