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January 27, 2013

ToroidFractalNestRainbowLot_1I wanted to take a minute to express some thoughts. First, many of my posts are meant to raise questions and stimulate thought. I am not trying to be an expert in all fields and if you are a scientist you realize that as a chemical engineer, I am not a theoretical physicist, nuclear engineer or particle physicist and I am certainly no weather expert. I do have a decent handle on thermodynamics as I have modeled heat exchangers and large surface condensers for power plants. I am only trying to explore my idea to its full implications and make it interesting for all.  I simply had this idea that if the universe were 95% full of dark energy/matter, that it should impact our lives to a large degree. Also, knowing a little about black holes from my research, I wanted to explore the what if. I realize this dark energy/matter may be comprised of a whole host of sub atomic particles and I am not sure I want to go there since others are much more qualified. I am just treating them as a micro black hole ball of entropy that behaves as a quantum particle. Through my research and observations I believe these massive particles react gravitationally, which I believe is an entropic force whose theory was developed by Verlinde, which fits with my model.  These particles are sucking the entropy right out of the gasses in our atmosphere and condensing water vapor while orbiting by at hundreds and thousands of miles per second according to my theory. If those jet streams do have streaming energetic particles within them, it appears that these particles can change direction fairly fast and are energized by interaction with regular matter, most obviously water vapor in the atmosphere.  Since these particles can carry a charge at their surface, they are also electromagnetic flux carriers.

What I originally thought might be a fairly simple elliptical Kepler orbit now appears to be many times a multi-body quantumly entangled energetic orbit of strings of this dark matter. These particle strings are also interacting with the Earth’s magnetic fields from what I can see, which helps align the primary jet streams. I believe the massive particles can actually be heard as they orbit as I have shown through videos. The more massive ones still appear to be locked into an entry point in the Earth as they orbit with the Earth’s center of gravity.  I believe many other less massive particles can orbit these more massive particles and trigger additional disturbances. My thoughts naturally led me to the sun expelling these particles and strings at Earth, which naturally led me to energetic comets also supplying these particles to the sun. To me it is a very simple concept to believe that some of the billions of tons of particles the sun routinely expels at us and into the surrounding solar system might take up orbit for awhile if they were in fact micro black holes or some form of collapsed, dark matter.

lightning inside rainbowI have been called a liar, a pseudo science promoter, delusional, etc. which, although unfortunate is to be expected. I have found that those feelings typically originate from inside a person and have much less to do with the object they are directed at.  This blog is really just my thoughts put out there in a theory which I think is pretty simple to comprehend. I am developing a model as well as doing some of my own testing for ionizing radiation,  magnetic signals and gravitational upsets.  It appears to me so far that these particle’s orbital frequencies, because they are quantum in behavior, fit a probability curve.  I will publish those results when ready.  Meanwhile I am going to keep reading and sharing and watching the Earth as well as those comets approaching this year.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. I have not been following your blog long but, I have been quite glad to see someone addressing this subject. I have been trying to understand what the connection/effect the giant hole in our magnetosphere may have to the movement of this black matter of which you speak, I would appreciate hearing your ideas/opinions of any connection between the two. Thanks again for your insight and hypotheses.

    • I believe the solar wind is really just entropic gravitational, electromagnic filaments reaching out from the sun to the Earth and back. I believe the Earth’s magnetic field is created from orbiting entropic particles and other charged particles expelled from our entropic core. Anytime these massive collapsed particles enter Earth’s orbit they will gravitationally upset and “pull down” parts of Earth’s magnetic field. I would think overtime these should close back up once the massive particles orbit into Earth and either coalesce or annihilate with our core, possibly even strengthening her field in the aftermath.

      I have the sense we are part of a large entropic “organism” that is branching out through space and time within our universe. We are just living on the 5% baryonic surface of one of the nodal points in that neural entropic network.

      Thanks for following

      • I am referring to the giant hole NASA realized and then verified a couple of years ago. That hole went from the N.pole to almost the equator. I am not sure you are talking about THAT hole. I do understand what you mean about dark matter possibly causing some holes as it passes, however, I believe the giant hole I have read about on the NASA site is not the same, although I am not a scientist or engineer, and may be missing something you are talking about. The hole I have read about has been there for quite some years now and is very big. I have not read anything about it closing up at all and have been concerned about what this will expose us to as well. Your writings have given me a much better understanding of the potentials though. I thank you for your quick response.

  2. I understand what you are saying about a hole being created as this matter passes and possibly healing closed again. The hole I am talking about has been research by NASA’s Themis satellites in 2008 and surprised them with it’s size. They first found it in 2007. The site I am referring to for this information is as follows:

    • Thanks, I will read some more. I think what may be missing is a gravitational relationship to the big rip and reconnection, just like when when it happens at the suns end. I have a feeling there is a lot more energy orbiting in those filaments than we realize. I believe something in those fields is trying to tell us this and we are not relating the electromagnetic effect and gravity…yet

      • I look forward to your assessment of the big rip. I can only imagine how much energy is in 10 to the 27th power every second. This amount of geomag. energy entering our atmosphere must play into your theory some way. Thanks!

      • The day we realize this same energy is orbiting in Earth’s own magnetic flux tubes and along our jetstreams, into the Earth and back out at the center of hurricanes and other low pressure systems, our world will change. I am trying to do that.

      • I realize that as well. So far, the information seems to be non-existent to almost all. When I speak of it I am speaking to deaf ears. Just having someone to fly this info to is difficult to find. Unfortunately, unless it is in our preconceived understanding of things, it couldn’t possibly exist. After all how many centuries did it take to accept that the world was round and that we revolve around the sun, not we around it. It is always an uphill battle to have people look at even the possibilities that exist, let alone that something is different than they perceive. I certainly appreciate your attempts to enlighten people to the possibilities. I will do what I can as well. With enough of us, we may eventually be able to get people to at least look at these possibilities. I have no doubt, just by logic alone that these things are indeed making a difference. Even the giant hole in the magnetosphere must be letting these energies flow through our planet. Logically, they cannot leave their path unaffected. We are not talking about oxygen here.

      • According to my research, the energy source for the Joplin tornado was most likely created from a particle with a surface area of approx 3.0e-27 sq. meters orbiting most likely in the dark area between that double rainbow, which is probably actually a torroid if you could see it. It was orbiting at a near/sub relativistic speed, condensing massive amounts of water vapor and creating massive amounts of electrical charge in the atmosphere. It pulled a massive vacuum upon the surface of the earth creating the vortex and may have even attracted additional weakly interacting massive particles to it to contribute to the damage.

        A 70% Inert Nitrogen and water vapor atmosphere by itself cannot create that level of destruction. We are in denial.

        I appreciate you following.

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