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Sinkhole De Mayo

October 20, 2012

I feel like Columbo.  I am investigating a murderer that is very elusive.  You cannot actually see him directly or capture him, at least not with available technology that I am aware of.  He leaves mass destruction in his place but does not leave the murder weapon behind.

He is messy though, he leaves circumstantial evidence everywhere.  He has a slow but detectable heartbeat.  He leaves an ultra low frequency seismic and electromagnetic pulse in his path.  He tears up the earth, the oceans and the sky.   All matter reflects the scars he inflicts.  He also many times has help.  Many times he leaves a calling card with more than one signature, a stealthy team of murderers may strike the same location.

He is the embodiment of uncertainty.  If you think about it, the most uncertain place on this Earth is a location where the earth has opened up below you in the form of a sinkhole, seismic activity has continued and hurricane force winds are bearing down on you.  It should not be any surprise that all three of those events that occur in the same location would be created from the same source of energy.  That location may look great in the vacation brochures beforehand, but if you are caught in that location at the confluence of those events you might as well be in Hell on Earth.

In May 2008, a sinkhole opened up in Daisetta, TX.  It continued to grow at an alarming rate for the next few months. At times it was growing at 20 feet per hour.  Can you imagine the size of the construction crew and heavy equipment it would take to remove that much earth over that period of time?  Today, the sinkhole is over 900 feet in diameter and 250 feet deep.  Daisetta sits on top of a salt dome.  Salt domes are typically very structurally sound.  Unlike regular earth, once the massive energetic particle or particles bores a hole over the period of months through the salt dome, there is a massive “hole” left beneath for surface material to collapse into.

Unfortunately for those living in the area, they were hit with not one but two severe storms, Hurricane Ike and Tropical Storm Eduardo both hit the area approx. 2 to 3 months later.  As I have said before, I think it is pretty typical that the Earth is getting pelted with multiple massive dark matter particles at the same time when solar storms flare up.  If those particles have slightly different masses they may orbit through the earth for slightly longer periods of time before they “come home” to the location of their entry wound.

I have included a short video I found of Eduardo which shows that he quickly dissipated after reaching the Daisetta area.  Although hurricanes typically lose strength over land, the video shows a very abrupt loss of circulation energy.  This is what I would expect to see over land if the storm loses its source of rotation and the particle’s orbit goes underground.  You can see that Eduardo was wobbling, a sign of the weak interaction of the particle.  It does sense the steering currents of the oceans and possibly the velocity of the water swirling in the atmosphere.  But it appears to be in synch with its entry point on earth, which in the end will be his downfall.

As you can see Columbo is building a case.  He has to.  All he has is circumstantial evidence, although a great deal is available.  I have told NASA, NOAA and USGS.  They probably all think I am crazy and I have a response from one organization that these events can all be explained from  “natural earthly causes”  I could not disagree more.  My first year engineering school taught me how to do an energy balance.  Where did the energy come from in such a short period of time to move & remove all of the earth, trees, rocks and salt?  Karst Topography?  I say Horse S%$& to that.

But that is OK.  They do not know what I know.  I am saving the best for last.  I only ask that my readers that believe the evidence use it and protect yourselves and let others know.  If you remember from watching Columbo, he was as stubborn as an old hound dog and stayed on the case.  This is way too important.

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