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St. Louis: Just the Facts (and some theory)

June 24, 2015
St Louis

St. Louis Airport Air Traffic Patterns (Blue and Green) and the disease/cancer cluster. Radar EIRP Watt values are shown.  Disease maps are at the link below.

Coldwater Creek Facts

My observations:

  • Another cancer disease cluster near an airport & within active flight path
  • Electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog) in the area reaching ground should be highest due to 3 high power, high gain pulsed radars in addition to overhead aircraft and jet pollution to reflect/scatter radiation back to ground.
  • They also had radiation canisters dumped in the river decades ago although the army corps of engineers says the radiation levels are safe around the creek
  • They also have a TDWR radar, one of my least favorites due to the high gain. I have nicknamed him “Thumper”
  • Lots of cancer, lymphoma, autoimmune, birth defects and other disorders.
radiation scattering DC10Combined

Electromagnetic radiation scattering from radar off airplane fuselage. Purple is highest radiation scatter back to ground

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