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Another Possibility

March 2, 2013

tampa-sinkholeA Geologist will tell you that sinkholes are Karst phenomena that are caused by water/rain seeping in and dissolving the area.  I am here to tell you that it does not rain under most houses. A geologist will tell you that Karst is a gradual process of the Earth.  Mae will tell you that she “heard beavers chewing” when her house was sucked in and she heard a big “swishing sound” in her backyard when the big tree dissapeared.  The Chinese will tell you they heard “firecrackers” in the ground.  The Texans will tell you to hell with it, I’m going down with the ship and going to have a margarita. If you want to hear what vacuum energy or “dark energy” sounds like when it first orbits into the Earth before it establishes a quasi thermodynamically steady-state with the atmosphere, watch this video, which happened just prior to the 2011 Virginia Earthquakes.

under bed-sinkhole-guatamala-city

Sinkhole Under Bed
Guatemala 2007

My particle(s) have two tricks in their bag. Ionization and Beta decay through weak force interactions weakens the Earth and they also pull a vacuum on their surroundings. That is also why many people have heard a “hissing” or “swishing sound” at times around meteorites. As a chemical engineer I am taught thermodynamics, which includes condensing, which creates a vacuum in a closed “container”  If this particle and the strings they form can ionize and pull a vacuum in the open atmosphere and trigger the largest thermodynamic event known to man we call a hurricane, it should be able to pull an even higher vacuum in a closed Florida aquifer below ground.  Like any closed container when you “pull a vacuum” the weakest spot in the wall will give way under vacuum and collapse suddenly.

The jet streams did shift South towards Florida as I have been tracking them for 3 months. A couple of other sinkholes opened up in central Florida over the past couple of weeks. If my theory is correct, in a couple of months, low pressure disturbances should work their way towards South Florida.

All take a minute to watch the video below of a large fireball that was seen across Florida about a week ago. Take a close look at the meteor at about 40 seconds into the video and see if you see it change direction from side to side very quickly and continue on its path. This is quantum behavior.  Also, I guess there is a possibility the camera is shaking but I cannot see it. I believe many of these meteors have a quantum micro black hole nuclei that can change direction in an instant. Once they shed their skin they hide in our gaseous atmosphere and orbit, creating thermodynamic upsets through vacuum and condensing in the atmosphere.


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  1. When the meteor in the video finally blinks out, are we seeing something of a singularity? Great work, now my rocket scientist husband is watching the weather more closely as I share with him these ideas and the follow up events as they unfold over time and space. I saw a map today of a specific wind pattern that circulated into or near to Dover OH again, for next week. I recommend the forum attached to this blog: for excellent weather reporting, maps and links to more maps. I would really appreciate more detailed maps of orbiting particles…are they orbiting Earth’s core by moving through the earth’s crust and into the atmosphere or just in the atmosphere, or both? I know you are theorizing, but I just can’t see it in my head clearly. Thanks 🙂

    • Sue,

      Yes, I believe when most meteorites and shooting stars “blink out” their baryonic shell has burnt off (or exploded in the case of the bigger ones) and all that is left is a singularity or singularities (they can orbit each other), micro black hole balls of entropy that now accelerate like a quantum rocket in the mass-energy dense atmosphere and many take up orbit around and through the Earth. I believe they are creating the telluric currents within the Earth and oceans as they orbit.

      A telluric current (from Latin tellūs, “earth”), or Earth current,[1] is an electric current which moves underground or through the sea. Telluric currents result from both natural causes and human activity, and the discrete currents interact in a complex pattern. The currents are extremely low frequency and travel over large areas at or near the surface of Earth.

      There has been rotation over Dover, since early December as I have been tracking on my “Google Earth Uncertainty Radar” as I believe multiple particles orbited in. They are orbiting through the atmosphere, crust and mantle and in a multi-body orbit with Earth’s center of mass, which I also believe is a singularity.

      I am working on making the Earth transparent in Google Earth and I will show orbits. through the Earth. It appears at any given time there are hundreds or thousands or more of these particles orbiting. I believe the Hurricane Isaac particles and probably Hurricane Sandy particles are still orbiting beneath the Earth’s surface and gradually coalescing with the Earth’s singularity center. There has been continuous seismic activity at the sinkhole at Bayou Corne where Isaac particles orbited into the Earth and are still orbiting according to my theory.

      What is very obvious to me about the orbits is they are orbiting in multi-body quantum orbits and are effected gravitationally, electromagnetically as well as I believe aligned and interacting with the Earth’s magnetic fields, which are probably created by more orbiting entropic and charged particles.

      In affect, we are travelling through space @ 60,000 mph, spinning at 1000 mph at the baryonic surface of a black hole singularity within sort of a wormhole of a magnetic field that is protecting us. These quantum particles are creating gravitational force as they orbit between us and the sun within the solar wind.

      That is my view. Thank you for following. I am just doing my research part time and trying to have fun with it although I realize the impact is serious.


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