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Just Do It

January 16, 2013

dark matterCrisis: The Extreme Weather Threat That’s all Around us, Global Warming and Our Energy Problem

So long as the tools a paradigm supplies continue to prove capable of solving the problems it defines, science moves fastest and penetrates most deeply through confident employment of those tools. The reason is clear. As in manufacture so in science– retooling is an extravagance to be reserved for the occasion that demands it. The significance of crises is the indication they provide that an occasion for retooling has arrived.

Solution: The 95% Dark Entropic Energy

It is streaming around us in concentrated particle streams and is a gravitational, magnetic and electric flux carrier.  It can also condense and COOL the Earth.


Just Do It.


Use your brain and consult with the particle physicists. Other particle physicists I know have been providing clues.


Now, the clock is ticking, humanity needs it.  All fission reactors are a ticking time bomb waiting to kill our children. If our grid/transportation goes down, they melt down.


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