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I thought my observation that tornadoes and waterspouts are actually caused by entangled black holes that have warped our local spacetime geometry is a rather astute observation...

Thousand Canker Disease


Washington and Oregon Thousand Canker Disease Locations.  Blue are high gain microwave earthstations and red are pulsed high gain microwave radars.  All values are EIRP (in Watts)


California Thousand Canker Disease Locations


Utah Thousand Canker Disease Locations


Idaho Thousand Canker Disease Locations


Colorado Thousand Canker Disease Locations


Virginia Thousand Canker Disease Quarantine Locations. Blue are microwave earthstations and red are pulsed microwave radars.

Causation: Refracted and reflected microwave radiation from Microwave earthstations and pulsed microwave radars gradually “cooks” the trees and attracts the bugs.

Names witheld to protect the innocent and the guilty…




Newport Response Letter 7-2-15 black

Had to switch up look at things different see the bigger picture

She Does Not Need You

Marocchi (Poirino), Italy. Reported 21st June 2014

2014 Poirino

I Won’t Let You Smother It…


Tab 1_QA Response_CM Hanna Congressional Inquiry_v2 Additional Questions

Original Military Response re: Newport, NY antenna radiation test facility:

“only RF antennae receiving testing is conducted at Newport (e.g., the planes being tested are only 1:1 models/shells without any instrumentation, radar or radios).”

Military Contractor Bragging:

“The model will stay up there for weeks or even months at a time,” Hamre said. “We wire it for multiple antennas – normally four to six different sets of antennas – and walk through all sorts of tests. We even roll the model upside down to test the antenna function when the aircraft is inverted.”

“At any given time we may have upwards of twenty antennas on the airframe,” continued Hamre. “We need to see how much energy these antennas are putting into each other so we can have simultaneous operations of systems without interference.

Revised Military Response:

New Answer: “Military contractors, through AFRL personnel, used the Newport Test Site for characterizing installed system level performance parameters of antennae.”

Question: Please confirm that “EW” stands for “electronic warfare”

Answer: “EW is the acknowledged acronym for electronic warfare.”

Question: and that these additional antennas are tested and installed “in the loop” by military contractors at your site.

Answer: Antennae, provided by military contractors, are tested at Newport Test Site by AFRL personnel either with or without system hardware in the loop.  All testing complies with NTIA standards. ” SHOW ME

pinnochio military

“The planes being tested are only 1:1 models/shells without any instrumentation”, no wait “Antennae, provided by military contractors, are tested at Newport Test Site by AFRL personnel” and ““At any given time we may have upwards of twenty antennas on the airframe. We need to see how much energy these antennas are putting into each other”

newport disease

Cancer/Disease Cluster around Newport, NY Antenna Radiation Pattern Test Facility

My comment:

Since when does “electronic warfare”, which is high power, highly focused electromagnetic radiation, which can damage electronics from kilometers away, comply with telecommunications guidelines?  THAT’S WHY THEY CALL IT WARFARE

It’s the Antennas


Westwoods, nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 21st June.

St. Louis: Just the Facts (and some theory)

St Louis

St. Louis Airport Air Traffic Patterns (Blue and Green) and the disease/cancer cluster. Radar EIRP Watt values are shown.  Disease maps are at the link below.

Coldwater Creek Facts

My observations:

  • Another cancer disease cluster near an airport & within active flight path
  • Electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog) in the area reaching ground should be highest due to 3 high power, high gain pulsed radars in addition to overhead aircraft and jet pollution to reflect/scatter radiation back to ground.
  • They also had radiation canisters dumped in the river decades ago although the army corps of engineers says the radiation levels are safe around the creek
  • They also have a TDWR radar, one of my least favorites due to the high gain. I have nicknamed him “Thumper”
  • Lots of cancer, lymphoma, autoimmune, birth defects and other disorders.
radiation scattering DC10Combined

Electromagnetic radiation scattering from radar off airplane fuselage. Purple is highest radiation scatter back to ground

Shatter Every Window ’til it’s all Blown Away

We Decided to Team Up


Dr. Hawking, What do You Think?


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