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I call my Research Reverse Epidemiological Engineering

Fly The Friendly Skies?

Exposure to RF fields above 10 GHz at power densities over 1000 W/m2 are known to produce adverse health effects, such as eye cataracts and skin burns.

Airport TDWR Radar Pulses GROSSLY EXCEED 1000 W/m2 @ 5.6 GHz


Check My Calculations.  The FCC Guideline is Bullshit for RF Safety


Peak Pulsed Power Level 2000 feet away from TDWR radar as airplane is landing/taking off.  Some of this radiation will pass into the cockpit


Very High EIRP from the TDWR Radar

It Won’t Be Long Now

Radar as Death Ray

F-35 'flies' above central New York

F-35 AESA Radar Electronic Warfare Test Stand in Newport, NY.  High Power, High Gain Electromagnetic Radiation is refracted, ducted, scattered by the surrounding atmosphere, planes, buildings, wind turbines through all biology and the ground and waterways.

Newport Cancer Cluster2

Cancer Cluster around Electronic Warfare Test Station in Newport, NY area. Visit the Mother’s Website Here

From livescience

According to Aviation Week, the Pentagon is now developing active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars that could be used as weapons. A bizarre historical twist to this story is that in 1934, a rumor was started to the effect that Nazi Germany had developed a death ray based on radar. Physicist Robert Watson-Watt was asked to check on the feasibility of such a weapon. He quickly determined that it was unlikely, but that using radio waves to locate incoming bombers might be a real possibility. By 1937, three stations were ready, with more to come; this was a key element in winning the Battle of Britain during WWII.

Phased Array AESA Radar

(AESA radar)Now it appears that AESA radars may have a weapons component. AESA radars are comprised of many small transmit/receive modules that each scan a fixed area; the antenna does not need to move to scan an area. They have an extremely fast scanning rate, higher range, multiple target engagement and can act as a jamming device.

Some of the airborne AESA radars… use thousands of small transmitters/receivers, each a couple of inches square, that allow the array to conduct many tasks simultaneously. Those include detection of small, even stealthy targets, trackingand communications… and “jamming”… Possible AESA techniques for attacking another radar could include burning through the target radar’s antenna side-lobes, filter side-lobes, or other known features of the target system. Radar specialists suggest it is reasonable to suppose this capability is already available to some fielded systems…[Airborne radar weapon development] appear[s] to be focused on cruise missiles and self-defense against anti-radiation, home-on-jam and air-to-air missiles. The radars seem particularly effective against the latter categories because energy available to focus on the approaching missile increases as an inverse square as distance decreases.
(AESA radar)

High Power Microwaves (HPM) are also in the process of developmentas weapons. HPMs generate very short bursts of energy across a wider range of frequencies, while AESA produces longer, more directed bursts of energy:

While HPM produces higher peak power, AESA often generates greater average power. That produces different operational and targeting strategies. For example, Raytheon’s [HPM-based] airport protection system uses infrared sensors to find the target and determine where to focus its beam. It also produces effects at longer range, possibly as much as 100 mi., because it produces powerful pulses of energy. AESA radar has the built-in ability to find and track a target, so it can be held on the target for the necessary additional microseconds needed to create its weapons effect.
(AESA radar)

It was a British writer, H. G. Wells, who first suggested the idea of “death rays” – namely, the heat ray in his 1898 novel War of the Worlds. The idea for radar was suggested at a very early date by science fiction writer Hugo Gernsback – he called it an actinoscope in his remarkable 1911 story Ralph 124c 41 +:

A pulsating polarized ether wave, if directed on a metal object can be reflected in the same manner as a light ray is reflected from a bright surface? By manipulating the entire apparatus like a searchlight, waves would be sent over a large area.(Read more about Hugo Gernsback’s actinoscope)



A Cry for Help From the Darkness

Childhood-leukemia-sign-and-symptomsFrom the Mothers,

As concerned parents and citizens of a very sick community, we write to you pleading for your help. Since the 1980’s, the Kuyahoora Valley in upstate NY has been filled with numerous cancers and sickness.  This valley is comprised of Newport,Middleville, Fairfield, and Norway where the population combined is just around 6,000.  There were 9 pediatric cases of cancer in the mid 1980‘s. Most of the cases were leukemia, one of which resulted in death. Six pediatric cases of cancer were diagnosed between 2011 and 2013.  Three of the cases were a very rare form of lymphoma that approximately fifty people in the entire Unites States get each year.  It is called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL).  Our small town made up 6% of this particular lymphoma. Also, a five year old girl was diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer in 2007.

