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I think it's those pesky electrons...

Coldwater Creek: Just the Facts Revisited

2015 CWK All Illnesses Radar Flight Paths


Green/blue are active flight paths

Values are EIRP watts of pulsed electromagnetic radiation from radars

Disease appears to be more clustered around water

Disease appears more clustered inside flight path around airport


Disease is due to increased reflected/refracted EM radiation from radars (off airplanes/clouds) around airport and inside/below low flight paths

Disease increased near water due to reflection and increased voltage potential near surface of the water trigggering low level electrical currents in the water

EM radiation is damaging ALL biology due to long term “electromagnetic insult”

2015 CWK Thyroid Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK Autoimmune Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK Brain Cancer Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK MS Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK Lupus Radar Flight Paths

2015 CWK All Cancers Radar Flight Paths

radiation scattering DC10Combined

Scattered Radiation off metal fuselage of airplanes

Disease Data:

Goodle Earth Radar Database:

Einstein Rosen Bridges Approaching, Warp Factor 1

Beware Charged Particles!

Orangutans Laughing

Rossi has been granted US patent on the E-Cat



Originally posted on AN IMPOSSIBLE INVENTION:

Today Andrea Rossi was granted a patent on his LENR based heating device the E-Cat. I have not yet had time to study the patent further, but I just wanted to make it available here on the blog as soon as possible.

The patent can be downloaded here: US9115913B1

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I Don’t Care, Go Ahead and Tear Me Apart

If we are going to give everyone cancer we might as well party!

eStranding? iStranding? eLectromagneticution?

kodiak 1

Circles are locations of high gain microwave earthstations (blue) and pulsed microwave radars (red). All values are EIRP watts of radiation. Red lines are airport flight paths.  There will be more reflected EMF power density hitting the water surface near airports and low flying aircraft.

Highest concentration of Whale Strandings correlates well with military base, launch facility and highest concentration of electromagnetic radiation (microwave earthstations and airport/ships microwave radars as airport/launch facility)


NOAA has come to investigate!



seal laughing

Now This Is Shocking News…

huntersville TDWR

Above, the CLT TDWR radar towers above a nearby neighborhood off Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road just west of Beatties Ford Road – Andrew Warfield

Two shocking theories for ocular melanoma cluster

Written by  Lee Sullivan

Doctor, engineer point to ‘dirty electricity’ or high-frequency radar pulses as possibilites.

Third in a series.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — In addition to being categorized as extremely rare, ocular melanoma (OM) — a cancer that despite its rarity has been diagnosed in a dozen individuals with links to southwest Huntersville in the last five years — can also be difficult to detect.

Initial clues may be just a spot, or freckle, on the eye, or a tiny blemish noticed during an exam. In most cases, these are not immediate reasons for concern, but changes or growth in the freckles can be an indication that closer analysis is required. That is among the reasons members of the Huntersville OM Group encourage others to get dilated eye exams on a regular basis.


More Shocking Results

Microwaves and Gulf Cetacean Mortality

Green squares and circles are cetacean deaths. 2010-2015

Gulf Cetaceans

Source Map Compliments NOAA.  Cetacean Unusual Mortality Event in Northern Gulf of Mexico (2010-present)

cet2aug15 (1)

March has the most storms/rain so more refraction/reflection/ducting of electromagnetic radiation in addition to lower salinity at surface of ocean create increased incidence of shock and disease in marine mammals near the ocean surface.


Let’s Talk



Tune In…

kwai 1080 AM

When: Friday, August 7th 4-5 PM Hawaiian Time (10-11 PM Eastern Time)

Why: We are going to discuss the disappearing coral reef on Kauai, How electrical engineers can destroy a coral reef in 3 easy steps and how my theory is still sticking like bubble gum.

Click here to listen

P.S. Please stream on the Internet so I don’t feel guilty we are irradiating the reef with more RF/microwaves



The Roofs on Fire!


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