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Size Matters

January 23, 2013

2-23-13 Jet StreamNow, if this were the land of Oz, my theory says that the yellow brick road should lead to Dover, Ohio. The reason for that is that approx two months are up since that large 1200′ diameter sinkhole opened up in Dover, OH and those particles should be well on their way orbiting home, although there seems to be quite a time range depending upon momentum and probably influences from other particles, etc. It appears that two or three have already made it. If I am right these particles are gravitationally attracted to each other in these particle beams, I mean jet streams and wind their energetic way towards those sinkholes. Their orbit flips from the Southern Jetstream to the Polar Jetstream on their way home. They condense and collapse gasses in their path and create high velocity winds around them. Right now and probably for the next few weeks Dover, Ohio may be grand central station as these particles all orbitally decay home. There have been a few more sinkholes open up in the surrounding area since dark matter clumps and is gravitationally attracting more incoming particles.  On their way into our atmosphere Earth is but a gravitational point source to them.  Once they enter Earth the massive ones get locked into a fairly tight orbit within the Earth’s ordinary matter. As these particles orbit home they are probably creating some disturbances in the surface of Earth as well as in the people they orbit through… (I know that is very weird)

1-23-13 DH

1-23-13 Low Pressure Systems

If you take a look at that jet stream you will see that the highest winds aloft are crossing directly over….Dover, OH.  Coincidence? I will let you decide as my world has completely flipped over on its side and I am still trying to shake my theory loose. I feel as if I have something stuck to the bottom of my shoe and I cannot get it off.


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  1. Gracie permalink

    I remember your first post about the sinkhole here in Ohio. The only thing thats missing is the snowmaggedon you warned of.Great work you are doing.
    Everyday for quite a few years now I photograph the sun and sky.Then I enlarge them to see what I can see. I’ve captured some amazing stuff over time but the past few days something is showing up in my pictures after enlargement which I haven’t seen before.Thousands and thousands of dark specks-looks like snow-only it’s black. Could these extra particles be visible in the digital spectrum? (If thats a stupid question, be patient with me, K?)
    Also, will it get colder than it is already?

    • Gracie,

      This lady has an HD movie camera and she says she can see the objects/particles passing by (they only last a second). Her video is the sky before Hurricane Debbie arriving in FL. My research says that this is when you will get the most massive/energetic particles orbiting creating cirrus-like clouds prior to the storms arrival. She has uploaded 3 videos

      My laptop monitor does not allow me enough resolution to see them. I think HD camera technology is finally getting to the point that we can pick these up, although I believe you need a VERY FAST shutter speed. But I am not a photo expert.

      According to my research, large storms actually cool the Earth off some. Really large/multiple particle/comet nuclei impacts would probably cool us off TOO much.

      Yeah, I am still looking for the big storm, there have been a couple small ones so far. Of course what I am seeing is that their needs to be moisture around to condense in order to create the storm. If they are over the ocean no problem In other words it can take a couple of systems intersecting over land, one to bring moisture, one to condense. I guess the weather guys already know this, I am just approaching it from a condensing particle standpoint.

      Thanks for following.

  2. Cody permalink

    Can you demonstrate mathematically the motions of these “particles” and how they interact. For dark matter to be consistent with observation, it can not be able to clump together… if it could, there would be dark matter “planets” GREATLY influencing planetary orbits. In fact, since there is much more dark matter im the universe, if it were able to form small bodies, it would have. The baryonic matter would form planets on top if the dark matter planets, and we would be much heavier on earth. Additionally, the rate of fusion in stars would be vastly different.

    • Actually, we call the large clumped ones “comets” There are dark matter planets. The Earth has an entropic dark matter core which produces our magnetic fields and also contributes to the auroras. Our weather particles recharge her battery.

      Why would the fusion rate of stars be different?

      Are you going to answer any of my other questions to your responses from last time?

      • And to expand on that, the gas giants in our solar system all have entropic dark matter cores, beta decay gas clouds, magnetic fields, auroras, accretion disks and magneto tails – Earth whacks the moon quite often with hers, charging up the surface

    • The particles react gravitationally and thru the nuclear forces at their surface. Weakly otherwise, no new science here, just fitting science to observations.

      Did you realize that some rainbows condense water vapor and make clouds?

    • Energetic elliptical Kepler orbits multibody, they interact with baryonic matter and become more energetic. They orbit earths center of mass and other particles. They trigger beta decay in baryonic matter and annihilate and coalesce with each other. They create sinkholes and seismic activity where they enter the earth. They trigger low pressure systems and clouds in the atmosphere where they orbit. Look at the clouds in the morning over Atlanta and you will understand.


      It clumps because it develops a beta decay proton/electron bubble in space with a crust around it. Like the all the meteorites and comets that we have misdiagnosed

      • Cody permalink

        Unsurprisingly, no calculations to be found for these “particle trajectories.” I’ll respond to the rest when I’m awake as well as listen to the podcast.

        I will just say… you realize that photon information in the form of spectral lines tell us what comets are made of, and especially the tail.

        If you disagree with the method of spectroscopy, what is your method of determining matter composition? Instead of simply asserting what it is, you must mathmatically demonstrate or experimentally validate your claims, else you’re just talking nonsense.

        I’m sure you know Carl Sagan. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

      • your link does not work

        Does your theory explain how comet lovejoy, a ball of snow and ice in your model could pass through the sun’s atmosphere? SHow me your model that supports that.

        Beta decay and LENR reactions release protons and electrons which can form hydrogen, which just happens to make up a large part of the Coma

        Show me your sublimed gas model that explains a tail 15 million miles long?

        Show me your model why comet nuclei are so energetic?

        Explain to me how your dirty snowball model for a comet exhibits the following characteristics, the links are on my site.

        Plasma radiation
        Gamma radiation
        X-ray radiation
        Ultraviolet radiation
        Visible radiation (They Glow)
        Infrared radiation
        Terahertz radiation
        Microwave radiation
        Radio waves

        Snowballs in Maine did not do that, and I threw a lot of them. Thanks for following. Are you Jim’s friend?

      • Also,

        You have not yet answered any of my questions yet confirming your incorrect micro black hole calculations. Are you going to do that. Or are you just spewing stuff like an energetic comet nucleus?

  3. Cody permalink

    It takes time to write a reply, and there are MANY claims you make. I have a busy day today, but I promise I’ll try to tackle your claims later with much more analytic investigation. Either the evidence supports the theory or it doesn’t. “How else do you explain it” is not scientific.

    • I agree. I suggest you spend a couple hours and start back at the beginning on my site. I have lots of research referenced, observations and I have been making predictions for a few months on my site which is based on a couple of years of research.

      A beer on Friday night does not do it justice.

    • I never said how do you explain it, I said my theory explains it. Some of the billions of tons of energetic particles the sun spits out routinely at us orbit around and thru the Earth for awhile. It is a very simple concept.

      Did you know many rainbows condense water vapor? My theory predicts it and it should be easy to prove me wrong. Standard physics says they are an optical effect only.

      Let me know how optics can condense water vapor and I will stop talking

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