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Polar Express?

December 30, 2012

12-30-12 DHOK, so I think I am reading the tea leaves more clearly. Alaska is having a tropical storm with temperatures 50 degrees higher than normal and Florida just cooled off by 30 degrees…You have to admit, the weather is about as crazy as this blog, swirling with uncertainty. There is a Nor’easter up off Nova Scotia and it did not seem to match up with my other particle tracks into Ohio and now I think it may be heading my way to Florida, to that sinkhole in Windermere so I added that track.  Also, you will notice that tropical storm in Alaska has a conspicuous Doppler radar “particle” trail leading back towards Ohio.

hopewellcropcircle111I have another crazy thought I want to share.  If you remember that crop circle that popped up in Ohio in October that led me to believe multiple dark matter particles struck Dover, Ohio at the large sinkhole. I have this odd feeling that somehow that crop circle may be a “snapshot” of the particles, possibly shot toward Earth at light speed from the sun at the moment the coronal mass ejection occurred and as it struck the entropic particles they focused a stream of relativistic speed “dark energy” particles through gravitational lensing on that field in Ohio, leaving an “imprint” of the particles in that field.  Now I have to admit that would be weird but I thought I would weird everyone else out too.  If I am right, even though we have already had a couple of blizzards roll through the Midwest, the biggest and baddest is yet to come.  That circle shows at least eight disturbances (some are clumped…)

P.S. I know nothing about weather forecasting or crop circles and I am imagining this as I go…


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  1. I saw a few of your theories on the article comet of the century. Brilliant work!

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