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Well, that Sucks

December 13, 2012

As an engineer I have designed vacuum condensers for power plants.  In order to condense low pressure, low temperature water vapor like that in the atmosphere, especially in the winter, you have to REMOVE energy(heat or entropy) from the water vapor molecules to condense them to liquid water (clouds & rain) or solid water (snow and ice).  In a closed system like a condenser this creates a vacuum.  In the atmosphere, which is somewhat of an open system, you have to have an enormous amount of condensing power to drop the local pressure to say 935 mb or 92% of the surrounding atmospheric pressure.  But this is exactly what our ball of entropy is very good at.  To put it simply, orbiting black holes suck.  But they must first ionize and condense their surroundings, which is a lot of work.

250px-Bose_Einstein_condensateWell, what I discovered in studying Condensed Matter Nuclear Science is that if you cool a dilute gas of bosons you get a new type of condensate called a Bose-Einstein condensate.  I also learned that Bose Einstein condensates aligned in a magnetic field can actually collapse and atoms seem to ….disappear and can flash off a lot of heat creating what is called a “bosenova“. Well my mind took this and ran with it and assumed matter was being collapsed into dark matter/energy or “vacuum energy”. Think of it as just a ball of entropy. I assumed if it weighed less than 22 micrograms (the Planck mass) that it would quickly evaporate.  I assumed that if the collapsed mass weighed more than 22 micrograms than quantum gravity might hold it together in a ball of entropy or a micro black hole, at least until it evaporated below that mass again. This line of thinking may or may not be correct but it led me to believe that collapsed states of matter are much more common than we think and are very energetic because they shred regular matter at their surface as they ionize, condense and collapse it along that firewall.  I believe that this collapse of matter is actually equivalent to gravity.  It also appears to me that what we perceive as time may actually just be our decay .

Anyway, these micro black hole balls of entropy are the great cosmic vacuum cleaners.  They not only can collapse and condense water vapor and gas molecules, they can also collapse and condense ATOMS.  They remove the nuclear energy and suck it into the surface of that ball of entropy.  This ball of entropy will condense and cool ANYTHING in this material world which comes into contact with that surface.

chickxulub 2Now imagine that a massive ball of entropy gets into orbit with the Earth and orbits through and around it forming jet streams.  Imagine that Chicxulub crater and all of the associated sinkholes (cenotes) were fingerprints of thousands of these balls of entropy all orbiting through and around the Earth for a period of months and years and possibly centuries, like that big red spot on Jupiter.  Their massive condensing power over time will collapse water molecules and atoms in the oceans, lowering their levels a well as cooling the atmosphere with each orbit.  Monster hurricanes and tornadoes would rage in the atmosphere as would Earthquakes and volcanoes due to orbital ionization and beta decay of any matter in their path. I really believe this better explains many of the ice ages that beset this planet.  The heat was actually removed from the three spatial dimensions of our world and converted to entropy in that micro black hole world of collapsed matter.

black hole ocean1This gentlemen has done a great job amassing reports of sightings of “UFOs” over water which appeared to be sucking the water right up from the lakes and oceans.  Since the entropic “flux” or radiation from a black hole is thought to be what gravity really is, that makes sense. Imagine due to their angular momentum (spin) they might have a saucer shape as they orbit and spin.  I believe these things come in just about every conceivable combination of mass and velocities and trajectories as they approach Earth.

At times of high densities of this dark matter/energy (vacuum energy) the Earth will cool.  During times of low dark matter/energy the Earth will warm.  If I am right NOAA needs to correct their Hurricane models, much of that heat is not going to the atmosphere, it is leaving our world and entering the collapsed world within that orbiting ball of entropy. Climate models should be updated also.  Some of that energy may come back as black hole annihilation. CO2 aids in the warming but it is not the most significant cause of climate shifts from what I see.

Whether these large orbital balls of joy most often come from the sun or comets I do not know.  Probably either can deliver an Earth changing blow at anytime. Whether you believe me or not is up to you.  My research is really just to further convince myself and share my thoughts with you.


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