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And Now for a Strange Weather Update

December 17, 2012

12-17-12 Dover Ohio ParticleI have gone ahead and updated my prediction for a significant winter storm to hit Ohio in one to two months… It has been a week since my last update.  Actually my Google Earth Uncertainty radar looks similar to what it did a week ago. There is still a conspicuous line of clouds leading up to Ohio and if you use your imagination just a bit you can see this winding contrail of clouds coming from that low pressure system coming off Europe winding its way down towards South America  curling around past Mexico and back up towards Ohio. Sometimes the line disappears when there is no moisture to condense but I think our particle friend is locked into an orbit and although his “magnetic flux tube” path will vary due to entropic gravitational interactions with surrounding mass in the atmosphere, he will endure and his orbit will gradually decay as he heads home. Only another larger orbiting particle can knock him out of orbit.  I think I see another particle working its way to the area so I highlighted is path as best I can tell. If you remember from my earlier post, I think quite a few dark matter particles struck the Ohio Area and they are all orbiting their way home.

12-17-12 Wind MapI have also attached a screen dump from Wind Map which is a really cool site linking real time wind data.  If you look at the site for awhile you will see that something is condensing the moisture in the atmosphere and directing the winds and you will believe there is a mysterious dark energy in the universe without me trying to convince you. I believe that force is orbital dark matter, essentially micro black holes of entropy orbiting around, into and out of the Earth, condensing atmospheric moisture and gasses as they go.

Once again I realize this is strange, but hey it is free, it is an out of the box way of looking at things and I am having fun. I think it is the missing piece of the puzzle. If I am right half the time I will be doing as good as the meteorologists…


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  1. Bill permalink

    Right on… Amazing

    • I am just as amazed as you. Our physicists have been looking to the heavens for it while I believe it is hitting us in the head routinely…

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