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Duck in Sheep’s Clothing

October 31, 2012

So I hope you guys read my blog on Comets.  I did not arrive at that without researching a lot of publications and articles.  The basic premise is that a comet is made up of micro black holes (nuclei) clumped like bubbles sticking together, covered in dust and Nuclear “Goo”, which are expected to emit a full spectrum of radiation. They get excited by outside stimulation from either matter or energy (ie. particles from the sun) and they start to glow and develop a tail. Most likely a little glow is when they are taking in energy through photons, etc and rewarding us with similar energy.  Most likely a HUGE tail is formed when they are gorging on matter and belching out e=mc2. The gravitational pull near their surface red shifts radiation leaving and blue-shifts radiation near the surface and you end up with a full spectrum of low energy radiation as a signature. They are also triggering Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) at their surface due to their interaction with regular matter which results in transmuted elements and compounds detected.  Comets have been found to emit the following types of radiation:

  1. Plasma radiation
  2. Gamma radiation
  3. X-ray radiation
  4. Ultraviolet radiation
  5. Visible radiation (They Glow)
  6. Infrared radiation
  7. Terahertz radiation
  8. Microwave radiation
  9. Radio waves

So NASA, if it looks like a sheep, quacks like a duck and acts like a duck, IT IS A DUCK (or a flock of them in bubble formation).  It is the instability in their orbit due to their emissions and the fact that their Nuclei orbit THROUGH and around matter which makes them so dangerous.   We cannot shoot these ducks with our nuclear shotgun because that will just make them more energetic and unstable, we need to gradually lead them away with either some gravitational duck food or annihilate them with our orbiting dark matter shot gun – do we have one of those?

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