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Fun in the Snow and Ice

December 23, 2012
ice circle1

Circles in Thin Ice, Lake Baikal, Russia

So if my theory were to be correct and the Earth was routinely pelted by these massive energetic collapsed “balls” of entropy that are typically expelled from the sun or delivered by a comet nuclei,  the fingerprint of these balls should show up on just about any terrain or surface of the Earth, due to the beta decay and ionizing radiation bubble that surrounds them as well as their entropic gravitational effect on their surroundings.  My belief is that some of these balls are annihilated or smashed into smaller particles? within the Earth after just one pass and some orbit the Earth for a period of time above and below creating our weather and seismic activity and some pass right through due to their escape velocity.

If you look at the first picture, you might even imagine a disturbance approaching that hole from the top of the picture, causing additional beta decay and gravitational disturbance in the surface of the ice and Earth as it approached.  If you have read my research you would understand that this might be the track left by the particle as its orbit decayed.

ice-circle-2I am also coming to understand something else more clearly. These particles tend to come at the Earth in clumps, some of which are orbiting EACH OTHER.  This fact, in addition to the fact that the more massive particles can gravitationally and magnetically attract other orbiting particles once they are locked into Earth’s orbit can make for extreme amounts of damage on the Earth’s surface.  I believe that is one thing that makes one hurricane more devastating than the next, that is the number of particles orbiting into and around the same area of the primary particle.  If you look at the ice circles in the following picture you might wonder what could create those patterns and leave no footprints.

crop circle different size ballsHere is what I believe is happening. Clumped particles of entropic dark matter, possibly twenty or so particles of differing masses have passed through the Earth in that area. Because it appears that a storm has not messed things up yet, either they passed through just once and gravitationally piled that snow up in concentric rings due to the gravity waves between particles or there is one big ass storm approaching due to all those particles and the low pressure disturbance they may cause in the atmosphere.  What would that particle “train”  look like in space as it was barreling at Earth at tens or hundreds of miles per second?

I think our particle physicist friends are letting us know.  They were probably on break from graduate school and had time once again to show us the marauders that are homing in on the Earth by taking to the fields and showing us with crop pictures as I try to do with you.  I worry if kids were skating on that lake whether they might get a dose of ionizing radiation and the effect it may have long term to their health.  I have no way of knowing.


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