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Let us Remember the Dragon

January 13, 2013

dragonI was born in 1964, “The Year of the Dragon”, according to the Chinese. Besides my birth, the year 1964 yielded other traumatic events for humans… While my mother was in the hospital giving birth to me, her father was in a room down the hall breathing his last breaths from a cerebral hemorrhage. I am sure those are both events that makes one reflect heavily on their life with intense emotions of energy. Both my mother and grandfather grieved heavily for years after the loss of Bernard due to his untimely drowning from a storm at age 18. If I connect backwards I am now convinced there was an energy in that hospital that imprinted this emotional hologram in me and through my life that has driven me to search for this source of suffering. I spent a week in that hospital at age 6 after falling 25 feet on my head in our barn, which may have led to my dislocation from preconceived notions, I do not know. Since I am an engineer with an analytical mind, my search has been less spiritual and more scientific, although I must say that one has brought me to the other and they have converged into an entangled swirling energetic, magnetic flux of thoughts, if you follow my thinking.

alaska1964-11964 also saw witness to an awesome geophysical event.  The Great Alaska Earthquake registered a 9.2 on the Richter Scale.  It has been one of the most widely researched geophysical events in history.  My intention on this blog is not to rehash a lot of excellent research work, it is merely to try and explain a few unexplained events surrounding these high energy releases.  I completely understand how a build up in pressure along a tectonic plate or within a lava dome can release enormous amounts of energy when it is triggered to release.  My research attempts to explain the trigger for many of these events, which I believe are these massive energetic, entropic orbiting quantum particles expelled from the sun or comets.  Remember that these particles can be massive, in the 1x10e12-1x10e14 kg range or more and yet just fractions of a millimeter in size, effectively a micro black hole of entropy in our world racing by at hundreds or thousands of miles per second and orbiting for months or longer.  They can carry a charge at their surface and have angular momentum(spin).  This charge can create magnetic disturbances within their orbital path.

Below is evidence of this orbital particle’s signature prior to, during and after one of the largest Earthquakes ever recorded in Alaska in 1964.

buildings_falling_down-e.a.1964Magnetic Disturbance:

From Nature:

“THROUGH a fortunate circumstance, a recording magnetometer was operating in the city of Kodiak, 30 km north-west of the surface trace of a fault zone along which movement occurred at the time when the earthquake occurred in Alaska on March 27, 1964. Fortunately, too, the instrument was on such high ground that it was not reached by the subsequent seismic sea wave which virtually destroyed the city. The magnetometer recorded the fact that the largest of several magnetic disturbances briefly increased the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field by 100γ at Kodiak, 1 h 6 min before the earthquake.”

Ultra Low Frequency Disturbances have also been detected prior to during and after other large earthquakes as I have mentioned before.  You will have to pay to read these documents due to societies unfortunate way of locking up these treasures of research from intelligent individuals that might reach the same conclusions I have.

Alaska1964-2Atmospheric/Pressure Disturbances:

Atmospheric pressure disturbances with periods as long as 14 min have been recorded by sensitive microbarographs at five stations along the Pacific coast and at a station in Alaska after the great Alaskan earthquake of March 28, 1964. The phase and group velocities of the disturbances are consistent with those so far observed in atmospheric nuclear explosions and with theoretical dispersion curves for acoustic-gravity waves.

In historical times, tsunami waves recorded along the Gulf Coast have all been less than 1 m high. Those reported from the 1964 Gulf of Alaska earthquake as felt in Louisiana and Texas are technically termed seiches—oscillations of a body of water typically caused by atmospheric disturbances...”


Possibly the most famous crop circle of all, and featured on the Led Zeppelin album cover

From a Summary of eyewitness accounts:

“We were all getting ready to head to a church potluck, when it began. Just before the quake began I was on my way to the outdoor clothesline. The days had begun to get longer and dusk was just starting. It was all of a sudden when all the animals (we raised cows, had dogs, and cats galore) and birds were silent. The sky seemed to intensify and become darker in a single moment. I made my way back into the house with the frozen solid shirt when the quake first began.”

“The livestock were standing in a circle, away from the trees and near a pasture. It was as if they had sensed what was coming

“We ran from my house looking at the devastation as we ran. We ran past Fairview Elementary and only chairs had fallen. We were hoping to be out of school for a while. No such luck, the school was good to go. We ran to Andre’s house where his mother was still freaking out. She was so worried about Andre and Bruce my other friend. There were like 20 people there and all of them with a scared look in their face. A bright orange light shot through the sky right after dark and some of them screamed.”

Ionosphere Disturbances:

Ionospheric Effects Observed around the Time of the Alaskan Earthquake of March 28, 1964

dragon2Weather Disturbances:


The Christmas flood of 1964 was a major flood that took place in the Pacific Northwest and California between December 18, 1964 and January 7, 1965.  This was considered a “1000 year storm” by some. It makes sense in my model that a massive Earthquake should equate to a massive low pressure system approaching.

So you can see, the 1964 Earthquake was proceeded and followed by severe atmospheric disturbances, all of which fit my model of a massive orbiting entropic particle or particles.  As the massive entropic particle(s) orbit decayed throughout 1964, they heavily impacted the weather, just as those particles orbiting into the Earth in Dover, Ohio are now.

Dragon Cosmic Serpent Crop Circle West Woodhay Down Wiltshire 29th July 2011Now, I divert to the world of the mystical. There is an intelligence in our neighborhood that has known what I am telling you for a very long time. It has been trying to show us the link between this entropic particle and the weather for decades, without getting involved in our lives. If you read this research you will understand that many of those crop circles have been trying to teach and show us extreme weather events, which, as I have shown, are primarily induced by these orbiting entropic quantum particles expelled from the sun during CMEs and solar flares.

If you add up all of the entropic energy contained within these particles they in fact will equal the total dark energy within the universe as shown by Verlinde and his formula for entropic gravity. This dark/vacuum energy is NOT evenly distributed throughout the universe, it is streaming in these magnetic flux tubes around entropic bodies within the universe we call planets, suns, quasars, comets, etc. On our Earth these particles are streaming in our atmospheric jetstream and into beta decay weakened spots in the Earth’s surface and are triggering our primary weather patterns, seismic events and UNCERTAINTY.

Until we come to this realization, WE ARE JUST FOOLS IN THE RAIN


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