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April 14, 2013

dnews-files-2013-04-solar-flare-m-class-660x433-130411-jpgThursday, April 11, 2013: at 0716 UT, the Sun’s active region (AR) 1719 erupted with an M-class flare. With a rating of M6.5, this event was the most energetic flare of 2013. What’s more, the site of the explosion unleashed a CME in the direction of the Earth @ 600 Miles per second.

At 600 miles per second, millions or billions of tons of Sun “stuff” was streaking through the solar wind towards Mother Earth.  Projected travel time to the Earth: 43 Hours.  This put the ETA with Earth @ Sat, April 13. at approximately 0216 UT or 1016 PM ET Fri 12th in Roswell, GA.

groundcurrents_strip2 (1)

Electromagnetic Disturbance within the Earth from CME

The impact rattled Earth’s magnetic field and induced electrical currents in the ground around the Arctic Circle. Rob Stammes recorded the effects of the impact from a geophysical monitoring station at the Polar Light Center in Lofoten, Norway:

At 8:00 AM ET Saturday morning, the skies over Roswell, GA, which is not in an active flight path, were clear and crisp.  At 8:30 AM as we were heading to a baseball game I took the following photos of this peculiar sky to the West (I was not at the wheel while taking these pictures with my IPhone):

photo (10)

Sky to the West of Roswell, GA on 4-13-13. Ignore the really bright streaks, those are reflections off the window.  Looks like contrails but no planes and they stop and start

photo (7)

Sky to the West of Roswell, GA on 4-13-13

photo (3)

Sky to the West of Roswell, GA on 4-13-13

photo (8)

4-13-13 Sky to The Southwest

Later that same day, the following pictures were taken in the sky over Colorado:


Lenticular Clouds and Anticrepuscular Rays over Colorado on 4-13-13

My sense after staring at this stuff for six months is that the particles and strings come into the Earth fairly neutral on charge, but once they setup closed strings around and through the Earth they act like a charged wire conducting electromagnetic currents along their path as well as condensing and creating severe weather along the path of the strings when they come together.


Beta Plus Decay can Create Positrons from Dark Matter Collisions

I found this interesting summary from NASA regarding the Fermi Telescope, which I believe shows the “connectivity” of these strings and their ability to  conduct electrical charge across vast expanses of the atmosphere.

The spacecraft was located immediately above a thunderstorm for most of the observed TGFs, but in four cases, storms were far from Fermi. In addition, lightning-generated radio signals detected by a global monitoring network indicated the only lightning at the time was hundreds or more miles away. During one TGF, which occurred on Dec. 14, 2009, Fermi was located over Egypt. But the active storm was in Zambia, some 2,800 miles to the south. The distant storm was below Fermi’s horizon, so any gamma rays it produced could not have been detected.

“Even though Fermi couldn’t see the storm, the spacecraft nevertheless was magnetically connected to it,” said Joseph Dwyer at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Fla. “The TGF produced high-speed electrons and positrons, which then rode up Earth’s magnetic field to strike the spacecraft.”

The beam continued past Fermi, reached a location, known as a mirror point, where its motion was reversed, and then hit the spacecraft a second time just 23 milliseconds later. Each time, positrons in the beam collided with electrons in the spacecraft. The particles annihilated each other, emitting gamma rays detected by Fermi’s GBM.

So I am showing you the thermodynamic condensing affect in my photos and if they weigh billions of tons (avg CME mass is approx. 1e+12 kg) they certainly have a gravitational effect and they definitely have an electromagnetic effect if you look at the chart, so not much is missing, except actually being able to see the particle or string, which are actually pretty obvious from the SOHO and other images of the sun.  Just use your mind to fill in the blanks, human minds do this all of the time.  Once you do it a few times, your quantum sense will become active and you will be well on your way.Earth, as well as our dimensions of this universe are wired with this stuff.  It’s the source of energy behind what we see when we look outside, we are immersed within an energetic quantum field which varies in intensity and we have given all sorts of Earthly names and causes to describe what we see.


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  1. Jzues permalink

    Your work is amazing. “Watch the Skies” have long been a mantra. The whirld isn’t awake-so many profit driven mechanisms would disappear. They who control such–will never change this planet for the good. It takes people like YOU. I applaud thee. And i send peaceful energy eeerday to you and yours.
    Godspeed Indeed.

  2. This is it! TGFs? Thank you 🙂

    • terrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF), it is defined at the top of the article. I did not know what it was either.

      Dark matter should produce positrons from beta plus decay when they strike a proton in the atmosphere. When this positron finds an electron you get a bang.

      I bought a radiation detector for my IPhone, background levels go up a bit during storms

      Thanks for following.

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