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January 25, 2013

1-25-13 DH1-25-13 Jet StreamBullseye?

1200′ Diameter Expressway?

Highway to Heaven?


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From → Geophysics

  1. Gracie permalink

    Please.could you elaborate on that entry? I don’t want to assume anything.

    • Gracie,

      My point is that the jet streams are currently converging and crossing the Dover, Ohio area which makes sense if that is where these maassive dark matter/energy particles are orbiting into the Earth. They are creating the winds that power those jet streams as they collapse and condense water vapor around them. You will also see that whenever moisture carrying fronts are moving across the Dover, Ohio area you are getting lots of clouds and condensing of water vapor and precipitation. These dark energy particles are condensers, they suck the heat right out of the atmosphere and that is what is going on over Ohio right now and will continue probably for a couple more weeks until all of the low pressure systems arrive that are created from the particles orbiting into that area. After that the Jet Stream will move away from crossing Ohio, influenced by particles heading into other areas of the Country.

  2. Gracie permalink

    Thank you for that explanation. You are very good with words, among your other gifts.
    Thanks again.

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