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On this Blog we Contemplate Quantum Vacuum Instability and its Impact on Tomorrow's Weather Outlook...

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Autism, Voltage Regulation & Accelerated Oxidation

State Autism Rate Source

Per Capita State Residential Woodburning Emissions Source

“We live in a small cabin in the woods, have woodstove only heat. Since the weather has gotten colder and especially since it never gets much above 24 F during the day, I have been plagued with static electricity. I get shocked everytime I touch my stove, light switch, you know the story. And I mean visible sparks.

I have a cast iron pot kept full of water on the stove. We have oogly cheap foam backed blue carpet in living areas. I avoid dragging my feet as much as possible.”


12 kV = 12,000 volts.  35 kV = 35,000 volts. 1.5 kV = 1500 volts

“Static electricity is generated by contact and separation. Airflow causes static electricity only when the air is particulate-laden [ie. smoke from a fire and the particulates are large, meaning numerous and visible. For example, in sand and dust storms that occur in dry climates, sand and dust particles are blown into and away from billboards and plastic signs. [100,000 volts in atmosphere] The contact and separation between the particulates and the charged surfaces generates static electricity, leaving high charges on the billboards and signs. In the these situations dust and particles will cling to the sign or billboard due to the static generated.

Remember: it is the particulates in the air [ie. smoke from a fire], not the air itself, that causes static electricity. Normal air—even the air in a typical wind storm—does not contain enough particulates to charge up other surfaces. Like compressed air or the air circulated by a forced hot air system, the cold air (even if it is very dry) flowing under an access floor cannot generate static electricity: the air flowing across cables under an access floor poses no threat of static shock to personnel or hardware.”

“In the photoelectric effect, it was observed that shining a light on certain metals would lead to an electric current in a circuit. Presumably, the light was knocking electrons out of the metal, causing current to flow. However, using the case of potassium as an example, it was also observed that while a dim blue light was enough to cause a current”

A local electric field will be highest near atmospheres charged with flowing dust and particulate, near high power, high gain antennas emitting high energy photons, near sources of static electrical shock such as friction from skin on ungrounded synthetic insulating materials.  Any/ all increases in electric fields will increase oxidative stress and corrosion in the environment.



“Two young children on the North Shore were recently diagnosed with a rare disease that inflames the arteries, and one has died, according to WWL television.Charles “Dooey” De Silva III, a six-year-old from Slidell, succumbed to Kawasaki disease, the prevalence of which is significantly higher in people of east Asian descent.” – THINK MARTIAL ARTS


“SLIDELL — Charles “Dooey” De Silva III was an outgoing six-year-old with a love for fun and a knack for karate.THINK BARE FEET RUBBING & FRICTION REPEATEDLY ON RUBBER MATS AND CREATING LOTS OF ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE OVER AND OVER




“Jamie Jones, 7, once enjoyed football and even won several medals for wrestling. These are activities he can no longer participate in after a life-changing diagnosis – Kawasaki Disease”





Oxidative Stress Potentials

Oxidative Stress Potentials

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Testing out Inflation Theories Today


Oscar Broadcast Shocker?



Autism Spatial Cluster in LA/Hollywood and positions of all FCC licensed high gain microwave broadcast earth stations, high gain microwave relay stations and high gain pulsed radars in California. GHz frequencies and/or call sign shown.  Focused beams of high power density radiation will reflect back to the ground off aluminum skins of aircraft as well as refract off the atmosphere during weather disturbances.


Oscar shocker: ‘Moonlight’ wins best picture, but only after ‘La La Land’ crew to the stage

I Have Seen What the Darkness Does

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