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And Now Meet Mr. & Mrs. Darkness of Uncertainty and their Children

October 28, 2012

The model of dark matter I am developing has yielded some interesting results. Have any of you ever created Mandlebrot fractals? 25 years ago when I started my career I had an Amiga Computer at work that I brought home, which had amazing graphics for its day and was much easier to get along with than most females I knew at the time. Today the Iphone is more powerful… I went to the library, picked up a couple of books and wrote a program to create Mandelbrot fractal images on the Amiga. It took a day or two to create one screen image due to the number crunching.  I can remember doing this in the evening, sometimes instead of going out on a date – that was my EngiNERD side shining through. Little did I know they would pop back up 25 years later in an entirely different arena I was researching.
What you are looking at is Dark Matter “particles” clumping together.  They act almost like bubbles in the vacuum of space.  Why?  Because of two reasons: 1)  They emit Radiation and particles into the space around them due to beta decay, low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) and Hawking radiation, essentially creating their own “atmosphere”.  The smaller the mass of the dark matter, the hotter it gets.  Their gravitational pull keeps the atmosphere and emitted particles concentrated in a layer around themselves, thus the apparent “bubble”.  In the emptiness of space their gravitational pull also attracts the bubbles to each other and thus they “Clump”.  In a comet, this is known as a coma.

Hence, when the sun ejects these massive energetic dark matter particles from its coronal orbit during periods of solar storms, or possibly if enough dark matter “bubbles” collect and eject themselves loose, they break loose from the sun and are sent out into the solar system to generally wreak havoc on the regular matter in our solar system as well as create the weather on our planet.  As the dark matter family enters the gravitational pull of the Earth, the parents and kids become unstable and the bubbles break apart, each on their own trajectory in a primarily two-body (although the moon has some effect) decaying orbit with the Earth’s center of gravity.  Depending upon their momentum (mass x velocity) and angle of approach, some of the particles orbit for a while into the earth, be it days, weeks and/or months.  All of this orbiting dark matter can trigger earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, low pressure systems, fish and animal kills, equipment failures and general bad biological health on the planet.  I am sure I have forgotten something.  So you see, dark DOES MATTER.


Copyright 2012 Stewart D. Simonson
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  1. drew permalink

    I think this a most entrancing theory, if true then dark matter will never be seen, only detected by it’s devastating path. Have you run comparisons with the pacific and typhoons?
    Have you any ideas as to why the dark matter would cluster in particular areas at the (pretty-much) same time each year? I would think our orbit around the sun and our magnetic field are to blame, but how?

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