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Brane inflation can lead to rain and snow accumulation...

……….10 Years

clyde cluster

67kV and HV SS



You will see the high voltage transmission lines in the top left of the brochure.


The last time I walked a family bike path beneath high voltage transmission lines and beside a high voltage substation I found another cancer cluster in kids…

We were all taught in school electrons travel along a wire…they don’t.  In quantum field theory the electron is just an excitation of the fundamental electric field, and those flowing electrons take all paths, including the family bike path…

That energetic 67.5 kV electric field has plenty of energy to ionize nitrogen and, well, you and I over time.

That purple glow, which you cannot see with your eyes is ionizing radiation.  you need a special camera to see it.  You will notice many of the flashes of ionizing UVc radiation are not located on the wires, they are in the air around the pylons, because the field is everywhere.  Field strength at the ground can be a few thousand volts/meter.  The Earth’s natural field is approx. 100 volts/meter.

Why the military industrial complex chose to make that area beneath these high voltage transmission lines a family recreation area is beyond me…

I just went running, and here is what I found…

Elevated Thyroid Cancer

Here is why I looked:

“Living less than 20 km from [Nuclear Power Plants] NPP was associated with a significant increase in the risk of thyroid cancer in good quality studies.”

“Increased risk of thyroid cancer in female residents nearby nuclear power plants in Korea: was it due to detection bias?”


And here is what I used for information:


Jan 2019 2012-2016There is a slightly newer version of this available online




5. Google Earth Pro

And here is what I hypothesize is the cause:


That coastal area has a high population density and a high concentration of high voltage transmission lines crossing public areas from the two local power plants.  Electrons don’t actually stay on those high voltage lines, they take all paths and ionize the nitrogen in the air and emit UVc radiation and ionize us.

The UVc radiation is generated by the strong electric field around the high voltage transmission lines (500 kV, 250kV, 125 kV and 67.5 kV) depending upon the varying voltage, current and resistance in the lines and local weather conditions.  The lines also generate ozone and NOx emissions, which are very corrosive to biology.



And here is what too much UV(ionizing) radiation does to you:


I’m gonna keep running for a while to see what else I find…

You’ll come apart and you’ll go black

Startdate 72996.8 Emerging Braneworld Scenario


A brane tunnels through spacetime and fully emerges at 30.9843° N, 91.9623° W, generating large increases in entropy, large increases in potential and kinetic energy, quantum field upsets, including electric and electromagnetic field disturbances as well as extreme condensing in the troposphere. Dark energy keeps the throat open as it decays and follows a geodesic, least action path.

Humans name it Barry…

ROS Mess?

soccer-goalkeeper sarcoma


“CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that the surface on which soccer is played influences the oxidative stress levels.”

Turf burns are electric burns – they cause oxidative stress from ROS generation which can lead to cancer.  Friction with the synthetic surfaces will strip billions of electrons from the athlete every time they slide.



Not Enough Acreage

Acreage Cancers and High Voltage Transmission Line Crossings of Public Roads

I am not sure why the military-industrial complex ran multiple high voltage transmission lines diagonally through The Acreage residential areas(probably the high voltage lines were there first) but that led to over 70 public residential exposure areas beneath those multiple high voltage transmission lines.  Given the fact that electrons don’t actually stay on the wires and they generate a strong electric field around the lines as well as the ground below and they ionize Nitrogen and Oxygen and generate ionizing UVc radiation, I would say in hind site it was pretty stupid…But hey, that’s just me.


/ˈmiləˌterē inˈdəstrēəl ˌkämˈpleks,ˈkämpleks didit/

/ˈmiləˌterē inˈdəstrēəl ˌkämˈpleks,ˈkämpleks didit/

The Big Picture



Your Earth is a creator.

Spacetime creates Spaceweather

You guys can take it from here, right?







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