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Uncertainty Certainly

October 20, 2012

I have been working on a paper the last couple of days which I will be posting shortly.  It will be worth the wait.  Meanwhile, just a few observations in the recent news.The recent Brawley, CA earthquake swarm at the end of August left this marker, which I believe to be the entrance “wound” of orbital dark/vacuum energy.  The gravitational energy that bored out the sinkhole over the period of days may have also triggered the seismic swarm activity according to my research.

In another news item, this unfortunate soul was found face down in a sinkhole:–dies-in-West-Lampeter-Township.html. They are not sure what caused his death, he was exploring a sinkhole that opened up on his property a few days earlier.  You will also notice in the article there were tornado warnings in the area afterwards.  My research predicts an active sinkhole may have an “energetic” particle string(s) orbiting into it until a low pressure system, i.e. tornado, thunderstorm, etc. passes through.  This particle will be very bad for one’s health if one remains in the path for extended periods of time, possibly stroke, hemorrhage, heart attack, etc., I really do not know for sure, maybe just a headache.

I am building a detailed physics model for my particle, one thing that I have mentioned is that it should orbit through and below the earth in a fairly predictable decaying Kepler orbital path, primarily affected only by the gravitational interaction with the earth, oceans and other particles orbiting through quantum decoherence.  One other interesting item in the news that fits my orbital theory is the recent explosion at Camp Minden, LA.  My model for Hurricane Isaac, the Louisiana sinkhole and seismic activity predicts “energetic” massive particle  strings orbiting in a NW orientation, now completely underground and gradually decaying orbit. Seismic signals are still being detected underground in Bayou Corne near the sinkhole, which tells me the particle strings are still active  Just this week an underground explosives bunker exploded in a direct orbital line between where Isaac made landfall, the sinkhole location and Camp Minden.  I took the points off NOAA. Coincidence?   Maybe, but my theory predicts uncertainty within the path of the particles and one hell of a lot of Dark vacuum Energy.

The last coincidence that I will mention is regarding my orbital model for tropical storm Rafeal which approached the earthquake swarm Northeast of San Juan last Saturday.  As most of my followers know, I predicted a low pressure system would strike the area of the earthquake swarm in my posting on on September 25th.  At the time I thought it would be tropical storm Nadine because that was the only one in the Atlantic at that time.  On Saturday, October 13th in the afternoon, tropical storm Rafael passed directly over the swarm area.  Early in the morning on Saturday, a two-engine delivery plane passing between St. Thomas and St. Croix crashed into the waters in the early morning hours.  The aircraft would have been flying in the path of the massive energetic particle strings (low pressure trough) at the time.  If somebody will let me borrow a drone with a magnetometer I can match up the swarm frequency to the correct low pressure system frequency ahead of time…

The tropical storm was still south of St. Croix at the time but approaching.  I have attached an image from my model which shows the path of “Particle String(s) Rafael” (in red) at the time would be directly orbiting over St. Croix and St. Thomas at lower and lower altitudes and approaching the earthquake swarm just to the North.  I would expect that any aircraft passing directly in the particles paths would experience extreme gravitational turbulence, low pressure turbulence, electrical and magnetic turbulence and possible mechanical problems.

My research and theory predicts uncertainty.  Is all of this a coincidence?  Do I suffer from late onset Schizophrenia?  Who knows.  I am just a messenger of a bizarrely strange research theory.  I want others to make up their own minds and meanwhile, approach sinkholes with caution.

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