Over the years, sickness has continued and the townspeople have become accustomed to raising money for benefits so those who are sick ochild-cancer-awarenessr dying can pay for their medical bills.  People have been helpless and don’t know what’s causing this or who they will know next to be diagnosed with cancer.  While writing this letter we found out that a mother in her early forties has pancreatic cancer.  There is a benefit for her this coming weekend.   Every few months before that for the last 3 decades there has been a similar diagnosis.  This is not normal. We’ve recently had two community meetings with the NY State Department of Health because our small, rural community has seen a surge in pediatric cancers as well as many adult cancers and other health issues.
This is the third investigation the DOH has done for our area since the 1980’s. The DOH gets calls frequently from people concerned about high numbers of cancer in their area.  They told us they take on two cases per year and our case was one of them.  They said that the number of pediatric lymphoma cases was “higher than would be expected and statistically unlikely to be due to chance.”  Unfortunately, the DOH doesn’t have the resources to do proper testing but can do another 18 month investigation to tally up birth defects and total cancer counts.  We need answers sooner because we are frightened for the lives of our children and loved ones.

We’ve worked to determine what it is that is different in our communitynewport antenna radiation from other communities like ours and the most obvious thing is the Newport Antenna Radiation Pattern  Measurement Facility which is a military radar testing facility operated by the Air Force.  The facility is known to be one of, if not the largest of its kind in the United States.  The only other military radar towers like this are located in the desert out west.  The facility is also an electronic warfare testing site that can distribute harmful levels of microwave radiation used for jamming radars. There are many recent studies that have been done pointing to the detrimental effects of non-ionizing radiation on biology and the causation is there.  We have good reason to think that pulsed electromagnetic radiation is triggering mutations and damaging DNA/RNA resulting in cancer, birth defects, autism, etc.  Radiation from testing at this site has affected the people in our town for over 40 years.  Long term exposure to microwave radiation has recently been linked to increased cancers.

F-35 'flies' above central New York

Newport, NY Air Force Test Stand. Testing new F-35 Electronic Warfare Radar System

Severe weather, aircraft and ground obstructions reflect, refract and scatter the radiation (like wind turbines) and complicate the problem.  In 2010, there were 37 wind turbines installed at Hardscrabble Windfarm.  The turbines are located on some hills directly across from the military radar towers a few miles away.  We know that when the radars are performing tests, radiation scatters off of the turbines onto the surrounding ground.  Radiation is most likely scattering and reaching human beings in their homes and/or cars as a result.  The turbines were put up in 2010 and in 2011 a cluster of children became sick.  There is also a main roadway 2000 feet below the radiation test facility with only small RF/Microwave reflection fencing below the radars.

For over 40 years, the Newport Radiation Test Facility has been testing its planes and their ”electronic warfare” capabilities.  This means that 
they have been using their high power, high gain radar to disable and jam electronics and “cook” things. There are families living directly around the facility. Over the years the power levels and gains of the radar have been steadily increasing.  It seems the Air Force has not taken into consideration the fact that human beings are being microwaved by their radar towers.  We basically have been guinea pigs completely unaware of what is happening in the plush hills of our valley. They have also made mistakes in the past and accidentally left their radars turned on for days/weeks, jamming nearby civilian navigation systems and flooding the area with “dirty EMF”


Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer

We have been consulting with a senior chemical engineer who works for a large, international engineering consulting firm .  He discovered our case while studying the health effects of radar on humans and wildlife for the past two years. In addition to the sick humans, we also have a wildlife “chronic wasting disease” cluster in the surrounding area. He is working on a human health study involving pulsed microwave radars that will eventually be published in a peer reviewed journal.  He said that many of the frequencies being used at the Newport test site have already been proven harmful to biology. He said there is a correlation between the locations of radar and disease and that he knows of 5 other electronic warfare locations that have cancer clusters.

He said that the test range scattered radiation of the Newport facility is likely causing and/or increasing many of the health problems. One of several things he suggested was that we find an Environmental Assessment/Impact Statement for the Newport, NY Test Facility.  He said that since they are testing AESA electronic warfare radars with the F-35, it should be required (See Radar AS DEATH RAY).  So far, we have not been able to find one.  Due to the extreme amount of disease in our local community we believe ALL RADIATION TESTING SHOULD BE STOPPED until an actual environmental impact assessment has been done.


