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How to Check if Your Dark Matter Glasses are in Focus

March 3, 2013

tumblr_lovnat0g9X1qf48e1o1_1280If your dark matter glasses are in focus you will see Einstein in the photo and also see clearly that quantum micro black hole dark matter singularities are orbiting all around you, collapsing & condensing water vapor in the atmosphere by pulling a vacuum, weakening Earth’s baryonic crust creating sinkholes, seismic events and volcanoes, creating telluric currents within the Earth and coalescing with the Earth’s dark matter core. You will then recognize that the circles in many of those crop circles actually represent micro black holes orbiting through and around the Earth. It will also make you understand how a 15 Megaton explosion could take place over Tunguska and the more recent 400+ kton explosion could occur over Russia, which has to be a nuclear yield and not from a rock. At this point you will realize where the missing 95% energy really is and that those are low energy nuclear “cores” striking the Earth, full of iridium, just like the Earth’s core.

If you are too far back or your glasses are out of focus you will see Marilyn Monroe and be mistaken, although in a state of ignorant bliss. This ignorance might lead you towards incorrect beliefs that gravity is not linearly proportional to gravitational force at small values and coming up with MONDO wrongo theories about gravity. This ignorance might lead you to believe that there are just a lot of harmless low mass rocks and comets floating in space that are there to shower us with beautiful displays of shooting stars and fairy dust in the skies and not actually killing us through vacuum energy and severe thermodynamic and electromagnetic upsets all around us. It will also lead you to believe that a 500 million mile long comet tail is just harmless gas expelled from a snowball.

If your glasses are well adjusted you will see the Earth and Universe the way they really are and although a bit scary at first, new possibilities will abound.  If, however your glasses are out of focus or you refuse to put them on, that next big bright glow in the atmosphere might have you feeling just as the dinosaurs did right before those objects struck the Yucatan Peninsula and those hundreds of sinkholes/cenotes opened up, volcanoes started firing around the globe and severe weather ensued, ushering in a new ice age.

Best you put them glasses on and keep them on. Much suffering, but still time.


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