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My research has determined physicists would not know vacuum if it hit them in the head...

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Remington Park ‘cancer cluster’ concerns resident

The cause of a so-called “cancer cluster” in Windsor’s Remington Park remains unknown. Concerned residents, cancer stricken, healthy and otherwise, watched a slide show presentation by the health unit, and had a chance to ask questions at a meeting Wednesday night. One of the speakers was Doctor Gary Kirk, the medical officer of health for Windsor-Essex, who said area’s rate of lung cancer is double the provincial average. Kirk said the cause could be anything from smoking to radon to asbestos or chemical exposure. “It’s way too early to tell at this time,” he said.


There is a power plant directly beside Remington Park with a gas turbine and steam turbine generating tens of millions of watts of high voltage power for distribution. The power line runs right beside the subdivision with the cancer cluster.

Cancer Care Ontario says Remington Park area has twice the provincial average for lung cancer, between 2000-2009The next step is to have health officials gather detailed questionnaires from the 24 people with diagnosed lung cancer between 2000-2009 for further analysis.Having the health unit provide radon testing kits to homes in the neighbourhood is being discussed.Radon is a radioactive gas that can seep into homes, usually into basements. It’s a leading cause of lung cancer.


People drive under the power lines daily triggering instaneous electrical currents in conductors due to quickly changing magnetic field strength

Lung cancer was the only type that had a rate significantly higher than the provincial average. Still, Kirk wants information on all types of health issues and possible causes.Tanya Rau, 32, moved into Remington Park in 2007. Since then, she has developed a rare blood disorder, and has been on chemotherapy for two years.”There’s something wrong here. Something needs to be done. It needs to be investigated. I’m not getting any better,” she said. “There’s got to be more out there like me, and we’re just not getting the help.”


Electrical substations with transformers have a strong magnetic field around them

Joe Correia, who has lived in Remington Park since the 1970s, was disappointed by the meeting.”I mean, it’s nice that he was here to explain, but he was mainly talking about the problem. He doesn’t have solutions,” Correia said of Kirk. “Even Mayor [Drew] Dilkens should be here, too, if he’s concerned about Remington Park.

“I have no health problems, but according to what I heard, quite a few people have them. I could be a walking time bomb.”


This area around Remington Park is full of high power, high voltage distribution powerlines

Let’s Do It Again

The Matrix Has Warped

Nature is “relieving” vacuum as it decays to a new level. We live in a “false vacuum” that changes vacuum density depending upon location.

Did We Build this Ship to Wreck?




Black Hole Birthing into our 3 dimensions of space, quantumly entangled and PULLING A VACUUM

This dude below is crazy.  I think the humidity is so low in the desert that you only see the wormhole sucking up the dust and not the stringy vacuum condensing water vapor (virga) like you see over water.  Otherwise, they are they same thing according to my research, decaying quantum vacuum right here in our atmosphere and releasing a tremendous amount of vacuum energy and bending electromagneitc radiation right back on our heads.

I can assure physicists that air and water vapor cannot do that by itself, especially in the desert where the humidity is very low and yet the power of that tornado his still extremely high so it is not gaining power through condensing of water vapor.  When you are able to curl up, bend and condense spacetime, energy is the least of your worries.

What has confused everyone is that a few thousand years ago somebody called this the “weather” and figured it was caused by hot and cold air and did not realize 95% of the energy in this universe is vacuum energy

Thoughts on Global Warming and a Prayer to Baby Jesus

How God looks down on us


I like this!

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God's heart

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Hey, I just noticed something!

dead zone

Oil Platform Earthstations and radars from the FCC database line up well with the dead zone in the Gulf! Awesome, we killed everything! 


12% reduction in dissolved oxygen in weak EMF fields…


Vladimir Shatalov*, Inna Noga, Alina Zinchenko Biophysical Department, Biological Faculty, Donetsk National University, Schorsa st., 46, Donetsk, 83050, Ukraine

Another View

So FL Cancer Clusters2

Red Lines Are Airplane Flight Paths. Light Blue Circles Earthstations. Red/Purple Circles FAA/Military Radar. Dark Blue Weather Radar.  All generate high power, high gain radiation

Conclusion: Increase in cancer proportional to amount of High Gain, High Power Focused Radiation (High EIRP) from radars and earthstation dish antennas + airplanes to reflect radiation back to surroundings plus lots of weather to scatter/refract radiation back to the surroundings. Similar relationship for autism.. I think the electromagnetic radiation is killing our coral reefs along the coastlines through electromagnetic inductance as well as damaging citrus trees, releasing volatiles and attracting BUGS.

Cancer Cluster Information:

Raid Amin, Michael Hendryx, Matthew Shull & Alexander Bohnert (2014) A Cluster Analysis of Pediatric Cancer Incidence Rates in Florida: 2000–2010, Statistics and Public Policy, 1:1, 69-77, DOI: 10.1080/2330443X.2014.928245

Who can say what is impossible and can’t be found?

Miami’s Vice?


I have added high power, high gain earthstations to my database from the FCC database (Light Blue). I notice that Miami has the highest concentration of these communication stations along with radars in all of Florida. They also have clusters of childhood cancers. I am going to add in a power profile after I fully reconcile power levels . I think all of this high EIRP radiation is reflecting and refracting off the atmosphere (more during storms) and airplanes and gradually damaging biology, one pulse at a time…

Cancer Cluster Information:

Raid Amin, Michael Hendryx, Matthew Shull & Alexander Bohnert (2014) A Cluster Analysis of Pediatric Cancer Incidence Rates in Florida: 2000–2010, Statistics and Public Policy, 1:1, 69-77, DOI: 10.1080/2330443X.2014.928245


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