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The Big Blue Dot Tied up in Knots?

January 18, 2013

Big ball of Yarn

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  1. Gracie permalink

    I tried to post something to the mayday entry and it never showed up. I’ll post it here. I just
    ran across this info also

    • Funny, That is about the time some of my big condensing micro black holes path’s jumped from the Southern Jetstream up to a polar path on their approach to Ohio. Think of the plasma arcs on a Tesla ball quickly jumping from the South to the North. All of a sudden those Northern Paths condense a whole lot of moisture up Near Santa and drop the pressure. That is also about the time lots of sonic booms were heard in the Ohio State area as those micro black holes settled into a new orbital path from the North towards Ohio.

      This weather stuff is a quantum conundrum. The world is watching, you can rest assured.


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