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Whoa! Did you guys just see that emerging brane tunnel through space-time and flood us?

“Maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happening at the same time”

Rolling Tumor’s Corner?…



kitestringvstoilet paper

Toilet Paper

1. Dozens of Auburn University Alumni Suffering Deadly Eye Cancer

“Some three dozen alumni, employees or relatives of employees, most on campus between 1983 and 2001, have been diagnosed with the disease — including Green’s sorority sister and another friend from her years at Auburn”

2. Alabama Power Line Safety

Alabama Power

“In the early 1990’s the power lines were moved underground resulting in a new tradition of “Rolling the Oaks”.

Early 1990s – Power lines are moved underground, toilet paper is now isolated to the oaks 

“At the time, Auburn was ranked No. 6 and Alabama was ranked No. 2 in the nation.  Varner said fans continued to roll the power lines along Magnolia until Alabama Power moved the lines underground in the 1980s. It was not until the 1990s fans were allegedly encouraged to roll the Toomer’s Oaks. “

6. Pluralistic Ignorance

And we sang dirges in the Dark

Captain’s Log, Stardate 72045.7 Bizarre ritual of powerline worshipping and Ocular Melanoma increase uncovered…

Auburn Powerlines





Kelley Elementary School

Carlsbad Cancer Numbers Released

Uh, guys, that’s ionizing radiation that your eyes can’t see that is reaching your body (and your kids) from around those high voltage transmission lines…

Epic Fail


Q: What do all three locations have in common?

Mt Pleasant Cancer Cluster.png

11 people diagnosed with rare brain tumor live within miles of each other

  1. Ionizing radiation and the risk of brain and central nervous system tumors
  2. Radiation induced Gliomas
  3. Corona discharge
  4. Study of Corona Discharge Pattern on High Voltage Transmission Lines
  5. Corona discharge and ionizing radiation (UV-C)
  6. Spectral emission of corona discharges
  7. Test Measurements
  8. If you can see the radiation in the camera, it is reaching your body

A: All three subdivisions have multiple exposure areas to 138,000 volt transmission lines  feeding Mt Pleasant and potentially emitting ionizing radiation (corona discharge).  One of the subdivision’s swimming pool parking lot is directly below the 138,000 volt transmission lines.  This is extremely dangerous IMO.  Wet kids and high voltage do not belong together.

I may see you, I may tell you to run

Long Island Cancer Cluster Reload

LI Cancer Rates

Statistically significant increased rates of leukemia, bladder, lung and thyroid cancers in shaded area.

LI Cancer Rates1

Six high voltage transmission lines are running through the middle of the cluster area with many exposure locations near roads, homes and motorbike/walking trails underneath. Transmission lines originate from the LIPA power plant to the North and they split and run in different directions just to the South of the cluster.

LI Cancer Rates3

Transmission line voltages are 69,000 volts up through 138,000 volts.  All lines are running together, which increases the EMF and change for corona discharge (including ionizing UVc radiation in the area).  Voltages as low as 5000 volts on sharp edges and above approximately 35,000 volts in air can ionize the Nitrogen and generate ionizing UVc radiation.

LI Cancer Rates2

Busy intersection with six high voltage lines overhead within the cancer cluster area

  1. Unshielded high voltage lines generate corona discharge
  2. Corona discharge from high voltage systems generates ionizing UVc radiation
  3. Ionizing UVc radiation can increase cancer

“Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” – Jim Valvano

Iredell County Thyroid Cancer

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