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Mr. President, Sir, we are under attack by Science... I recommend DEFCON 5

The Worse Part is There is No One To Blame

Just for the hell of it, I threw in the Microwave Relay Stations…

autism santa monica

Autism Cluster Info Here

My Awesome Google Earth Earthstation & Radar Database Here!

FCC Microwave Relay Google Earth Info Here

Research on autism and potential link with EM radiation


Yeah, I’m pretty sure its the electromagnetic radiation, appears to be a strong correlation with higher frequency satellite earthstations  that emit a constant stream of radiation along with a correlation around pulsed radars. I need a bottle.

Let’s ask Dr. Hawking!

I Feel Fine

Elephant in the Room


Autism @ 14 GHz?


Autism Cluster in Fresno matches area of highest number of high EIRP satellite Earthstations in central California and high EIRP airport radar.


Exploded View


Fixed Satellite Broadcast Earthstations. 4-14 GHz Frequencies

Fresno Power

Total Earthstation Microwave Power

Link to UC Davis Autism Study

Link to my Google Earth Radar & Earthstation database

The US Government is not doing their job and protecting our children

Melbourne Radar Power & Marine Life Disease

Tremendous amount of disease in the Indian River Lagoon, FL happens to be located between 17 high EIRP radar and Earthstations. I think the scattered radiation is causing increased voltage potential on the surface of the conductive salt waterways in the lagoon. Many of the dead manatees are showing signs of SHOCK


And you Thought the BP Oil Spill was Bad…

dead zone

The electromagnetic fields from high EIRP Earthstations are refracting off the atmosphere and triggering hypoxic conditions in the gulf by reducing dissolved oxygen at the surface of the seawater as well as coupling with the sea surface and grounding out into the seawater triggering chronic, weak electrical currents, gradually killing everything in the local vicinity. PROVE ME WRONG. (Everybody else thinks it is nutrient loading…)



Home Alone 2

This is an exploded view of all of the high EIRP, High Gain Broadcast Earthstations in the area of the Santa Monica Autism Cluster. Approx. 166 Million Watts of Earthstation EIRP Power and appox 14 Billion EIRP of pulsed Power from radar stations.  in Los Angeles County. Map Credit UC Davis

UC Davis Autism Custer Study

My Radiation Database

Home Alone 2

La Jolla Autism Cluster

LaJolla Autism Cluster

LaJolla Autism Cluster2

Lt Blue are High Gain High EIRP Earthstations. Black is a HF Wave Radar, Red are Air Surveillance radars.

Link to the Autism Map Information Here (Credit UC Davis)

Link To My Radar/Earthstation Database Here

Pulsed Microwave Radars Increase Cancer and Microwave Earthstations Increase Autism?

How Cousteau and NOAA Killed the Reef?



This simulation shows how electromagnetic antennas, dipole, whip, parabolic, etc. that are located near conductive seawater are inducing electrical currents in our oceans.  Since our coral reefs are in shallow water with waves breaking over them, that is where the electromagnetic radiation is coupling and grounding out into the seafloor as it seeks the path of least resistance.  Actual amps/sq. meter & volts/sq. meter will vary with weather conditions, antenna power, type and angle. No Earth shattering discovery just simple physics and engineering.  All this EMF is/has destroyed our coastlines and the nearby marine life.  The more radars and antennas, the worse it is.  Same as our health.

Melbourne Radar Power & Marine Life Disease

Lots of Dead (F)ish Around these Radar Stations! Not to mention shocked manatee, dolphins and pelicans


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