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The Gozintas and the Gozoutas

December 2, 2012

35_asymmetric_loopDid you know that sunspots typically appear in pairs?  From Wilkepedia:

The Wilson effect tells us that sunspots are actually depressions on the Sun’s surface. Observations using the Zeeman effect show that prototypical sunspots come in pairs with opposite magnetic polarity. From cycle to cycle, the polarities of leading and trailing (with respect to the solar rotation) sunspots change from north/south to south/north and back. Sunspots usually appear in groups.

Ian-Burt-Crop-Circle---Windmill-HillNow if you were a relatively massive orbiting micro black hole particle weighing 1x10e14 kg +/- and you carried a charge and you had angular momentum (spin) , if your orbit exited the sun’s surface with a clockwise spin then you would HAVE to re-enter in a counter-clockwise spin. I also guess your charge and spin would attract orbiting particles of opposite spin and charge, kind of like husbands and wives…

Gozintas – 11/28/12 Ohio Sinkhole

So I have seen one report that said the Ohio sinkhole is 400 YARDS long. I have a reasonably difficult time believing that was from a small dredging operation in the area. If this was a weakly interacting massive energetic particle (WIMEP – my acronym) orbiting in, it would originally enter the atmosphere at a lower velocity (at whatever the CME/Solar Flare event ejected in at and will begin to accelerate (that ion tail) and will be traveling most likely tens to hundreds of miles/second. Early on might be when you get the sonic booms/disturbances until the particle accelerates to higher sub relativistic speeds and  creates a semi-thermodynamic condition in the atmosphere it is streaking through.

Gozoutas – 11/28/12 Italy Tornado

If this is a massive energetic particle, and based upon the size of the sinkhole in Ohio it should be, then it should orbit through the Earth and pop out somewhere and cause a fairly significant low pressure disturbance. The only strange thing I see is that a fairly massive tornado, extreme low pressure system popped up in Italy about the same time… Maybe in the Summer the particles that enter the US orbit up in Africa due to the tilt of the Earth but in Fall/Winter when the tilt is less they pop up in further North in Europe…I have to think about that.If I am right, that low pressure system should slowly wind its way across the Atlantic and eventually create one of the Nor’easters I used to love when I was a kid because they would dump many feet of snow on New England and my brothers and I would build caves and tunnels in the snow.  That is a skill that might come in handy if a comet ever dumps on us…


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