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The good news is that it is not global warming! The bad news is that it is RADIATION.

Star Trek VII Preview: Revenge of the Autistics

I have good photon torpedo lock…


High Correlation in Hollywood between locations of high gain microwave earth station antennas (blue), high power, high gain pulsed microwave radars (red), high gain microwave relay towers (silver) and a stable autism cluster.  Cluster identified by Columbia University

santa monica autism mw

Same map showing an exploded view of all of the microwave antennas at the center of the cluster

Lot’s of High Gain Microwave Antennas in Minneapolis Also

Minneapolis High Gain Radiation


Take Back Your Power


6 California Autism Clusters and Microwave Antenna Locations

Declaration of Interdependence

A California Autism Cluster and Microwave Radiation Discussion


Happy Thanksgiving!


I Think I’m Losing Signal Already…

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?

Episodic Epizootic Shell Disease (Say 5 times fast)

EpH Calcium

Researchers study lobster shell disease to protect Maine’s industry

“ORONO, Maine — When Samuel Belknap, Ph.D. anthropology and environmental policy student at the University of Maine, heard an increasing number of fishermen express concerns about the spread of a lobster shell disease and its potential impacts on Maine’s industry, he was intrigued.

“The thread that ran through all of these conversations was the need for more information about the future spread of the disease and what the environmental drivers may be affecting this spread,” said Belknap, according to a press release received.”

0.01 mA DC current and 1 mA AC current accelerates marine corrosion rate


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