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Nothing to See Here, Move Along…

December 12, 2012

norad-trackerI just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the worldwide popularity my blog has taken on.  I have attached an updated list here and I have a few new countries to add including Egypt and Moldova(I forgot about those guys!).

I will probably go ahead and shut my blog down…NASA confirmed in writing to me that the dark matter striking Earth has no consequences so you can all sleep better at night knowing that all of that ORBITAL dark matter stuff was just a vivid dream that I had due to my wild imagination… I am guessing that NASA and NORAD probably don’t have the capability to track it anyway if it was orbiting since it is moving so fast (although people on YouTube seem to be able to do it) so maybe they should stick to tracking Santa Claus… I also posted a message to Michio Kaku on the BIG THINK but I have heard nothing back, I guess he is still THINKING or selling crop circle microwave wands to those particle physicists busy in the hills of Wiltshire…

> From: []
> Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 7:34 AM
> Subject: Does Dark Matter Strike Earth All of the Time?
> Topic: Dark Matter
> Since the Universe may be 24% Dark Matter and regular matter only 4%
> and dark matter may orbit the sun, isn’t it reasonable to believe that
> it has and always had a direct effect on earth?
> Should massive dark matter particles be able to enter into a two-body
> orbit with earth, orbiting both above and below ground?  Is it
> reasonable to believe that dark matter orbiting through the Earth
> might trigger sinkholes, low pressure systems, earthquakes and
> volcanoes after multiple orbits?  If a WIMP is weakly interacting
> would it not make sense that if they were to orbit thousands of times
> through the same point in earth this might have massive consequences?
Thanks for the question.

“Weakly interacting” means just what it says. Though there may be dark matter around us (even, like neutrinos, passing through us), it would have little to no effect on the Earth.  In fact, it would be almost impossible to detect at all. The disaster phenomena you mention all have mundane Earthly causes.  There is no reason to believe dark matter has anything to do with any of them.

Amy C. Fredericks and Michael Loewenstein
For Ask an Astrophysicist”

She mentioned weakly interacting but she FORGOT THE GRAVITY PART for the massive particles.  Unless they do not think there are massive particles but that is confusing because they are LOOKING for massive particles ?

This is too funny.


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  1. Sue Kaufman permalink

    I know youre not going to stop just because NASA didnt tell you what you hoped to hear. Why would they? No one can ever prove or disprove your theory. Keep observing and posting! Thanks for what youve done so far, it is incredibly thought provoking.

    • Sue,

      No, I am not going to stop, I was taking the opportunity to jab a little, it actually motivates me to do more research. I received that email a couple of months ago and I just wanted to have some fun with it. I am having great fun doing the research and taking a look at all of the previous events that never considered dark matter. I just wonder why all these physicists talk about the cosmos and have never look closer to home. Newton started with an apple falling from the tree and striking the ground. I am starting with a micro black hole falling from the sky and orbiting through the ground, not much difference in the approach…

      Thanks for following,


  2. Funny, Good thing most of it is all theory…because no one can quite say why phenomenon have mundane causes.

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