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Sandy Has Come Home

October 30, 2012

So I am not a meteorologist, certainly not a geologist and I have never believed in Astrology.  I do have one new scientific belief that others are going to have to prove me wrong.  DARK MATTER ORBITS THROUGH AND AROUND REGULAR MATTER.  Five days ago I predicted Hurricane Sandy was most likely to strike the Albion/Rochester area.  I did this because based upon my scientific research, the massive sinkhole that caused the Erie Canal to be shut down this summer was created from the gradual gravitational collapse and Beta Decay of Earthen matter from dark matter orbiting through that spot over a period of months.  Since it is orbiting through that spot it has to pop out of the Earth somewhere and that is where a low pressure system will be created.  Over the period of the past few months, as that orbit has decayed, the low pressure system has been moving slowly towards the “entrance wound” near Albion.  To say it another way, UNCERTAINTY ORBITS THROUGH AND AROUND CERTAINTY.

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  1. john spear permalink

    Dude, Love your brain cells! We just had record rain here in Seattle. A friend of mine had a small sink hole, had it fixed, it came back and two days later a hill slid and just missed her house!
    Google fort lauderdale beach erosion- all those pictures are right at my street!
    what say you!

    • Thanks, I believe I am correct. Sorry to hear about your neighbor.

      Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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