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Tornadoes: Holy $hit I think spacetime is getting all puckered up...

Please be patient, more research loading…


But while you wait, here is a summary of my research so far.

  • Earth may not be round but local spacetime appears to be.
  • Our weather is mostly braneshowers and braneflurries
  • Our wireless revolution is dissolving Florida, one sinkhole at a time.
  • Military, NOAA’s and Cousteau’s ship radars are dissolving our coral reefs
  • It appears we are microwaving Florida’s orange crop and attracting bugs
  • The oil and gas industry is blowing up Oklahoma and California
  • Radars cannot cause earthquakes but they can detonate natural gas pockets underground which can cause earthquakes.
  • We are shocking the whales and all marine life near the surface and seafloor of the ocean near all of our high gain antennas.
  • Our wireless revolution is oxidizing and dissolving our children. Electronic warfare works even better!
  • We can keep all of our electromagnetic radiation and reduce breast cancer if women will just cut their breasts off.
  • War & Disease are key drivers of our economy so Rock On Dudes!

dark seeks dark

Faroe Islands MS Cluster

A Song for Oklahoma

ok earthquakes 30 days

USGS Earthquake simulation testing team is onsite below verifying my theory…

The gas does not ignite at first because the concentration of gas in air >15% by volume

Once the gas is diluted down to between 5-15% by volume in air the spark will ignite/detonate the mixture.

Air concentration at the bottom of gravity disposal wells will be to high so the underground detonations will occur away from the bottom of the disposal well when the air has had a chance to mix with enough natural gas for ignition/detonation to occur (5-15% Natural gas in air by volume).



Geronimo was a Bedonkohe Apache leader of the Chiricahua Apache, who led his people’s defense of their homeland against the military might of the United States.

In October, 1893,[28] Geronimo was moved to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. On the train ride to Fort Sill, many tourists wanted a “piece” of Geronimo so they paid 25 cents for a button that he cut off his shirt or a hat he took off his head. As the train would pull into depots along the way, Geronimo would buy more buttons to sew on and more hats to sell.[29]

Geronimo’s ghost has returned to Oklahoma to wreak seismic havoc…

Bombs Away!

Bombs Away

Evidence for subterranean deflagration to detonation transition events near saltwater disposal wells in Oklahoma

Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death


A newly identified disease has killed large numbers of mature ʻōhiʻa trees (Metrosideros polymorpha) in forests and residential areas of the Puna and Hilo Districts of Hawaiʻi Island. Landowners have observed that when previously healthy-looking trees begin to exhibit symptoms they typically die within a matter of weeks.


ROD locations correlate well with locations of high gain microwave relay towers and the microwave beam paths between towers as well as microwave/RF tower locations. The trees don’t like the chronic voltage (electrical potential) in the atmosphere. The power may be grounding out into the trees and triggering low level electrical currents (like an antenna) since the trees are grounded to the Earth. The microwave relay beams do not “shoot straight” and get bent/refracted by weather disturbances. Electromagnetic radiation, refraction, reflection, induction and conduction. 



Ditto.  We have placed nature in an easy-bake microwave oven.  EMR has been known to impact the growth of fungus:

Sheep Station.png

Path of  microwave radiation from high gain microwave tree cookers lines up well with dying ‘Ōhi‘a trees

Mele Kalikimaka!

What I got for Christmas


X5SW Drone – Works Great!

PAFB AN-FPQ-14 Radar

AN/FPQ-14 Pulsed Microwave Fish Zapper – Works Great!

Mystery fish kill taints Fla. beaches

Jim Waymer, Florida Today10:34 p.m. EST December 21, 2015

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — Thousands of dead herring provided an odious distraction Monday from otherwise hospitable beach conditions, dotting the shoreline from south of Patrick Air Force Base through Melbourne Beach.

They appear to be the same species of fish — thread herring — found washed up along other beaches along the Space Coast last week. Countless thread herring washed up dead Thursday along beaches in Cape Canaveraland Cocoa Beach.

“There was nothing out here yesterday,” said Ron Van Kempen, a seasonal resident from Minnesota, fishing just south of Patrick AFB Monday. He cast his fishing line among floating herring corpses, which also speckled the beach where he stood.

The cause of the fish kill remains unknown. [UNTIL NOW]

AN-FPQ-14 Radar1

Radar Aimed Along Coastline

AN-FPQ-14 Radar2

Using FAA Guidelines, the safe distance from this radar is over 1500 feet and the dumbasses put it right on the beach near conductive seawater!

PAB Radar

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Let Heaven and Nature Sing

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