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Baby Einstein or Zombie Baby?

einstein baby

Areas of overlapping microwave pulses from multiple microwave radar sources have increased power density (W/sq. meter) and increased effect on biology. Nature has to dissipate pulse through conductivity/electrical currents.

A Shocking Discovery?


Ground Zero

(F)ish Killed due to hypoxia/algae. 11 high powered overlapping pulsed microwave radars

Melbourne Radars

The radar boys will tell you that the pulses are only active for 1/1000 of a second so you can divide the 14,202/1000 and you only have 14.2 Watts average from all of the radars combined, which sounds harmless.  I am going to tell you that nature does not act that way.  The only way she can “average” the overlapping pulses (from all 11 sources) is to allow current to flow from the area of high power density to low, creating “amperage” or current in the lagoon as nature is absorbing and dissipating the pulsed energy entering the lagoon. In the end, we need to believe what nature is telling us, which is why I believe this is happening:

Manatee deaths unsolved amid effort to reverse Indian River collapse

“We can see signs of shock in the necropsy,” de Wit said. “We see it in their blood vessels and their organs and in addition to the shock we see signs of drowning.”

Katie Tripp, science director of the Save the Manatee Club, said among baffling evidence is that the dead manatees had been swimming, foraging and otherwise living alongside hundreds of others, and they hadn’t been struggling from cold weather or other apparent stresses.”

The Banana River in Cocoa Beach is well-documented as ground zero

The greatest concentration of dolphin, manatee and brown pelican deaths have occurred along the waterway between Patrick Air Force Base and the Thousand Islands. Yet no public or private entity is monitoring water quality from the area’s sewage treatment discharges and raw stormwater runoff.

Those instantaneous induced currents in human’s bodies as the Doppler EMF fluxes are dissipated will also trigger all kinds of biological malfunctions, of which we give names like encephalitis, epililepsy, autism, MS, RNA/viral damage and a whole host of cancers and other oxidative stress disorders as the oxygen is ionized right out of our bloodstreams triggering free radical damage.  Luckily our heads/bodies have less surface area than the lagoon and it only gets a few million of us….

But don’t believe me, believe nature.



Dark Side


But I was thinking about this:

What is ALS—and is there more than one form of it?
ALS, which is also known as a motor-neuron disease—and colloquially as Lou Gehrig’s disease in the U.S.—is a neurodegenerative disease. Each muscle is controlled by motor neurons that reside in the brain in the frontal lobe. These are controlled electrically and are synaptically connected to motor neurons that reside lower down in the brain—as well as motor neurons that reside in the spinal cord. The guys in the brain are called the upper motor neurons, and the guys in the spine are called the lower motor neurons. The disease causes weakness of either upper motor neurons or lower motor neurons or both.

And I was thinking about how much electromagnetic pulsed energy these put out:


Portable X,000 Watt Pulsed Microwave Military Radar

And that most military personnel have at least one of these things around them looking for bad guys 24/7.  Which got me reading about this

Why Me?’ Vets Face Much Higher Risk of Lou Gehrig’s Disease

U.S. veterans carry a nearly 60 percent greater risk of contracting ALS than civilians, according to a white paper published in 2013 by the ALS Association, citing Harvard University research that tracked ex-service members back to 1910. That alarming disparity has prompted the Pentagon to devote $7.5 million annually to hunt for ALS causes and treatments. The investment includes a $2.5 million grant made April 1 to the Cedars-Sinai Regenerative Medicine Institute in Los Angeles to test a promising therapy in lab animals and, perhaps later, in humans with the disease.

Which got me to thinking back to those 25 or so pulsed microwave radars on Guam

guam (1)

And the 50 to 100 times greater incidence of Motor Neuron/ALS disease in the locals

Guam is known for incredibly high rates of a degenerative disease which has some of the hallmarks of motor neuron, Parkinson’s and dementia, but cannot be firmly identified as any of them.Among the Chamorro people on the island, rates of the mysterious condition run at between 50 and 100 times the “normal” rate of motor neuron disease found in other communities.

That’s all. Not much to say but I wanted to let you know what I was a think’n. I ain’t no BioElectricBrainChemist so I couldn’t say I’m right, just a hunch.

You can Believe Me or KukuStein


Can vitamin A turn back the clock on breast cancer?

A derivative of vitamin A, known as retinoic acid, found abundantly in sweet potato and carrots, helps turn pre-cancer cells back to normal healthy breast cells, according to research published this month in the International Journal of Oncology. The research could help explain why some clinical studies have been unable to see a benefit of vitamin A on cancer: the vitamin doesn’t appear to change the course of full-blown cancer, only pre-cancerous cells, and only works at a very narrow dose.

Because cells undergo many changes before they become fully aggressive and metastatic, Sandra V. Fernandez, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor of Medical Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University, and colleagues, used a model of breast cancer progression composed of four types of cells each one representing a different stage of breast cancer: normal, pre-cancerous, cancerous and a fully aggressive mode

1 in 68 and Counting

All tasks completed with your Michio Kaku Magnetron Crop Circle Microwave Extension Wand. (Batteries sold separately)
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Rocky Mountain Fry?

