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Dark Matter/Energy: It's the "can't see the forest through the trees sort of thing"...

First Attempts at Unifying General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory


1st try: Appears to be a Superpositioning problem…

Moore Oklahoma Vacuum Field

2nd try: Tornado disturbance modeled using quantum (vacuum) field theory



Brane Crossing… OMG! Physicists can’t find 95% of the missing energy in the universe! OMG!

Black Hole Evaporation

A tornado is an evaporating black hole that emerged from spacetime.  It creates an inflation field around it with lots of condensing in the atmosphere.  It is decaying to a lower energy vacuum state into higher dimensions of spacetime (ours)




Anything is Possible

Image result for strange hurricane paths

The sum over all possibilities: The path integral formulation of quantum theory

Particle travelling from A to B along multiple paths

This spacetime particle from your decaying quantum vacuum field brings you vacuum inflation, the rains, the snow and the wind. It can create a curved spacetime and supply you with all the entropy you ever needed.  You might just capture a snapshot of him popping out along those most probable paths.


And What Have You Done?

And in my head I paint a picture

Oops, its the voltage…


Read Me!

Weapons of Mass Deception

I Would Say So

Northern LA BW2 GE2

Autism Cluster Source

Updated data/map.  That Autism Cluster located in Northern LA County is Broadcast Microwave Radiation Central



You’ll cry out now and you’ll question why


Hollywood Testing for Near-Field Off-Axis Broadcast Microwave Radiation Power Density


You Don’t Suppose This is Going to be Like Real Wizard’s Chess Do You?

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