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Why Onions Make us Cry

March 2, 2013

kid cryingI can remember as a kid helping my mom make the stuffing for Thanksgiving and peeling the onions.  Like all of us, I would begin to cry as I peeled back the layers of the onion and sulfur compounds were released.

Stripping the layers of misbelief and denial is also like peeling the layers of the onion.

Because we were misled and invalidated in childhood (and for most of our adult lives due to the media and reporting of events);  because we were taught not to trust our own feelings and perceptions;  because we learned to have distorted beliefs about the way the universe worked, when in fact most science in the books is only based upon the observable 5% of that which we see;  we need validation from other people that what we are awakening to is in fact real and not some product of our defective, self image.

At the same time, it is a codependent pattern to gather allies.  To have people to complain to, who will sympathize with us and tell us how our theories about that which we see are real.  The “experts” that have been taught what is in the books cannot fathom that an intelligence far greater then theirs is already communicating with us in a very benign way.  They gather allies that will give their approval to their self righteous indignation.  When we are feeling self righteous indignation we are buying into a victim perspective.

Anytime that we are focusing on the situation at hand and giving power to the belief that we are victims of the situation/people we have just interacted with, without looking at how that situation is connected to our childhood wounds – we are not being honest with ourselves. We will feel like victims – because we have been misled.  But feeling like a victim and giving power to the belief in victimization are two completely different things.

This onion has many layers and tears will be shed. Let’s start with the double rainbow pulling a vacuum on its environment and creating electrical charge in the sky. If we can decide on that, the rest may be easy and we can begin to ease the suffering.


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