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Honey come inside, the universe is inflating again outside today...

Earthquakes and Jetstreams and Pulsed Microwave Radars and a Little Fracking (OH My)

Bethany does a great job explaining that she is seeing a link between one of the Doppler Microwave Radar Reflections in Oklahoma and the 5.1 Earthquake that occurred in 2011. She also showed how it could not be birds or bats as some have assumed. If I use my theory to explain what happened, the pulsed microwave radars increasing the chances for Earthquakes to occur by charging up the local atmosphere a bit more than normal.  The vacuum “potential” energy in those jet streams love to discharge to the Earth, which acts as a local ground.  The areas of the Earth that are most conductive are the areas that have been filled with fracking fluid, with lots of dissolved ions. I believe it is this combination that has led to the >3000 earthquakes in Oklahoma since 2009.  And I predict it will continue as long they they are pulsing >10,000,000 watts of microwave radiation from all of those 19 or so FAA and Weather radars in the area and “charging up the weakly ionized plasma we call our atmosphere.  All of those electrons that are being pumped into the atmosphere 24/7 are increasing uncertainty in all surrounding biology.

All Dat, Can You Do Dat? (Radiation)


Are constructive, overlapping Hotspots of electromagnetic radiation good for you? Who is keeping track? The W.H.O.?

And I’m still in the Murda Bizness, I could hold you down, like I’m givin’ lessons in Physics

As I have thought about the purpose of my research and writing and this blog, I think it is to make everyone feel a bit “uncomfortable”, no matter how “happy” they are in their own little world, to want to do something to make our world a better place for all.  Sometimes a little irritation can be a good thing. Welcome to my mess.

I have an Idea

Why don’t you RIMPAC dudes sail down to the Indian Ocean and look for that 777 that disappeared with women and children on board and help their families.  Put all of your high tech gadgetry to work for a meaningful purpose instead of destroying the marine biology in Kauai.

Sign the petition here to help make a change

That’s a lot of Friggin’ Radars

7-25-14 Radars

US has measles (RNA damage) from all of the pulsed microwave radars (>1300 radars and over 700,000,000 peak pulsed watts)

adjective & adverb

adjective: friggin’; adverb: friggin

used for emphasis or to express anger, annoyance, contempt, or surprise.

“I cried like a frigging baby when I found out how much electromagnetic radiation we were pulsing 24/7″
Dozens of biologists say this radiation/frequency range IS BAD FOR YOU
Leading Physicists such as Michio Kaku WANT YOU TO INSTALL MORE


Hello, Is Anyody Home?


Hello, did you notice that all biology is suffering and disappearing? Hello, Anybody Home? Youz Guys think you can just pulse millions of watts with no consequence. Who are you, Michio Kaku clones?

More Info Here


images (6)

Superposition of Electromagnetic Radaition (2 Sources) Areas of overlap can create “hotspots” which are bad for biology. Atmosphere also causes lensing, magnification and bending of radiation

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me…

Head in HandsI’m busy crunching more radar data, be back soon


Cause Everything is Never as it Seems

If You Will Please Help Us, I will Give You My Octopus

What I Think is “Cooking” the Reef in Kauai


High Powered, Pulsed Microwave Radar Installations on Kauai

Tunnels Given that the safe limit is 10 watts / sq. meter for EMF, I would look closely at the “pulsed” power level reflecting over that area.  Each pulse is only a microsecond (0.000001 seconds) but in that time electricity (E field of pulse) can travel over 900 feet. EMF pulses can discharge into the ocean/biology by three different methods,  electric induction, magnetic induction and resistive coupling. See my last post.  At first glance it appears to be less power than in the Indian River Lagoon (The 12,000,000 pulsed watts of radars sit directly beside the lagoon) and appear to be ELECTROCUTING the sea life.


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