Colorado Chronic Wasting

Elevated areas around Denver get more direct microwaves and reflection from >20,000,000 watts of pulsed microwave FAA, NOAA and Military radars, causing prion disease and damaging biology

In a 2009 study titled “Mountain lions prey selectively on prion-infected mule deer,” researchers in Colorado discovered that “adult mule deer killed by mountain lions were more likely to be prion-infected than were deer killed more randomly … suggesting that mountain lions were selecting for infected individuals when they targeted adult deer.”

If We Only Had a Brane, Wait We Do!

Ice Halos at Poles

Increased high energy vacuum strings at poles triggering more complex gravitational lensing patterns & ice crystals from vacuum condensing

Halos(From a Good Website)

Halos are optical phenomena caused by external reflection and internal refraction of light through evenly shaped and oriented ice crystals in the atmosphere. Variations in halos are caused by different combinations of ice crystal shapes and orientations, as well as different combinations of reflections and refraction within the crystals. The most common halos are the 22-degree halo (a circle around the sun or moon) and parhelion, also known as sundogs, (bight areas of light either side of the sun). Though these more common halos can be seen elsewhere in the world, the unique atmospheric conditions in Antarctica make it an especially great place to see and study halos; there are a number of halo types that have only been observed at the South Pole.

Antarctic workers have been the subject of occupational health research, but the health effects encountered by workers at the South Pole have not been studied in detail.2,3 In 2001, John B. West speculated that workers at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica might experience altitude illnesses due to low barometric pressure, extreme cold, and rapid transport and that these effects would be worse during the Antarctic winter when barometric pressures linger around 508 torr.4 

Brane Art

Extra Vacuum String Energy at Poles creates increased lensing effects, low pressure, ionization, condensing, ice crystals and hypoxia

On The Dark Side

Epic Fail can’t really help it, I keep getting angry to think that our country and leading scientists have installed over 600,000,000 watts of pulsed Doppler microwave radars and nobody has done any long term studies that I can find on these radars’ effect on surrounding biology.  After staring at maps for over a year and running statistics, it appears obvious to me they are damaging all biology.  To think the “greatest country in the world” would do this absolutely shocks me. It appears to me the institutions have all focused on how to make the things bigger and badder and most people are now living within range of two or three towers. I will bet you there is no one person in the government that could actually tell you how many radars are near you.  Meanwhile, autism, which used to be a 1/10,000 occurrence has skyrocketed to 1/68 in this country. As I studied these pulsed radars, what became apparent to me is that I believe their is a FATAL ASSUMPTION.  The W.H.O. limit on 2.5 GHZ radiation is 10 Watts/Sq. Meter.  The Peak Power of a NEXRAD radar is 750,000 Watts. In terms of electromagnetism, one watt is the rate at which work is done when one ampere (A) of current flows through an electrical potential difference of one volt(V). In other words, you cant average those pulses over a second and say they are safe because you are reducing the rate of work that they are doing on whatever they are passing through at the speed of light, i.e. YOU and I. I went ahead and plugged in some preliminary numbers in the following calculator and it tells me that within 6 miles of a NEXRAD 750,000 watt radar you may be exceeding the safe guidelines of 10 watts/sq. meter at any given moment if a pulse is passing through you. I realize the pulse is very short and travelling at the speed of light and can’t “heat” you, but what damage does it do on the way through at the molecular level?  Now, what if you live in Melbourne Florida, where they have over fifteen times that amount of overlapping microwave radiation pulsing within a 25 mile area, where the DOLPHINS ARE SHOWING SIGNS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SHOCK. “We can see signs of shock in the necropsy,” de Wit said. “We see it in their blood vessels and their organs and in addition to the shock we see signs of drowning.” RADAR Power I have a question for you.  If you can average those pulses over one second because it is the same thing, why don’t they just operate the radars at that low power level continuously? BECAUSE THEY WON’T WORK!   I also updated my easy-bake microwave radar database in the US, you can download it here.  Everyone should count up the radars/megawatts close to them and plug it into the calculator to estimate their personal microwave setting…If you don’t believe me then I suggest you wire your head to a transformer and pulse that same energy level through your head(kidding – DO NOT TRY AT HOME)




4-15-14 Oklahoma City

366 Earthquakes in 105 days avg M2.8, 17 High Powered, Pulsed Microwave Radars Pulsing 12-15,000,000 Watts of Power 24/7

Radar Earthquake Power

Close Enough. Maybe the rest of the energy is all the Cell Towers and Broadcast Towers. I am within 15%. Physicists originally missed the energy in the universe by something like 1900% So I am not concerned

Thus, our atmosphere is a quantum flux capacitor :)  Maybe the Fracking Fluid also makes the Earth more conductive in those areas, leading to a greater chance of discharge, I’ll think about that one… Bad news though, with all this vacuum swirling around and decaying everything, going back in time, which really does not exist, does not look promising.



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