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January 18, 2013

plane-prop-istockAs I have been plotting my particle paths I have been researching to see if anyone can hear these massive particles as I believe was heard before Hurricane Sandy and others. I am also keeping an eye on plane crashes. Based upon what I see there are at least seven massive particles now orbiting from the Northwest and from the North down towards Ohio.  I have no way of knowing how fast they are travelling but I am expecting that it is hundreds of miles per second.  They can trigger sonic booms and severe air turbulence in their path. A week or so ago their path flipped off the Southern jetstream as they swung above the sinkhole in Ohio. I would expect an immediate thermodynamic upset in the atmosphere as these particles attempt to come into some quasi thermodynamic equilibrium in their new path.  I have provided a few links below to people that are posting videos of what I believe to be the sounds of these massive particles overhead.  There seems to be a large increase in the last month over the US which goes along with my theory.

January 7 2013 – Indianapolis, Indiana

January 8 2013 Indiana and Kentucky

January 9 2013 – Willoughby, Ohio

January 11 2013 – Michigan, USA

These particles ARE VERY DANGEROUS TO AIRCRAFT according to my research. Also, I believe we were warned of this prior to the large 1200′ sinkhole opening in Ohio.  Below is a list of recent accidents which appear to be in the vicinity of my particle tracks.  You can go back and look at the maps I have posted and come to your own conclusions.

January 5 2013 – Palm Coast, FL

January 15 2013 – Burlington, NC

January 15 2013 – Michigan, USA

December 9 2012 Mexico This occurred right in my proposed particle path for the energetic particles streaming towards Ohio in Early December, shortly after the 1200′ Ohio Sinkhole opened up and that jet stream appeared heading towards Ohio.

January 12 2012, Texas This occurred last week right in the path I am showing  for those same particles streaming towards Ohio from Texas.

January 13, 2013, Dover, DE  This occurred yesterday in fog along the path of particles I am tracking.

Does that seem like one hell of a lot of plane accidents in the last month to ANYBODY????

My theory predicts the path of uncertainty, which, by its nature can change by the act of predicting it, if you follow my thinking.


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