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October 26, 2012

Based upon the EARTHQUAKES THAT ARE HAPPENING NOW near my target location in Northern New York, where the Erie Canal sprung a relatively massive sinkhole leak in July and was under construction in August, I believe her particle strings are on an orbital decay and entering the Earth directly near the point of the sinkhole near Albion, New York.  I would expect the intensity of the severe turbulence and electromagnetic and other effects to be very bad in that area when the storm arrives in 2-3 days as well as currently along the low pressure trough created by the particle with enormous dark vacuum energy.  Much of the moisture will be dumped between where it comes on land and that point.  I would also expect a low pressure trough, severe turbulence and possible electromagnetic disturbances along the path of the particles paths into the area which may be bad for any aircraft, especially small planes crossing its path, like what happened near St. Croix before Tropical Storm Rafael arrived.

This video shows the massive sinkhole repair underway in August while closing off part of the Erie Canal.  This video music reminds me of the Titanic…


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