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The Night Ohio was Struck by an Orbiting Micro Black Hole?

November 29, 2012

It has all the markers of a particle strike from weakly interacting massive particles, probably an orbital gift from either Leonid or the sun. I am going to lean towards Leonid on this one. We need to warp our minds and realize that the tail of a comet can also include MANY collapsed dark matter particles. I like to call them weather and earthquake pills, but essentially they are micro black holes with a diameter which is a fraction of a millimeter and a mass so large it would scare you if I told you (I tell you in an earlier blog – read!). That weakened 200 foot diameter hole in the ground will be from the nuclear beta decay triggered from ionizing radiation from the massive particles, their “bubble” so to speak. The blue glow in the sky seen on Monday night over Ohio will be either Cherenkov radiation triggered from the nuclear surface of the particle or superheated air near the baryonic crust burning off around the particle(s)

Below are excerpts from local news:

Times Reporter

Action News

There were many reports of sonic booms and strange blue lights in the sky on Monday night in Ohio (I will find the article and update my post).  I believe that would be our particle as he was entering the atmosphere and Earth and had not yet achieved a quasi-thermodynamic equilibrium in his environment.  It takes a number of orbits for his ion thrusters to kick in and for him to accelerate and achieve stabe gravitational lock as best he can.

Many times what we think are meteorites I believe are dark matter particles orbiting into Earth.  Expect a Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse or Snowzilla in 2-3 months to strike the area.  Should be good for snowmobiling and skiing.

Just my opinion, form your own. I am just a farm boy from Maine.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your theories. I find them absolutely fascinating, and they seem to jibe with some of my own. I am curious – what are your thoughts about the experiments being done at CERN with the LHC and how they might also contribute to some of this?

    • If they do create any, I believe they will be low mass and be fairly harmless and pass to the center of the Earth. It is the massive ones CMEs, solar flares and comets are bombarding us with that will eventually trigger the next ice age.

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