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You thought you were in space and you were really in spacetime, different properties...

The Big Picture



Your Earth is a creator.

Spacetime creates Spaceweather

You guys can take it from here, right?







Got Everything I wanted on my Christmas List!

End Of Semester Final Exam Question – All or Nothing

Water Supply

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“A perchlorate is the name for a chemical compound containing the perchlorate ion, ClO− ₄. The majority of perchlorates are produced commercially. Perchlorate salts are mainly used for propellants, exploiting properties as powerful oxidizing agents…”Wikipedia

Final Exam Question (All or Nothing):

99. Can Perchlorate ClO4 be generated BY YOUR MUNICIPAL DRINKING WATER SYSTEM INFRASTRUCTURE (ie. Tanks and Piping)?



Chemistry Professor’s Response:

[A. NO] “Perchlorate can’t come from infrastructure such as pipes, so if it’s found in drinking water, “it would have to be from the source water,” Vengosh said.”

Chemical Engineer Response (me): 

[B. YES] “Perchlorate is generated from the electrolysis of chlorides in water.  It can be generated by low voltages (typically ~ 4-6V DC) triggering electrical currents within an aqueous solution containing water and dissolved chlorine, hypochlorite, chlorate, etc. ,  Electrolysis can be triggered by impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems within municipal water storage tanks and piping and most likely piping systems that are poorly grounded or with an electrical current running through them.



Electrochemical production of perchlorate within a public water distribution system has been shown previously. “In this detailed incident, perchlorate (ClO4) was detected in the distribution system of Levelland, Texas, and was eventually isolated to one elevated storage tank. Theoretical considerations supported the production of ClO4 by an electrochemical process within the tank. ClO4 was produced (64–113 μg/L in 338 h) in laboratory experiments that simulated the cathodic protection system in place in the storage tank. Because cathodic protection systems are widely used, this research confirms a potentially troubling mechanism of ClO4 generation.

You choose the correct answer, your children’s health may depend upon it.




And at once I knew I was not magnificent

How the Military Maritime Industrial Corrosion Complex Killed Your Coral Reef

Black Band Coral Disease

Oxidation/Removal of Calcium Carbonate with EMF gets 5 stars on Amazon! (OK, 4.5)

They have been fouling your ocean for centuries!

Come on Baby the Laugh’s on Me

Trying to Wrap My Brane around it…

Cosmic String Inflation

This bad boy passed over my head this morning.  You guys really think air (mostly inert nitrogen) and water vapor can do this??


How much energy is in these quantum fluctuations? How much entropy is released?


is this 50 Hiroshima Bombs worth of energy? 100? Where did all of that energy come from?

“Depending on the Planck energy cutoff and other factors, the discrepancy is as high as 120 orders of magnitude,[1] a state of affairs described by physicists as “the largest discrepancy between theory and experiment in all of science”[1] and “the worst theoretical prediction in the history of physics.”[2]”


Seminole Wind…

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