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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

October 26, 2012

Do you guys remember that book?  It was a zany story about travel through the Galaxy.  I used to play the computer game.  Well, based upon my new view of the universe wearing these dark glasses, here is something I think we should consider.  Before considering it though, you must believe in a few things.  1) Dark Matter Exists.  2) Dark Matter Orbits (through and around) everything.  3)  Dark Matter comes in all shapes and sizes (more on that in a future blog) .  This should not be that hard to believe based upon observations of scientists (at least for me).

You remember my VERY short blog that implied that a pinwheel galaxy looks just like a hurricane because it has dark matter ORBITING through the center?  Not just a stationary blob/singularity of dark matter at the center but possibly an orbiting massive “particle” .  I am calling them “particles” because that is much less scary than “black holes”.  Well, based upon my research, these particles travel at thousands of miles/second (as they do through the Earth).  WHY DON’T WE JUST HITCH A RIDE?  It has the possible added advantage of staying in that “slow river of time” I talked about.

These particles, depending upon their mass, can have massive amounts of gravitational pull as well as electric charge and magnetic field around them.  If we can get our spacecraft close enough at high enough speeds to one that is orbiting through the center of another solar system or galaxy and out into empty space and back, we might be able to rendezvous with it and let it pull us to the next galaxy?  This would be much more fun then waiting for the next massive particle to smash through us, tearing us a new, well you know…

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