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Lurking in the Shadows

November 7, 2012

Let’s talk about our non-planet friend Pluto. Pluto was recently downgraded from planet status to a dwarf planet. I believe Pluto fits my model as having dark matter as its nucleus, probably one nucleus. I say that for a few reasons. Even though Pluto is extremely cold on the surface, it appears to have an uneven temperature profile with some warmer spots.

Pluto also has a strange orbit which actually crosses Neptune’s path at times. This would indicate some instability at times in its orbit, which should be obvious if it crosses Neptune’s path and gets perturbed on occasion, which may not be good for the rest of us.  Dark matter is inherently unstable in my model whenever there are changes in mass-energy around it, otherwise it stays in tight equilibrium with its environment and hides. If it collects dust it triggers some transmutations at its surface with normal matter.

Pluto’s atmosphere appears to change with time as it orbits the Sun, similar to a comet, and you know what I think of them. Pluto fits my model of a candidate that if it ever locked into an orbital path through the Earth, it might cause Earth to “birth” a new moon over a long period of time. Pluto also has a low Albedo, like comets, which I wonder about.

There is suggestion that there may be another large gravitational body out past Pluto that may be in the sun’s orbit. As nobody has visually detected it yet, I would say there are 6:1 odds it is dark matter based upon what I see with my dark glasses on.

Pluto also has a very large moon for its size, Charon, and also other moons, which seems very strange to me for a relatively small body. I have not tried to calculate its mass yet but something seems odd.  Let’s all hope that Pluto behaves itself and stays in safe orbit far from us and let’s keep an eye on it.

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