Above you will see a letter from the NY State Department of Health stating their concern about the abnormal cancer rates in our area and a database we put together of all of the people who have come forward with their sicknesses.  The following link will show you minimal statistics on the cancer in our area.  The state categorizes numbers of cases by the

county rather than by the town.  You will see that lymphoma (male/female) and brain cancer (female) cases are 30% higher than the state average. Increase in cancer such as leukemia and lymphoma have recently been linked to pulsed high gain microwave radar stations, exactly like those tested on the hills not far from where our children play.   Pediatric lymphoma and brain cancer are common results of exposure to RF.
Birth defects are also common with ionizing radiation. The high power, high gain pulsed radars have effective isotropic radiated powers in the millions and billions of watts and may in fact be ionizing.

Please consider helping us get to the bottom of our town’s health epidemic.  We fear it will only keep happening and possibly get worse until it is addressed.  We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our website


Brain cancer survivor and mother of 2/3 children with
rare birth defects, including autism.

Mother of a 12 year old son in remission from ALCL.
(Lives very close to the radar facility)

Concerned mother of 3 young children.

Holy Shit it’s the Radars?


Huntersville Cancer Cluster, Take 3

Beatties Rd

The High Power, High Gain Pulsed TDWR radar directly lines up with the road in front of the elementary schools and on to the high school. The hill is 20′ above the base of the radar. The question to ask is are the high powered pulses reaching as low as the roadway, in which case drivers would be staring directly at them. Along with students, a police officer also has eye cancer.  They spend a lot of time driving and standing in front of schools directing traffic. If the pulsed radiation undergoes super-refraction or “ducting” in the atmosphere it could reach the roadway.  Given the fact the pulsed power is high enough to damage electronics in microwave towers 5 miles away, I believe these radars are VERY dangerous.


The TDWR radiation beamwidth is approx. 100 feet wide at the top of the hill 0.95 miles away

RF Calculator

If you plug in peak pulsed power of the TDWR, the values are MUCH higher than “compliance”. If you average in the time the radar is turned off and make up a name called “average power” than the “average” is probably within IEEE guidelines. IEEE does not actually do any biological testing that I am aware, so the electrical radar engineers ARE CLUELESS as to whether that amount of power pulsing through you is good for you.

“It (The TDWR) is turned off because the RF energy from the TDWR was interfering and doing damage to the receiver of a telephone microwave relay station that is approximately 5 to 6 miles away.”

So what kind of damage can it do 9/10ths of a mile away?

My Research Reminds Me of This…

6 out of 6 Sites an Engineer Recommends You Don’t Live Near (In addition to the other 1600…)



“Community residents expressed their concerns over the possible link between
contamination and illnesses in the area at a public availability session in early 2009. Residents
reported that a resident of one of the homes where indoor air exposures were documented had
developed cancer. They also reported many other current and former residents of the larger
neighborhood who had developed cancer and other diseases over the years; one resident had
compiled information on almost 80 people who were believed to have been diagnosed with
cancer or lupus since the early 1960s.”

The unit is most associated with test, assembly and retrofitting the A-6 Intruder, E-2 Hawkeye (APS-125, APS-139,APS-145,  APY-9 RADARS), EA-6B Prowler(Electronic Warfare -AN/ALQ-149 Electronic Warfare System) and F-14 Tomcat.[4] Older U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps aircraft such as the F9F Panther, F-9 Cougar, and F-11 Tiger were also tested at the facility.The Grumman site consisted of “Plant Six,” where final assembly of F-14s, A-6s, EA-6Bs, and E-2Cs took place, and “Plant Seven,” Flight Test.


Electronic Warfare, Radars & Cancer Clusters

How come nobody checked HIGH POWER, HIGH GAIN pulsed electromagnetic radiation from RADARS as the cause??



Wisconsin CWD

Chronic wasting disease (background squares/circles), Microwave radar pulsed power density and active flight paths(red lines) through Wisconsin & Illinois. O’Hare is a very busy Airport with lots of air traffic in/out.  Microwave reflection off airplane surfaces will increase radiation striking ground below.

USGS Chronic Wasting Map Here

My Google Earth Radar Database Here

My Conclusion: In areas of high pulsed microwave radar power density where there is lots of low altitude air traffic the area below is getting hosed by pulsed radiation reflecting off the airplanes and refracting off clouds/weather.  This is increasing disease rates below in wildlife and humans.

IEEE: Ignorant Electrical Engineers Electromagneticuting you.

That ought to get a rise out of them…(I only had to make up one new word)


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