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November 21, 2012

I am working on a couple of articles as well as working on my orbital models and crashing micro black holes into Earth (actually they just orbit through…).  Earth also appears to fling some of them back out to space…Strange particle universe we live in…

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  1. Richard permalink

    I have contsructed a 3D nucleus model where the protons positions in the nuclear structure dictate the configuration of the electron fields. I would like to test if it fits with your orbital models. Interested?
    Electrons do not have a free will to choose orbitals or configurations, something forces the observed configurations. I beleive it is the pair of UP quarks in the proton and my model demonstrates this (to me at least!)

    • OK. The dark matter particles that orbit are massive though, like a micro black hole. Each comet nucleus will also be massive.

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